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The Ultimate Test (056)


So hot he's on fire.
There was a Todd in this ep.

It gets a 10/10 just for that.


I said "ONE" I didn't say it was the only one. Trust me I've seen more lamer episodes then this. I just couldn't get into this one for some reason. Maybe I should watch it again it has been quite a while okay really, really, long time since I watched it.


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Well I for one loved it, it had me cracking up every single minute. I find it neat how James/Jessie/Ash were in the test together. I'm sure if they weren't enimes they'd be good friends =]
I give this one a 10/10
A pretty funny episode. Jessie and James' 'disguises' were a lot like Clark Kent/Superman's...I've got a pair of glasses on. No-one will ever be able to recognise me!!

There was an animation error concerning the Poliwag question. It said that when 'wag evolves into Poliwhirl, it's spiral changes direction, yet on the screen, it showed Poliwrath and Poliwag. Tut, tut.

And Misty, Ash and Brock obviously are trying to get rid of Snap/Todd. *"Goodbye everyone!!"
"Ooops, aren't we missing someone? Oh well..."

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This episode is...interesting. Mostly the second part of the test reminds me of the Battle Factory, in which you have to use rental pokemon.

For pokemon league qualification, first off, it was just one badge, so acing all the tests wouldn't automatically get you into the PL.
Second, the second test makes sense with having to do with the PL because it's testing the trainer's abilities to be flexible, to be knowledgable of other pokemon's abilities & attacks, and to be able to adapt to new situations in battle.
But the first part of the test, I agree, was pretty pointless. When you're doing nothing but battling in the PL, how would knowing which way the spiral on a poliwrath's stomach turns or what Jigglypuff looks like when seen from above help you in battle? Also, probably the only people who'd even stand a chance of passing this test would be the MEGA-FANATICS who spend hours just staring at (and possibly also talking to, LOL) pictures of pokemon, memorizing every single minute detail.

That "Jigglypuff seen from above" question was hilarious! I'll bet every single freakin' person in the whole room got it wrong, and that's why they all fell over. I love that falling over thing; it's one of the most hilarious aspects of anime.

Well, that's my opinion on this episode. It was good as a filler because it put a unique, never before seen spin on the pokemon world and possibly also served as some of the inspiration for the dynamics of the Battle Factory in Emerald Version.

-Steven, PMC Elite


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I think this episode explains why there were so many hundreds of trainers at the PL when so few of them could possibly have beat Giovani/Sabrina. That and the fact that there are supposedly more than 8 gyms serving Indigo.


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I like this episode, sure it's kind of pointless but it's still funny ^_^ and Meowth looked so adorable playing with the ball of yarn until Jessie came and kicked him -_- lol


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A good episode, I like the idea of a test for admittance to the Pokemon League for those who can't travel to different Gym's. I liked seeing Ash and James use Pokemon their not used to and I loved James reaction to when he got a Pikachu and gave it commands that was probably the funniest part.


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I enjoyed the part when Meowth was playing with the ball of yarn.


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To be honest I thought this episode was good because it had a bit of variety from the norm... We saw Ash getting to grips with Team Rocket's pokémon, and I thought having him battling the eeveelutions was a nice touch.

On the subject of Jessie's true or false tactic, I have a question... She says all she has to do is pick true and she'd get half of them right, yes? That seems fair, that she'd get 50% for it. But what if there were more false ones than true ones, or vice versa? Surely that means someone could get a phenomenal score with literally no effort put in if they answered the questions they knew and guessed the rest.

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Another one interesting episode,in which we find out that there is another way to join to pokemon league instead of travelling.The battle part was also good and i like the Ashs reaction when he find out that all pokemon he is using are like the same one which team rocket is using.Anyway he managed to battle pretty well with pokemon,with which he isnt used to and almost achieved win.The part when James battle with pikachu against graveler was also very entertaining.


Old school
The battle part was also good and i like the Ashs reaction when he find out that all pokemon he is using are like the same one which team rocket is using.Anyway he managed to battle pretty well with pokemon,with which he isnt used to and almost achieved win.
The sad thing is he was nearly better using Weezing than he had been using some of his own Pokémon...


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As for the battle portion, it seemed Ash and James really got screwed in terms of choices. James had to figure out a way to beat a Graveler who can OHKO using a Pikachu, I mean jees, talk about a disadvantage. I was pretty impressed by the way Ash was able to use Weezing in beating Flareon, that was good. I was a bit confused about how his Arbok apperently "overloaded Jolteon's spikes" though... And don't get me started on the whole Meowth vs Vaporeon thing... he didn't have a chance.

But look at what Nurse Joy had, having a Squirtle use Water Gun on a Charmander... yeah... that takes real skill. >.>

Oh gosh, my sentiments exactly! Joy was definitely assisted as much by luck as she was by skill in the practical, if not more so, and it kind of annoyed me compared to what poor James got stuck with. It was nice seeing a "normal" Meowth for what must have been the first time in the anime, even if this episode did portray it as being a bit useless. I believe that it was also one of the first times that Meowth's being a talking pokemon actually earned him any special attention - there was a point, in the earlier Kanto episodes, when it was just sort of accepted, with very few characters ever taking to the trouble to comment upon it.


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I really loved this episode. Seems like a lazy way to get into the Pokemon Leagues. I don't know why Ash would want to do that anyway. Oh well. A fun episode indeed.