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The Ultimate Test (056)


I think this episode was very skillful because the way that Ash wanted to test himself to see if he can win that badge without collecting the others. But look at Team Rocket, they couldn't show some effort as they guessed too many answers, getting everything wrong, even Ash. I loved when they all got a zero! -laughs-


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This episode was so funny. It stood out from the rest. I re-watched it on YouTube years later after I first saw it. The quiz part was good.


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I actually liked this episode a whole lot. Jessie, James and Ash were certainly amusing, but I was also a little dismayed at how badly Ash did in the tests. I actually preferred the battles, when Ash used Pokémon that Team Rocket has. Classic! XD


It was strange how Ash didn't know Arbok's moves.....

He battled with Weezing also, but didn't know his moves, why?



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A great way to end the Todd arc though he never got a proper "goodbye" did he? :/

I loved it. A test of knowledge and not just the usual battle. I loved how Jessie and James disguised themselves just to take the test. The practical exam was a riot. Ash using Team Rocket's usual team and James using a team similar to Ash's.

I liked how Team Rocket took notes during the battle.


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I liked this epidose, I like the pokemon quiz. I would've had them all correct haha!


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I liekd this episode. I really liked the quiz part. I probably would've gotten them all right.


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This episode was really funny. I would've passed those same tests. It was cool to see Ash try to win with TR's Pokemon, and vice-versa.



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This episode was pretty interesting, considering that it was different from most fillers. I liked how it showed that you can do a test to get to the Pokemon League instead of having to go to Gyms and win badges. It was quite funny to see Ash and Team Rocket do really bad on the test. However, I don't think I would do that well either. There's no way I would have gotten that Jigglypuff from above question. That one was just plain stupid (and how does it prove whether or not someone is strong enough for the League?).

Christian Woods

Two questions about this episode: One: who voices the exam computer, and two, how would you describe the voice effect done on the computer's voice? Pokemon Finalli in process now, and part of it depends on this.
Some points i'd like to make: When I get a true or false test in school, I do what Jessie did, "True, true, that's true too." I usually get them right, wow! I didn't really think that Snap got a propper goodbye from this episode, and I thinked it was funny when James called the disguised Jessie an "old bat, " only for Jessie to freak out with an "OLD BAT?" with a snake sound in the background, then dragging James outside and starting to yell at him. Meowth was funny... AHHH! Darn it, Curses! Maddieeeeeeee! Curses! Curses Curses Curses Curses Curses! You were so funny! R.I.P.
Anyway, Maddie was the best as meowth, especially when it attacked Jessie and James, then got hypnotized by that ball of yarn. Curses, I'll never meet my fav voice actor, the one who is inspiring me to become a voice actor.
Anyway, it was ironic how Ash was using Team Rocket's Pokemon, and Team Rocket was using Ash's. What's with Ash? He battled team rocket, and isn't he supposed to know about a good deal of the Kanto pokemon by now? It's the 56th episode, and he's battled with team rocket many times. James sertainly didn't hezatate to use thunder shock on the Russian examiner's pokemon, but the russian examiner made an error saying that electric didn't work on rock types, when it is ground types that it doesn't work on, or is it the other way around. Jee, I need to take the exam myself, anyway, I thought it wierd how James knew so much about Pikachu, but Ashyboy? (Thanks garry for that), didn't know about Arboc and Wheezing. Over all, it was the best episode of the series, next to Trees A Croud, Address Unown, A Shroomish Scurmish, A Poached Ego and Chill Out Charizard.
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I actually liked this episode mainly because of the quizzes. As of today, I would still get some questions wrong (especially the spinning line of Poliwhirl). It was interesting to see Team Rocket use Ash's Pokémon so I out it as a step above a regular Team Rocket battle.


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I really liked this episode. The quizzes were amazing, especially with their difficulty. Like the Poliwhirl lines and the Jigglypuff from above. It was also nice to see Ash failing and when they showed the screen, I laughed at Jessie. She got so angry she just left lol. At the same time I think the idea of the quiz was a bit flawed. Doing well in some test shouldn't be equivalent to travelling around the region and battling 8 Gym Leaders.
This episode was so funny!
- Jessie snapping at the teacher and leaving.
- Ash doing a bad job during the test.
- Ash performing bad using Team Rocket Pokemon (he should've known their moves).
- Meowth with the wool.

However, such a test should not be equal to getting eight badges, just like passing the Pokemon Tech in "School of Hard Knocks".


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So if the test in this episode will gain you entry into the league, what are people supposed to do to obtain pokemon to use?

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This was such a funny episode... Ash battling with Weezing and TR's part was cool


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Nice to see another episode with Todd. I don't mind him to be honest. LOL @ Ash being boastful about his picture being in one of the highest after the exam. Then Misty points at the obscure fail board with him & TR on it, so embarrassing and hilarious. Jessie snapping at the teacher and leaving was very funny. Also seeing Misty and Todd's face when Brock was cheering on Nurse Joy was great too.
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I liked this episode. It reminded me of the Poke School episodes in DP with the questions and stuff. I know people thought Ash was dumb but alot of those questions, I didn't know either.


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The Todd arc can be characterized by being a very good filler arc just before the seventh gym battle. I loved this episode because of the comedy mixed in with the variety of the quiz and the irony of Ash having to battle with Pokémons that Team Rocket around that time had under their disposal.