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The Ultimate Test (056)


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Funny episode. It was cool seeing Ash using Pokémon that Team Rocket used, and James using Pokémon he constantly faced by Ash (except Ivysaur). As for the questions, some were weird, but it proves that there could be some answers that you would never think of, like the Jigglypuff and Ponyta questions.

But yeah, you don't get a whole lot of experience by taking the exam. It's far better to train your own Pokémon so that you can be comfortable of whatever you're up against in the Pokémon League.


Frankly, it would've been neat if Satoshi had passed this exam so that he'd get his seventh Gym Badge quicker. I can only assume that he failed so that he'd have to visit the last two official Kanto Gyms from the games.
Why did Jessie even want to pass the exam though when she never cared about winning badges before.
It was cool how the exam had a badge as a prize and could be used almost like a shortcut to competing at the Indigo League. I didn't get why Jessie and James even cared about entering this test since they had no previous ambitions related to the Pokemon League. I thought that James letting his strong rental Pokemon go to his head was funny since he really thought they'd obey his every command.
It didn't seem fair that passing a test was enough to earn a gym badge even though it took a lot of hard work to pass it since I think gym badges should only be given to people who defeat official gym leaders and the proctor wasn't one. I did like how Jessie and James took the exam with Ash though and I just wish that Misty and Brock had tried it themselves. James getting all high and mighty because of his rental Pokemon was the best part. 8/10


Long gone are the days
Interesting stuff in this episode

The exam guy was actually the first person to attempt to catch Meowth in a pokeball.
Ash asked Nurse Joy if she wants to become a pokemon master too. Interesting how everyone in this episode seems to know what a pokemon master is. It certainly wasn’t about befriending every pokemon in existence back then nor it was “Ash’s made up dream”.
The exam guy “A pokemon Master must understand all aspect of their pokemons life in order to achieve oneness with their pokemon”.
Ash using TR pokemon was good.