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The Ultimate Water-Type Face-Off!

Discussion in 'Face-Offs' started by Amaisan Axis, Sep 3, 2005.

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  1. ~Flareon~

    ~Flareon~ Coal Trainer

    I vote for Walrein.
  2. Komedic Konservationist

    Komedic Konservationist N00b in the dungeon!

    Octillery! Walrein isn't even a genuine water type: he dosn't look watery, water is only a second type for him, and he is vastly outclassed by dozens of Ice/water Pokemon, so therefore he must not win! Octillery is a great, original Pokemon that has done well to get this far, beating the likes of Suicune and Politoed, and he deserves this win far more than a lump with hair.
    Octillery 4EVA!!!!!!!!
  3. Ohtachi

    Ohtachi mia san mia

    LMAO you sound like CoCo Labouch from the Rugrats in Paris. But, yeah, I agree. These members voting for Walrein have a terrible taste in Pokemon. ;/
  4. I vote for Walrein. I do not like Octopussies, no, sorry, Octopusses.
  5. Komedic Konservationist

    Komedic Konservationist N00b in the dungeon!

    I think you'll find the correct term is "Octopi".
  6. Mini Apocalypse

    Mini Apocalypse Soul Trainer

    I vote for Walrein
  7. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou be prepared

    You know what disgusts me? People who think that everyone should agree with them. Sadly, there are many people like that.


    Now, I will vote for Walrein. Octillery is just a red, bare headed vacuum-cleaner with eight tentacles. I don't like the likes of those. Walrein, though its face could've been better, evolves from Sealeo and Spheal, both that are in my liking. And, I just fins Walrein cooler, no matter what you say.
  8. Thanks for correcting me. I vote for Walrein. I do not like Octillery because I do not like Octopi and Octillery is too strong in various occassions (hello Pokemon Colloseum).
  9. MiloticKnght

    MiloticKnght Guest

    Go Walrien!!! and I vote for it.
  10. Mini Apocalypse

    Mini Apocalypse Soul Trainer

    I vote for Walrein
  11. Breeze'

    Breeze' Guest

    [​IMG]- 4 [​IMG]- 12

    I vote for walry**
  12. Ohtachi

    Ohtachi mia san mia

    Walrein won. That sickens me. People don't know a good Water Pokemon when they see it. ;/
  13. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou be prepared

    >_> What sickens me is that you can't handle the fact that people have different opinions. Your favorite didn't won today, now live with it.
  14. I vote Octillery. At least there are a few Octillery fans out there. *Slaps Walrein* Bad Walrus.
  15. I vote for Walrein.
  16. Breeze'

    Breeze' Guest

    [​IMG]- 5 [​IMG]- 14

  17. Amaisan Axis

    Amaisan Axis Jade Star Trainer

    OK, last time I checked, forums were created for people to express their opinions. His opinion just so happens to be that Walrein is a fat, ugly blob that doesn't deserve to have gotten past the first round of this face-off. No matter if you agree or not (and I can see that you don't), you shouldn't be flamed for expressing your opinion.

    OK, now that I've taken care of that...

    OK, thanks for trying to help, but let me update my own thread, k?

    [​IMG]- 5 [​IMG]- 13

    The actual score.
  18. Crane

    Crane Guest

    Wjhen will this face-off be over. .
  19. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou be prepared

    Exactly. That's why it sickens me when people can't tale the fact that not all share their opinion.

    Yeah, seems so and I have no problem with him hating Walrein. When'd I say I did?

    Okay, that just made my day. There has to be something to laugh at everyday, and I just got it right there.

    Yeah, I don't. Who cares? I never said anything along the lines of "You hate Walrein! **** off! You must love it!" Now did I? Nope. He said that people who like Walrein (in other words, people that won't agree with him) disgust him. And you think I'm flaming? Let me laugh. Actually, I'm going to laugh anyway.

    Now, I answered by saying that what disgusts me is that people can't take the fact that people have different opinions, and now you're saying that I think everyone should agree with me? That's a laugh.

    Okay, that was just stupid. Face-Off is over when one of the two wins. One of the two will win when they get enough votes. Did that answer your question?
  20. Ohtachi

    Ohtachi mia san mia

    You sounded terribly n00bish in that Post of yours. Which is why the EDIT button exists. Besides, this round should've ended a while ago, and we're just sitting here waiting to find out when Walrein can recieve it's trophy so some of us can boot it off stage. But you rudely commenting on others opinions just because we're anxiously awaiting the end of this Face-Off is immature. Another thing, noone cares what made your day or what ticks you off. People don't care about people who don't care about others feelings. Even though Cranes's post was n00bish indefinitely, yours was uncalled for. At least try to sound smart without sounding obnoxious when it comes to opinionating someone's post. Isn't very hard. :S
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2006
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