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The Underdogs

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;059;Arcanine @Focus Sash
-Flare Blitz
-Dragon Pulse

;478;Frosloss @Quick Claw
-Destiny Bond
-Confuse Ray
-Ice Beam
-Double Team

;230;Kigdra @Muscle Band
-Dragon Dance

;251;Celebi @Lum Barry
-Stealth Rock
-Leaf Storm
-Thunder Wave

;212;Scizor @ Muscle Band
-Iron Head
-Brick Break
-Swords Sance

;448;Lucario @Expert Belt
-Dark Pulse
-Zen Headbutt
-Water Pulse
-Dragon Pulse

Any suggestions ? im trying not to use serebii or smogon movesets trying to come up with strategies that are outside the box so im not predictable anything will help thanks
You didn't list EVs, Natures nor do you have any descriptions. Read the rules next time.
Not open for further replies.