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The Unova Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by Serebii, Aug 29, 2010.

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  1. Is it Lacunosa Town (Kagome Town) that features Japanese lyrics in the background music?

    Edit: Never mind, turns out it is Village Bridge.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2011
  2. tmega90

    tmega90 Pokemon Trainer

    Wow! These sound really cool! Great ideas.
  3. The Oncoming Storm

    The Oncoming Storm I went to jared

    I hatevthe bf from 4th gen im only good at the factory. I hope they have one in Unova that way I don't suck at everything in it.
  4. MagnetonNr1

    MagnetonNr1 Steel-type Trainer

    Things like the Battle Factory are a pain for me. My highest streak was... what... 17? How amazing!

    Does the Battle Subway have something like a Multi Line? Because I enjoy Multi Battles with NPCs.
  5. Aurath8

    Aurath8 Well-Known Member

    You can do single battles, double battles and multi battles with the player character you didn't choose. You can also choose to go on on the normal line(weak pokemon, only goes up to 21, less BP won) or the Super line(strong pokemon, goes on forever, more BP won) in any type of these battles.
  6. MagnetonNr1

    MagnetonNr1 Steel-type Trainer

    Oh, that sounds nice. I'm going to try these Super Lines right away. :)
  7. AwesomeZekrom

    AwesomeZekrom Co-Owner of pokegyms

    The map does seem small but after whatching youtube pokemon walkthroughs for black and white there is alot of space.
  8. BW202

    BW202 Onyx-ceptable!!!

    Ya, and they may not be extremely lengthy, but the Plasma sidequests seem to be everywhere!
  9. MetalFlygon08

    MetalFlygon08 Haters Gonna Hate

    Well this is lame, I got a perfect 7 stars at the Trial/Evaluation House, and you get nothing, just a little jingle.
  10. MagnetonNr1

    MagnetonNr1 Steel-type Trainer

    Huh? What's that Trial/Evaluation House and what does it do?
  11. MetalFlygon08

    MetalFlygon08 Haters Gonna Hate

    It's a building in Nimbassa right bt the Pokemon center where you test a group of 3 pokemon, and get scored on how well you do. It's different than the subway where the teams are just picked from a random pool of trainers. In the House, the next team is completely based on how well you did in the last battle, as in it 'evaluates' your team and picks the next 3 pokemon based on what would give you the hardest time.

    Today, I entered in with Flygon, Braivairy, and Milotic, Any Water Types would give me great trouble, in the 5 battles I encountered 3 Empoleons, 1 Samurott, 1 Kingdra and 1 Starmie, each one posing a big threat.
  12. MagnetonNr1

    MagnetonNr1 Steel-type Trainer

    Ah - so it's like training for bad situations?

    That sounds quite useful in my opinion.
  13. MetalFlygon08

    MetalFlygon08 Haters Gonna Hate

    and you get a ranking out of 7 stars after you win, and an overall ranking of the 3 you picked.
  14. MagnetonNr1

    MagnetonNr1 Steel-type Trainer

    That's a really good idea. Testing your team before actually using it. Sounds useful for the Battle Subway.
  15. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Yeah, Village Bridge has music with lyrics in it. I've never liked that area of Unova at all, though. The music that plays and the whole aura around that place in general is really depressing. Also, I remember arriving there and thinking that it was Kagome Town at first haha. Anyway, I remember going on that other bridge (Wonder Bridge) and seeing that ghost girl there while I was riding around back and forth, hatching eggs. That was creepy since she just sort of disappeared. Has anyone else seen her yet? And does anyone know what triggers her appearance on Wonder Bridge?
  16. MagnetonNr1

    MagnetonNr1 Steel-type Trainer

    Ghost Girl? Just like in the Old Chateau? Hm - Wonder Bridge sounds quite interesting.
  17. kemal07

    kemal07 Well-Known Member

    huh I never recalled a ghost on a bridge while watching videos online
  18. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    That's because she isn't always there. She only appears on Wonder Bridge when certain conditions are met, which is why I asked if anyone knew more about that. I didn't even know about the ghost girl on Wonder Bridge until someone brought it up on another thread. I spent weeks searching for her, but she didn't appear until recently. From what I've heard, she was killed during the construction of the bridge, which is why her ghost appears there sometimes.
  19. MetalFlygon08

    MetalFlygon08 Haters Gonna Hate

    she hung out there with her abra iirc.
  20. Aegon

    Aegon Well-Known Member

    Really? OMGee! It's Mira from DPPt and the anime! ;D
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