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The Unpopular Opinions Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by PorcelainVulpix, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. Apslup

    Apslup Feelin' Fine.

    I love the 4kids dub. TPCI dub sucks.
  2. Sham

    Sham So proud of you

    I just didn’t like how 4kids changed so much dialogue.
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  3. maartjeverhoef

    maartjeverhoef All Hail Champion Ash

    I never liked Drew and I think the idea of a jerky rival having a romantic subplot with a Pokégirl is one of the worst things that has ever come out of this anime.
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  4. mysticalglacia

    mysticalglacia Alola Shill

    Lillie is a great character with some of the best development in the anime and one of my personal favorites, but the problem lies in how choppy her focus is. It makes her development look inconsistent when she gets episodes twice every year, some of them that basically retread what we already know. The Magearna subplot finally seems to be giving her more room to grow, but it’s a shame it had to come so late in the game.
  5. Sham

    Sham So proud of you

    Agreed, I made a long college essay on why I consider her to be one of the best characters

    But our girl really needed more focus episodes to be honest.
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  6. Ignition

    Ignition My son finally did it

    Ash wasn’t the biggest issue with BW: that honor belongs to the cursed Decolore Islands. Nothing a single good thing came from it
  7. Sham

    Sham So proud of you

    It’s honestly a pity they had nothing to fall on to delay the anime like AG and battle frontier.
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  8. Shadao

    Shadao Champion GETTO DA ZE!

    They had the Team Plasma arc. Which was rushed as Episode N and could have stretched all the way into early Fall. The fact they cut Team Plasma short and then went with full filler arc with the goal being getting back to Kanto (which could take forever), it's clear to me that the production team just gave up and simply bid their time while they figure out on what to do with the XY series.
    Emelie likes this.
  9. Sham

    Sham So proud of you

    That isn’t the same thing as having what is essentially a badge quest. Battle Frontier was able to delay AG by two series. The Plasma arc had about ten episodes (or more) dedicated to them. I’m not saying they couldn’t of been better quality but adding episodes/stretching it was clearly not the answer.
  10. Shadao

    Shadao Champion GETTO DA ZE!

    I mean, Episode N could use a few episodes to be fleshed out and get a proper climax.
    Emelie likes this.
  11. Sham

    Sham So proud of you

    Sure but I don’t think that that would of did anything for the overall problem. They still needed 20 episodes (basically five months) of coverage. It’s just unfortunately they had nothing fall back on because almost everything in BW/BW2 was covered from locations to characters.
  12. Shadao

    Shadao Champion GETTO DA ZE!

    I don't know; if 9 episodes were used for Episode N instead of the Decolorae Islands, and the remaining 11 episodes were dedicated to Kalos promotion, it might have been a different reception.
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  13. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lover of underrated characters

    DA would have been a lot cooler if they actually had something major, instead of just Alexa's introduction and Claire setup. Like Ash catching Dunsparce, Iris Druddigon, and get Cilan over his fear by catching a Purrlion. I did love that Zoroark filler though
    Another OI would have been cool too

    I think that was the original intention, the end made it feel like she was meant to come back. But then... so did Butch/Cassidy's appearance >.>

    That's Mallow, sorry. She's hardly gotten any focus or development, Lillie's gotten tons compared to her.

    I agree, but that's not really unpopular lol Everyone loves Brock's jelly doughnuts and trademarked drying pans
    The unpopular version would the reverse of that :p
  14. Ash wanna be a Pokémon Master, but we don't know what you have to do to become one. And from Kanto to Kalos to Alola we never saw a pokemon Master.
  15. MockingJ

    MockingJ (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

    Well yeah, Ash's goal is supposed to be open-ended like that without a proper explanation of what it truly takes to become a Pokemon Master.
  16. Sham

    Sham So proud of you

    I actually enjoy’s DP rap theme.
    J.Agera, PorcelainVulpix and Ignition like this.
  17. AznKei

    AznKei Rabi-Ribi's Cocoa is cute! ^_^

    I think a Pokemon master was a Gen 1 concept when you have to capture all 151 different Pokemons. Right now this isn't feasible anymore, that's why it's more vague than before.
  18. Ignition

    Ignition My son finally did it

    I still know the lyrics by heart to this day
    PorcelainVulpix and Sham like this.
  19. Sham

    Sham So proud of you

    “New rivals as you fight for survival” iconic. To be honest the English themes only started becoming corny with Sun and Moon
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  20. PorcelainVulpix

    PorcelainVulpix Well-Known Member

    I didn't really like BW English themes either. The XY ones were okay.

    Nothing compares to the AG and OS dub openings.

    Johto Journeys, This Dream and Unbeatable >>>
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