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The UU League

Discussion in 'Pokémon Leagues' started by Darkhonchcrow, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. Darkhonchcrow

    Darkhonchcrow Well-Known Member

    The UU League!


    This is a league which the only pokemon challengers and gym leaders can use is from the UU tier!

    I have created this league because I really like the UU tier and feel that some pokemon would become power sweepers on everybody's team because some of the pokemon can hold their own against OUs. I think that the only reason some battalers don't use UU is because they want to win and are scared that if they use a UU pokemon, they will lose. This is the reason why I have created this league-so battalers have nothing to lose when they challenge this league and so they can try out UU pokemon and feel that they could use more UU pokemon in competative play.

    The Rules:
    These rules are for BOTH Gym Leaders and Challengers:
    1.There will be 10 Gym Leaders and 4 Elite Members and 1 Champion
    2.All the Gyms and Elite members will use dual type eg poison and Flying, The champion will use any type.
    3.If Challenger or Gym Leader/E4 member uses a non-UU pokemon, whoever used the non-UU loses and the win goes to the person who used only UUs.
    4. Standard rules apply.
    5.You can use NFEs as pokemon.
    6.If there is a D/C, take it to PMs, DON'T spam this thread up by making wild accusations without any proof - let your opponent explain what happened and if they did D/C on purpose, then you win.
    7.When you post as a challenger or League member - you become a challenger or League member. I will normally approve you unless I have or find a good enough reason on why you shouldn't join.

    These rules are for Gym leaders and E4 members:
    1.You decide what battle style you use e.g. Single/Double.
    2.The pokemon you must use is 2 of one type (eg fighting) and 2 of the other (eg steel) and one pokemon wo knows a move of the type (eg Tauros with Iron Tail) and the final pokemon is a Wild-Card pokemon (note, they can be played in any order).

    These rules are for Challengers:
    1.You may challenge the Gym Leaders in any order but the Elite 4 must be challenged in order.
    2.You may challenge gym leaders so you can take over their gym. There will be 2 battles, one is an ordinary battle and the second is a team with the types you used. NOTE you may only challenge Gym Leaders when you have beaten the League.
    3.If you tell any other challenger about a Gym Leaders team, you WILL be kicked out, No if or buts.
    Gym Leaders and Elite 4 Members:

    Banned Pokemon:

    Gym Leaders:
    Gym Leader 1 - jeyre80 - Normal/Psychic - Open (PBR only)
    Gym Leader 2 - Open
    Gym Leader 3 - Open
    Gym Leader 4 - Motionless._. - Grass/Rock - Open
    Gym Leader 5 - Azelfsfriend - Psychic/Fire - Closed
    Gym Leader 6 - TomstarRule - Dark/Fighting - Open
    Gym Leader 7 - woliwo - Rock/Psychic - Open
    Gym Leader 8 - Open
    Gym Leader 9 - Reggie - Normal/Ground - Closed
    Gym Leader 10 - Fang Overlord - Bug/Normal - Open

    Elite 4 members:
    Elite 4 member 1 - Firehawk10590 - Ground/Dark
    Elite 4 member 2 - Netosenpai - Electric/Dark
    Elite 4 member 3 - SelenaluvsDylan22 - Grass/Normal
    Elite 4 member 4 - Open!


    Name: the_showstopper - FC: 3094 1535 8960 - 4 Wins - Beat: Chaoses, Ima_Penguin_95, Andrew1239, Snow904
    Name: Sharktamer - FC: 0044-7839-5550 - 2 Wins - Beat: Ima_Penguin_95. snow904
    Name : Ima_Penguin_95 - FC: FC : 2621-6665-0341
    Name: Frazzle92 - FC: 1161-2389-2712 - 3 Wins - Beat: Choases, Andrew1239, Motionless._.
    Name: RifleAvenger - FC: 5112-9303-3190 - 3 Wins - Beat: Andrew1239, Rakki-neko, jeyre80
    Name: TheUmbreonMaster - FC: 1548-1831-0020 - 2 Wins - Beat: Woliwo, jeyre80
    Name: Charlie_Rulez - FC: 0732-0284-9822
    Name: Instant..123 - FC: 0259-6421-6894 - 3 Wins - Beat: Motionless._. , jeyre80 , woliwo
    Name: Fire master of the east - FC: 5241-4461-8340
    Name: greatyama - FC: 4683-4672-5486
    Name: Caffeine11 - FC: 4984-1292-5109
    Name: Dragonphantom - FC: 0903-8873-3010
    Name: Zog the Stout - FC: 3824-1298-2121 (Pearl) or 0560-3954-8843 (Platinum)
    Name: Zachypoo - FC: 0903-8756-2078
    Name: Filler2001 - FC: 4382-8592-0180 - 1 win - Beat: jeyre80
    Name: GMagoy - FC: 0731-9347-5612
    Name: RubyGuardian_A - FC: 2063-5226-4730

    How to apply:

    To apply for a Gym Leader/E4 member postion you have to fill out this form:
    Time Zone:
    Gym Leader/E4 member:
    Why you would like to join:

    For Challengers:
    Time Zone:

    Banners (give credit or else):
    [​IMG] - Made by TomstarRule

    The Hall of Records:
    This is where we look at past Gym Leaders and Elite 4 members who have sadly left us:
    1. Elite 4 Member 2 - ONM's Skynet18
    2. Gym Leader 3 - Chaoses
    3. Gym Leader 10 - +DoomDesire+
    4. Gym Leader 1 - Fire master of the east
    5. Elite 4 Member 4 - Darkhonchcrow
    6. Gym Leader 8 - Andrew1239
    7. Gym Leader 2 - Coontank

    [*] Crobat and Honchkrow are banned until I get more news.
    [*] Shaymin is now [B]BANNED[/B] from the UU League
    [*] Crobat is allowed in the UU League Again
    [*] Smeargle is allowed in the UU League
    [*] 23/1/2009 - The UU League Created[/List]
    On a Final note: if you have any questions - PM me. I cannot stress this enough.​
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2009
  2. PokeN3rd

    PokeN3rd Not Gem King Kilik

  3. Lion Demon

    Lion Demon Fairy Type Champion

    Name:Lion Demon
    FC:1762 4645 5148
    Gym Leader:2
    Why you would like to join:Because gymleaders are the A To dis Z der dis lyric LG :)
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2009
  4. Darkhonchcrow

    Darkhonchcrow Well-Known Member

    Adding you both to the first post
  5. Cousin_Dan

    Cousin_Dan Banned

    Name: Cousin_Dan
    IGN: DAN
    FC: In sig.

    Just to clarify these are new Smogon tiers right?
  6. Darkhonchcrow

    Darkhonchcrow Well-Known Member

    Adding you and yeah this will be the New UU Tier.
  7. Cousin_Dan

    Cousin_Dan Banned

    Great, can we challenge right away or will you wait for more leaders/challengers? If we can I'm coming for you next time you're online, Penguin. >:D
  8. Lion Demon

    Lion Demon Fairy Type Champion

    *Edit* Ive replaced Psychic with ground :)
  9. Connor™

    Connor™ Showstopper

    Dans after meh T_T
    Anyways, sorry to disappiont dan, my team isnt ready yet :(
    So sorry, I'll make it my business to Pm you for a battle once it is though :D
  10. Darkhonchcrow

    Darkhonchcrow Well-Known Member

    Wait until at least 5 Gym Leaders are up and running before challenging.

    PokeN3rd has asked if he can be Champion but if someone else does want to be champion, arrange a battle and whoever wins 2/3 becomes champion (note-must use the team you will use in the league). If there are 4 or more candidates, there will be a tournement to decide the Champion.

    That's all folks
  11. +DoomDesire+

    +DoomDesire+ はめつのねがい

    Name: Kenneth
    IGN: Souske
    FC: 0517-2061-1508
    Gym Leader/E4 member: Gym Leader 10
    Why you would like to join?

    Because I think it would be fun..
    I like using UU and NFE's they're more fun than using OU's and Ubers
  12. Lion Demon

    Lion Demon Fairy Type Champion

    Ill sig that thank you because its true.

    So is there any special training todo aside EV?
  13. Darkhonchcrow

    Darkhonchcrow Well-Known Member

    @ +DoomDesire+ Yeap I'm adding you to the list

    @ Lion Demon - No there isn't
  14. johny2hai

    johny2hai Future Olympian

    On that note I would like to challenge Poke3erd for the Champion title.
    If this battle would be allowed would i need to use a type or as the first page says i can use any type?

    Thank you, The Emperor ;289;
  15. Darkhonchcrow

    Darkhonchcrow Well-Known Member

    You would use the team as if you were champion.

    Also the Champion can use any UU pokemon regardless of type.
  16. johny2hai

    johny2hai Future Olympian

    Okay, I shall use the same tam throughout, I shall battle Poke3erd 2/3 and see who is better suited.
  17. +DoomDesire+

    +DoomDesire+ はめつのねがい

    Yay im 10th gym leader lol
  18. Mastadi

    Mastadi Yes.

    Yeah, 10th is not 9th :p
  19. Alcatraz

    Alcatraz 0.0

    Name: SkyNet
    IGN: Sky
    FC: Plat FC in siggy
    E4: Elite Member 2
    Type: Steel/Water
    Why would I join: Because it sounds like a nice idea, i'm starting to get bored with the standard OU stuff.
  20. Darkhonchcrow

    Darkhonchcrow Well-Known Member

    It doesn't matter what gym you are, they're exactly the same (apart from the types)!

    I'll add you sky
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