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The UU League

Discussion in 'Pokémon Leagues' started by Darkhonchcrow, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. snow904

    snow904 Emperor Boost

    lol since we add clauses imma put one saying no electric moves xD in my gym battles :p
  2. chaoses

    chaoses oblivious chaos

    srry for my little inactivacy and keeping up just busy with my research papper ><

    anyways would anyone want to challenge my gym?
  3. Darkhonchcrow

    Darkhonchcrow Well-Known Member

    I know this is a joke, but when I say the Gym Leader's own rules, I meant Clauses.

    No worries. Everyone will be inactive at one point especially with school. I'm starting to become more inactive because of schoolwork etc. All I need to know is that you will be comitted to this league even when you are inactive.
  4. Sharktamer

    Sharktamer UU fanatic

    I should battle you now that I have the chance.
  5. TomstarRule

    TomstarRule Rainbow Ruler. Funny

    Is anyone online right now im looking for a battle
  6. snow904

    snow904 Emperor Boost

    ok im ready to change my gym due to the fact i lost to doom. i change it to grass and ghost :D and my team is ready
  7. SelenaluvsDylan22

    SelenaluvsDylan22 Goodbye Rebellion

    I know it is your decision and I may sound like a brat here but isnt it a bit unfair since his stab moves are supereffective against my pokes
    Ice beats grass. He is Ice/dark Im Grass/normal.
  8. Motionless._.

    Motionless._. New Member

    hey guys, is it too late to join the league as a challenger?

    Name: Motionless._.
    FC:0817 9430 2447

    im a bit new to leagues, this is the first time im joining one lol.
  9. Fire master of the east

    Fire master of the east Silver For the Win

    No way, you could be a gym leader if you really want too... i think firehawk should tho only because he is so good!!!
    beast. for sure.
  10. Darkhonchcrow

    Darkhonchcrow Well-Known Member

    Ok. 3 pokemon have to be from your gym, 3 can be wildcards who must be UU pokemon.

    Ok, I'll change it.

    Nope, it isn't too late. I'll add you to the front post.
  11. Azelfsfriend

    Azelfsfriend Darkria's Vassal

    Firehawk truly should get the last leader position. He would be a welcome addition. Team update: Fire Master is helping my train, breed, etc. Team will be done very soon.
  12. SelenaluvsDylan22

    SelenaluvsDylan22 Goodbye Rebellion

    Thank you honchcrow. That is more fair. Oh and I think if Firehawk was a gymleader no one would beat the league LOL.
  13. HoagiethePokeBreeder

    HoagiethePokeBreeder Poke’veteran


    It's been a little while since I've been in a league, and this looks perfect!

    For Challengers:
    Name: Hoagie
    IGN: Hoagie
    FC: 0301-6261-1261
  14. Darkhonchcrow

    Darkhonchcrow Well-Known Member

    No Problem.

    I'll add you to the front page
  15. Firehawk10590

    Firehawk10590 Never lost a randbat

    I still haven't gotten that battle with snow...
  16. Firehawk10590

    Firehawk10590 Never lost a randbat

    I beat snow904, 2-0. Made a bad predict that turned a 4-0 into a 2-0.
  17. snow904

    snow904 Emperor Boost

    that match was epic on 76 different scales (dont ask about the scales)
  18. Firehawk10590

    Firehawk10590 Never lost a randbat

    If I was paying more attention, I could have probably got a 4-0 or a 5-0.
  19. snow904

    snow904 Emperor Boost

    yeah probably but i think my luck is returning so my fail wont be as much as it was this last week

    and i also beat Selena 1-0 XD truly an epic battle i wish was recorded even tho i could pay attention at the beginnig due to concentration difficulties
  20. Sharktamer

    Sharktamer UU fanatic

    I don't know who to ask for a battle next, I've PM'd everybody over the last week and battled everyone that has replied (who could battle).
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