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The UU League

Discussion in 'Pokémon Leagues' started by Darkhonchcrow, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. Darkhonchcrow

    Darkhonchcrow Well-Known Member

    I'll put your win on the front page.

    Well Done for getting your battles Sharktamer and Firehawk.
  2. Motionless._.

    Motionless._. New Member

    Ok, so how does this work?

    Do I just Pm the gym i want to challenge, then post the results?
  3. Fire master of the east

    Fire master of the east Silver For the Win

    yeppers thats it...
  4. Sharktamer

    Sharktamer UU fanatic

    So which gym leaders are available today? Like I said, I've PM'd everyone and battled everyone that replied.
  5. Firehawk10590

    Firehawk10590 Never lost a randbat

    I'll battle you, Sharktamer. I can't find any battles either.
  6. Sharktamer

    Sharktamer UU fanatic

    Yeah, we should. Not tonight though, my internet is sucking.

    Also, I've been losing a lot recently, so if you are as good as I hear, I'm gonna get spanked.
  7. snow904

    snow904 Emperor Boost

    sup yall yal aint posting no more
  8. HoagiethePokeBreeder

    HoagiethePokeBreeder Poke’veteran

    I should be able to battle today (this morning) if anybody's on.

    My FC is 0301-6261-1261
  9. the_showstopper

    the_showstopper lover of Glaceons

    hey, can I make a request to all gym leaders?

    I've been having a rotten time finding leaders that are online lately to battle. I challenge leaders only when they're online, as I hate scheduled matches. So if any leaders are using invisible mode, please let me know.

    Of course, if any one of you has MSN, add me. That makes things a LOT easier.
  10. Sharktamer

    Sharktamer UU fanatic

    Some of them do have MSN and/or AIM. You shoudl add theirs.

    If anyone of the other leaders have MSN/AIM and it's not in your profile, could you list them or add them please?
  11. Netosenpai

    Netosenpai Ahí madre!

    We're (selenaluvsdylan vs myself) having some trouble to find time to face each other for the elite 3 position, but we will battle soon, good thing there isn't any elite members challenger yet.
  12. TomstarRule

    TomstarRule Rainbow Ruler. Funny

    Are any of the Gym leaders online right now and willing to battle? It would save me PMing everyone.

    And also, Darkhonchcrow, I may show some interest in the 6th Gym Leader position. But I have yet to think of some types.
  13. Darkhonchcrow

    Darkhonchcrow Well-Known Member

    Yes you can. I'll reserve it for you.
  14. Andrew1239

    Andrew1239 OSHAWOTT FTW!!!

    You can open my gym, Andrew1239
  15. Darkhonchcrow

    Darkhonchcrow Well-Known Member

    I am very sad to announce that ONM's Skynet has left Serebii. He is a great battaler and he will be sorely missed.

    As most of you know, There will be a battle to decide the Elite 3 postion between Selenaluvsdylan22 and Netosenpai. The problem is that they are on the other side of the world. So I have taken matters into my own hands and decided on the Elite 3 postion. I now award the Elite 3 postion to:

    Selenaluvsdylan22! Congatulations.

    Notostenpai, I'm sorry but I've come up with a compromise which is:

    As ONM'S Skynet has left Serebii, he has also left the Elite 4 Member 2 position. I have decided to award that place to you.

    I have done this because it has taken too long to complete the battle through neither of their faults. Please Selenaluvsdylan22 and Netosenpai confirm that they want this.

    Thank You

  16. SelenaluvsDylan22

    SelenaluvsDylan22 Goodbye Rebellion

    Sweet, Thank you Darkhonchcrow.
  17. Darkhonchcrow

    Darkhonchcrow Well-Known Member

    No problem, now all I need is Nostenpai's opinon.
  18. Sharktamer

    Sharktamer UU fanatic

    Awesome that got sorted. Now I just have to battle 8 more gym leaders before it even affects me.
  19. TomstarRule

    TomstarRule Rainbow Ruler. Funny

    Well, Ive started work on my gym so here is my form.

    Name: TomstarRule
    IGN: Thomas
    FC: 5026 6296 1630
    Gym Leader/E4 member: Gym Leader 6
    Types: Dark/Fighting
    Why you would like to join: Because I have already been a challenger and I think that UU are the best and other stuff has made me want to be a Gym Leader.
  20. old man

    old man On Guard!!!

    Hey "Fire master of the east" you up for a battle this weekend?
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