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The UU League

Discussion in 'Pokémon Leagues' started by Darkhonchcrow, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. Netosenpai

    Netosenpai Ahí madre!

    Great decision, I don't really mind having another number of position as long as I'm in the league, thanks darkhonchkrow.

    As for the new limbo banning, I will change the types to: Electric / Dark
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2009
  2. the_showstopper

    the_showstopper lover of Glaceons

    I just finished a Battle with Andrew1239. I won with a 5-0.

    I think he should'nt be a leader. No offense, but he just does'nt have the knowledge to be a leader. One, his pokemon does'nt seem to have any items at all.

    two, He used a Staraptor and a Flygon in our battle.

    Three, his Kingler had Brine, his Staraptor had Fly, his Flygon had Faint Attack and Dragonbreath, and his Lead Fearow had Assurance. I seriously doubt he has any competetive battling knowledge nor experience.

    The desicion is'nt mine to make, so it's up to Honckrow to deal with this matter.
  3. Andrew1239

    Andrew1239 OSHAWOTT FTW!!!

    It's just that i have had no time, i will try to make it better.
    the_showstopper has won badge
  4. Sharktamer

    Sharktamer UU fanatic

    The_showstopper has a point. No items and the choice of moves is weird, but using a staraptor and a flygon?
  5. Azelfsfriend

    Azelfsfriend Darkria's Vassal

    If he used OU pokes, he could be removed, but Honchkrow is the boss man. It's up to him. BTW, EV training takes too long!
  6. the_showstopper

    the_showstopper lover of Glaceons

    heh, I'm on a roll. I beat Snow 3-0.
  7. Netosenpai

    Netosenpai Ahí madre!

    the_showstopper is on fire, guess it wont be long for the challengers of the elite members
  8. Firehawk10590

    Firehawk10590 Never lost a randbat

    Would you like to battle, Showstopper? I still can't seem to get any battles.
  9. Fire master of the east

    Fire master of the east Silver For the Win

    Ok for all of those who keep challenging me. i don't have off til the weekend and wensday.
    and if you want a battle pm. ^X^
    thank you.
  10. Darkhonchcrow

    Darkhonchcrow Well-Known Member

    Taking into account everyone's stories. Andrew, I'm giving you 2 matches to change your team and get some rates. If you still use OU pokemon, I will have no choice but to stop you from being a gym leader.

    I'll put your win up.
  11. SelenaluvsDylan22

    SelenaluvsDylan22 Goodbye Rebellion

    C'mon guys. Beat some more gym leaders so Someone can reach the E4
  12. Darkhonchcrow

    Darkhonchcrow Well-Known Member


    Attention, This is important. Shaymin Land form is now BANNED from the UU League. Anybody caught with it will automatically lose their match and if the Gym Leader has Shaymin, the battle is ended and the Challenger gets the badge.
  13. Curryman

    Curryman New Member

    Name: Curryman
    IGN: Guy
    FC: I'll look that up
  14. Darkhonchcrow

    Darkhonchcrow Well-Known Member

    Fine, I'll add you to the front page.
  15. Sharktamer

    Sharktamer UU fanatic

    What made you decide on this? Was it smogon or did you come up with it by yourself? I definitely agree with it, Shaymin is a bit too good for UU.
  16. frazzle92

    frazzle92 No Matter What!

    Name: Frazzle92
    IGN: Frazzle
    FC: 1161 2389 2712
  17. SelenaluvsDylan22

    SelenaluvsDylan22 Goodbye Rebellion

    It was honchcrow. Smogon still allows it but yesterday we were talking about it and he said he should ban it from this league. Now Im sad =( shaymin was the basis of my team. Oh whatever. Oh well
  18. Darkhonchcrow

    Darkhonchcrow Well-Known Member

    I did. I felt Shaymin was too powerful for UU because of its high stats and most of its counters are OU.

    I'll add you to the front page.
  19. mamoreno89

    mamoreno89 Weatherman

    FC:0130 7396 4695
    Gym Leader/E4 member:10
    Why you would like to join:
    something new for me to try out ^_^
  20. Fire master of the east

    Fire master of the east Silver For the Win

    i hate to say it but i agree with you 100%
    my whole team was 1 hit ko by one of those buggers and if not i hit than 1 and half. lol
    UU league cannot have something that strong. 100 stats in everything? thats crazy....
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