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The UU League

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I think that's already taken


oblivious chaos
my team is almsot complete just need tp get one more moveset done


All of us water trainers should have a battle to decide who gets to use the water types. Because I think we have too much imo.

if you come in 1st,2nd,or 3th you can use water types but if you come in 4th, 5th, and 6th, you have to change your type

But its just a suggestion so its up to Honchkrow.. so i'll let him/her decide


Darkria's Vassal
So, Honchkrow, psychic fire gym leader? Me?


lover of Glaceons
I'd like to join as a challenger.

For Challengers:
Name: the_showstopper
IGN: MSlug X
FC: 3094 1535 8960

Anyway, I do have a few questions though. Do we follow the old UU list of smogon? Or do we wait till the new one's out, or do we just use another list altogether?

And, are plat moves allowed?

Can challengers switch their teams around between matches?
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I ♥ Psychic Types
I wish to become a Gym Leader.

Name: Jojo-
IGN: Jonnie
FC: 0774 8456 2778
Gym Leader/E4 member: Gym Leader 4
Types: Ghost / Poison
Why you would like to join: It gives experience to new players, and I have been a long running fan of Pokémon for several years now.

If I am accepted, please PM me. Or even if I am rejected, please PM me also. x]


Well-Known Member
Sorry for being inactive, just been on holiday.

@ +DoomDesire+: I'll agree with your idea as there as too many water leaders.

@ E3 Position: There will be mini tournement composing of everyone who wants to be in the E3 position. Whoever wins, gets the position.

@ the_showstopper: Platinum moves WILL be allowed, it is the new UU tier, Challengers can change their team around against Gym Leaders, but not against the Elite 4 and Champion.

@Everybody else: I will add you to the first post.

EDIT: All the Gyms are now filled up so you may challenge the leaders when they have their team ready.
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My team is now complete and my gym in now open~


Well-Known Member

Ok as I said previously, there will be a tournement to decide who should be the Elite 3 member and who should stay as water gym leaders and E4 members. There will be 3 Water Gym leaders/E4 members.

For the Water Tournement, here is the line-up:
Snow904 Vs +DoomDesire+
ONMs_Skynet Vs Andrew1239
Fire Master of the East Vs Ima_Penguin_95

For the Elite 3 position, there will be a leaderboard and whoever has the best points at the end wins. You will face your opponent twice, but not one after another (not in succession).
Here's the leader board:

Darkcrobat Vs RukarioMaster

To organise a match, PM your opponent (this goes for BOTH tournements). Only post the scores on here.

That is all
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yup we're battling again! and honchkrow can you check your pms please? i sent you a message.


Well-Known Member
hey man please dont start the battles already I havent yet completed my team(or EV trained them


Urgh . . . lessee . . . ummm.
Ohh yay ^_^
I can construct a mildly workable team ;/
Open for challenges now I geuss


Actually nevermind the PM Honch ^^;


lover of Glaceons
But the new UU list from Smogon is'nt even up yet...

Anyway, I have a few questions- do we have to beat all the gym leaders before we challenge the E4? And, if we lose to the E4, do we have to start from the first member of the E4 again?

Anyway, would be nice if you could add the gym status on the first post (eg open or closed). This would make it easier for us challengers. thanks.
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