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The Vampire Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Gaiano, Jan 14, 2012.

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  1. Gaiano

    Gaiano Blasphemer

    Hello! I, like many teenagers these days, am a huge vampire fanatic. I have such in interest in the creatures of the night, I made a club about them! :D

    This club is a club where anyone who is fascinated with vampires can talk about vampires in modern literature, media, and folklore. Occasionally I, or a another club president, will allow people to post stories relating to vampires on this club. These stories can't be fanfiction of any kind. Along with discussing vampires, you may of course chat about normal stuff like how your day was or that cute guy at school who talked to you in biology. I do have a few rules though....

    1) ALL of the normal SPPF forum rules apply, don't forget that.

    2) Respect ALL members- This includes Vampire Author superiority or bashing. I don't really like Twilight either but I don't want people coming to this club and posting "Twilight sucks!" or "Twilight's for f*ggs!" or "Stephanie ruined vampires!". You may state something like "I prefer (bleh) over Twilight".

    3) When posting vampire stories, do not make ANY of it fanfiction- I will not have fanfiction vampire stories, I know that rule may suck but it is very important to invent your own version of the vampire and your own characters.

    3) Stay away from politics- discussing your own political agenda in this club can lead to nasty debates, and that's for another thread.

    4) No "I wanna be a vampire" stuff- No members should discuss how they are or want to be a vampire. People can joke about or discuss why someone would want to be a vampire, but no one can say how they are an actual vampire. There are 'vampires' that live in places like New York, and there 'Psychic Vampires'. Anyone who believes they live the 'vampire lifestyle' or want to live like that better not mention it on this club or they will receive a strike, and three strikes and your banned from the club. I'm sorry if this rule seems like I'm hating on people, I'm sorry but I can't have it on the club.

    5) This isn't a mythical creature club- this club isn't for werewolves, gorgons, harpies, zombies, ect. This club is for vampires. You may discuss other such creatures if they relate to vampires. Like having a discussion about Stephanie Meyer's Wolves is okay, because they are part of a vampire book series. And talking about the werewolves in the movie Van Helsing is okay because there are vampire's in the movie. Talking about an American Wolf in London is NOT okay, as it doesn't relate to vampires. Sorry if it seems like I'm hating again.

    6) No sexy stuff please- There are quite a few pornography films based off of vampires. I shouldn't have to tell you this but I will anyway: this club doesn't refer to porno characters and no writing vampires stories where all it is sex.

    9) Lastly, anyone can accept a new member. If a member wants to post a vampire story, they must get permission from me or another club president.

    If you have interest in becoming a president please become a member and PM me, and I will tell you what do from there. I only have room for 3 presidents by the way.

    Thank you so much, please have fun and join. Go Vampire geeks! :D
  2. Earth Wolf-Howl

    Earth Wolf-Howl Nuzlocker

    Hi! May I join this club, please? I love writing, and vamps are some of my main characters.

    But how're you?
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2012
  3. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    Major bump there. Gotta close the thread now.
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