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~The Vampire's Lair~

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by ♠Blood Bountou♠, Oct 4, 2005.


What do you think of our shop?

  1. 5-Freakin' Sweet

  2. 4-Great shop you got here!

  3. 3-It's okay

  4. 2-Needs some improvement

  5. 1-This place sucks

  1. ♠Blood Bountou♠

    ♠Blood Bountou♠ Kakuna Matata

    Ah, so you have stumbled onto this shop hidden deep within the shadows. Seeing as you found my lair, me and all of the other workers will try to finish your requests as soon as we can, if you can follow the rules.

    Here we offer Doodle Dolls, Glitter Names, Coordinator Cards, Sprite Cards, Trainer Cards, Fusions, Trainer Fusions, Recolors, Eggs, Shaow Pokemon, and Battle Scenes. Fill out the form to which ones you want. For those who don't know how to put images in their sigs, there is a quick guide at the bottom of this post. Make sure to check here on the first page to see if any new rules or fusions are added!

    ;262;The shop is:Closed;262;


    1.Blood Vampire (Me. I do most of the things available)
    2.Shadow Ho-oh (Does recolors, revamps, trainer fusion, overworld sprites, and fusions )
    3.May's Brother (Does Doodle Dolls)
    4.♠Jamie♠ (Does Fusions/Shadows)
    5.Tommo_Volbeat (Does Battle Scenes and White-be-gones)

    Follow these 8 Simple Rules (Bad joke):
    1.You can use any fusion, regardless of who it was made for, if you give credit.
    2.No more then 3 requests per post. If you request more then 3, I will finish everyone else's requests before yours. After posting your request, you can't request again until 24 hours later.
    3.Please people, fill out the forms for your request. If you don't fill them out, I'm not making it. In the old thread this was a problem for some reason, even though it is such a simple rule.
    Can't have your sig erased right after I finish your request.
    5. Don't steal, GIVE CREDIT!
    6. If you want a specific person to do your request, you have to say so.
    7. Don't rush us! With school going on now, we will probably be on the computer for only limited amouts of time, so your requests might take a little while longer.
    8. If you don't know how to put the image in your sig, there is a guide farther down. If it doesn't work or you need something fixed, PM me (Okay not really a rule, just a helpful suggestion)

    Glitter Names
    Thanks to DRAGON MASTER 101 for teaching me how to make Glitter Names!

    FONT:Pick one from here
    EFFECT: (Pick one) Bombs Comet Crystal Disco Dot 2 Dot Fireworks Flash Flash 2 Glitter Infiniti Molten Metal Polka Dots Rainbow 1 Rainbow 2 Star Star Dust Tornado USA Flag Velvet Embers

    Doodle Dolls
    This is a new feature, just tell me the pokemon you want to be doodle dolled (If it's a fusion doll please provide the sprite)

    Notes: Anything else you want to add, like "Can it have sunglasses on it?" or if you want it to be in a certain pose

    Examples-Bonsly Primedrill Eevee Mightyena Pikachu Wobbuffet

    Opening Battle Scenes

    Areas-Select one
    Trainer/Pokemon: (The one that's looking at you, can be up to 2) (If custom made, please provide sprite)
    Trainer/Pokemon: (Back is towards you, can be up to 2) (If custom made, provide sprite. Also, if you want a trainer's back facing you, I only have the main characters, so don't go asking for me to makecustom trainer backs because i suck at them)

    Example Form:
    Trainer/Pokemon:Emerald May
    Text: Wild Kydon appeared! No freakin' way!
    Example1 Example 2

    Fusion/Recolor Form:

    Pokemon 1:
    Pokemon 2:
    Base Pokemon:
    Notes: (Anything else you want to add, like if there is a part of a pokemon that must be used in the fusion)

    Amphagon Blazagross Dodri-oh Eevsol Glalix Goltile Grotres Gyradoom Kabutoise
    Kydon Latichu Latigatr Primedrill Scizpharos Skarmozor Tropnium Umbertales

    Trainer Fusion/Recolor Form:

    For a Trainer fusion I can change the color of clothes of a sprite provided or fuse 2 trainers together, like here-Trainer Fusions

    Color Change:



    Trainer 1:
    Trainer 2:
    Base Trainer:
    Notes: (Anything else you want to add, like if there is a part/clothing of a trainer that must be used in the fusion)

    Archie Maxie Fusion
    Bruno Giovanni Fusion
    Red Gary Fusion

    Trainer Card Form:

    Templete- Abandoned, Blue, Cave, #DS, Fight, *Fire, Flames, Forest, #Groudon, #Hoenn Trio, Ice,
    *Illusion, #Kanto Trio, Love, *Mario, Nintendo, *OuterSpace, Red, #Regi Trio, *Rock,
    Rocket Base, Ruins, Safari, *Sky, *Stage, Thunder, Trees , *Water, *Xana (Code:Lyoko), #XD001TC (Note the ones with the *star by them were created by ME, and the one's with the #'s by them were made by Shadow Ho-oh. If you want to use them for your own shop, just ask us)

    Trainer: (You provide sprite)
    Pokemon by trainer:
    Pokemon Team: (Up to six pokemon. If you request a 4th gen. pokemon on the card, you will have to give credit to Coronis for making the 4th gen. sprite and to me for making the rest of the card.)
    Badges: (Note: I now have Orange Island Badges)

    Examples-Example 1 Example 2

    Coordinator Card Form:

    ID No.: (I can just make a random one)
    Templete: Blue, *Dragon *Fire , *Illusion, Green, Red, *Rock, *Sky, *Stage (Note the ones with the *star by them were created by ME, so if you want to use them for your own shop, just ask)
    Trainer Sprite: (Provide this if it is custom made)
    Pokemon by Trainer:
    Star Pokemon:
    Pokemon Team: (Up to six pokemon)
    Specialty: Types (Pick One)
    Ribbons: Types (Pick One)

    Sprite Card Form:
    (Thought up by May's Brother)

    Sprite Cards are pretty new, and CANNOT have pokemon already in existence on them, only mixes, fusions, or recolors.

    Templete: (Same as Trainer Card Templetes)
    Trainer: (You provide sprite if custom made)
    Pokemon behind trainer: (Provide sprites, if you want me to make it I will)
    Pokemon Team: (provide sprites, if you want me to make them it counts as 3 requests)
    Badges: (Note: I now have Orange Island Badges. If you choose to have the Orange Island Badges, you must also pick 4 others, from which ever region)


    Pokemon you want made into a pokeball:
    Notes: (Anything that else you want the pokeball to have, like "It must have so and so's tail on it")


    Pokemon: (If it's a fusion pokemon, provide a sprite)
    Notes: (Anything that must be on the egg, like "It has to have it's eyes and tail on it")

    Shadow Pokemon

    Keep if mind we all have different ways of making Shaow pokes. You can have it ♠Jamie♠'s way, BV's way, or the XD way

    Pokemon you want to be Shadowed:
    Way you want it to be: (Ex: XD way)
    Majestic Pokemon are no longer avalible

    How to put images in your Signature

    1. Copy the URL of the image you want in your Sig.
    2. Go to your User CP
    3. Next click Edit Signature
    4. Click the button that looks like a mountain (the image button)
    5. Paste the URL in the box that appears from clicking on the Mountain button and click Ok
    6. Hit Preview Sig., and if you did it right, your image should now be in your sig.​

    Most of the supplies was found here on Serebii.net Forums,The PokeCommunity, or at The Spriters Resource. Credit to Shadow Ho-oh for ripping the fonts for battle scenes.
    Last edited: May 25, 2006
  2. .:Tremolo:.


    BV? Why did you make another thread?
  3. May's brother

    May's brother Now to the Maxtreme!

    Hi BV, ignore my sprite card request in your old thread, i'll request here! Yay, i'm the first customer! Kay, heres my SC form:
    Name: Rocker Garion
    Template: Stage
    Trainer sprite: Usual with sunglasses and a guatar
    Pokemon next to trainer: Shadow castform with white sunglasses and the drums
    Pokemon: Koffed with white sunglasses, palmer: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v637/kirbymew/47bb3ba5.png (note: you might have to split them up! The one on the left is normal palmer and the one on the right is shiny palmer.), shiny palmer, This thing: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v637/kirbymew/palmerbug.png , Blazegross with sunglasses and a guatar, leaf castform with sunglasses.
    Badges: Orange islands, first 4 hoenn
  4. Area:Grass 3
    Trainer/Pokemon:Emerald Brendan
    Text: Wild Sollo Appeared, Holy Sh*t
  5. ♠Blood Bountou♠

    ♠Blood Bountou♠ Kakuna Matata

    Because I couldn't change the thread name, and I wanted to start a new shop without some spam from the old one. I'll PM you your requests as soon as I'm done, so don't worry.
  6. .:Tremolo:.


    Okay. Thanks!
  7. Shadow Ho-oh

    Shadow Ho-oh The Darkest Flame!!!

    bv u should make another poll
  8. ♠Blood Bountou♠

    ♠Blood Bountou♠ Kakuna Matata

    Good idea, thanks for reminding me!
  9. Tediz40

    Tediz40 Guest

    uhmm u forgot i can do animations,pokeballs,golden pokemons,Coordinator Cards. and maybe White-be-gone later.
  10. digitalman99

    digitalman99 Guest

    Battlescene request 1:

    Area: Area 4
    Trainer/Pokemon: [​IMG]
    Trainer/Pokemon: [​IMG]
    Text: "Bob, use the Galagan Ding-Dong!"

    Battlescene request 2:

    Area: Area 4
    Trainer/Pokemon: [​IMG]
    Trainer/Pokemon: [​IMG]
    Text: Freako, use Acid Mucus-Zooka!!

    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 4, 2005
  11. Tediz40

    Tediz40 Guest

    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 4, 2005
  12. umbreot

    umbreot God of Fusions

    Yo' whats up?

    Coud ja make me an animation of an umbreon using shadow ball. I hope it good!( I know it will, but for it to be in my sig. it has to out of this planet)
  13. Tediz40

    Tediz40 Guest

    OK i work on it!

    but animotions count as 2 requests.

    just one question: where do a shadow ball come from ? mouth...or wathever
  14. johnrock

    johnrock Guest

    i want a trainer card
    Trainer: [​IMG]
    Pokemon by trainer: a shadow lugia(b) and deoxys speed
    Pokemon Team: tyranitar(b) and zangooze, phanpy(b) and pichu, blasiken(b) and swampert, shiny charzard(b) and shiny rayquaza, entei(b) and seviper
    Badges:1st two orange, last two, hoenn, last two johnto, last two kanto
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 5, 2005
  15. DKzM0mA

    DKzM0mA Bring it.

    a new shop eh?cool any ways may i have a crazy *** fusion.
    body of tropius,neck of altaria, head of electrode(xD yes u heard me electrode)tail of tyranitar or mewtwo either one and itz all raquaza/kyorge/groudon's colours!thx! i guarentee i will laugh at this.
  16. Shadow Ho-oh

    Shadow Ho-oh The Darkest Flame!!!

    have it done by eight 15 it is a long and hard request so ;249-d; ;249-d;
  17. ♠Blood Bountou♠

    ♠Blood Bountou♠ Kakuna Matata

    Waiting List:

    1. CoolCocoon
    2. Flaming Charizard
    3. umbreot
    4. johnrock
    5. DKzM0mA

    I'm still finishing up request from the old thread, so I hope you all can be patient.
  18. no rush take Your Time
  19. Tediz40

    Tediz40 Guest

    I failed my request XD
  20. Shadow Ho-oh

    Shadow Ho-oh The Darkest Flame!!!

    here it is the whatsca macall it that dzordered


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