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~The Vampire's Lair~

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by ♠Blood Bountou♠, Oct 4, 2005.


What do you think of our shop?

  1. 5-Freakin' Sweet

  2. 4-Great shop you got here!

  3. 3-It's okay

  4. 2-Needs some improvement

  5. 1-This place sucks

  1. ♠Blood Bountou♠

    ♠Blood Bountou♠ Kakuna Matata

    Do you have a backshot of a Magma Admin?And also, yes to both of your questions.
  2. ShadowKitsune

    ShadowKitsune Care to Battle?

    Eh....was hoping you did...Lol.
    I'll switch from a Magma Admin to Steven.
  3. Shadow Ho-oh

    Shadow Ho-oh The Darkest Flame!!!

    I really need some help I am looking for the eevee evolution sprites I made Im not sure if i posted then at the shop but if you see them could you pm them to me I really need them for a competion at my school. Thanx.
  4. ♠Blood Bountou♠

    ♠Blood Bountou♠ Kakuna Matata

    All of the evos or just some of them?
  5. Shadow Ho-oh

    Shadow Ho-oh The Darkest Flame!!!

    all the ones i made
  6. ♠Blood Bountou♠

    ♠Blood Bountou♠ Kakuna Matata

    I don't think you posted them in here
  7. Tommo_Volbeat

    Tommo_Volbeat Not Tommo_Scizor

    Hey guys, I have come to say that I might temporarily leave again. Sorry about this.

    However like I keep saying, MSN or E-Mail me if you need me to make you a battle scene.

    Good Bye all.
  8. Hi,

    Can i have a coordinator card plze the form is down here:

    ID No:50864
    Templete: Flames
    Pokemon by Trainer: Milotic
    Star Pokemon: Blaziken
    Pokemon Team: Blaziken, Pikachu, Shadow Lugia, Defense Deoxys, Aerodactyl, Charizard
    Specialty: Fire
    Ribbons: All

  9. ♠Blood Bountou♠

    ♠Blood Bountou♠ Kakuna Matata

    What trainer sprite do you want?
  10. oh sorry The boy from Emerald with blonde hair if possible!
  11. ♠Blood Bountou♠

    ♠Blood Bountou♠ Kakuna Matata

  12. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!Very fast good work!
  13. Shadow Hybrid.

    Shadow Hybrid. I'M A GIRL Y'KNOW

    Are you still looking for help if so examples are in my sig link
  14. ♠Blood Bountou♠

    ♠Blood Bountou♠ Kakuna Matata

    Okay, welcome to the shop! Do you have anymore examples?
    Edit: Also, not looking for anymore workers now
  15. sandragon13

    sandragon13 mystic

    Hey Blood Vampire, I have a request for another of your awesome sprites.
    Base: Sableye
    Edit: This one is kind of tricky. I need a Sableye in the pose of R/S Mawile, with its back/side toward the camera. It should be looking back toward the camera, just like Mawile. There is a difference, which I will explain below.
    The arm that is closest to the camera should be extended toward the camera. On that arm should be a long blade that curves slightly at the tip, Scyther's is an excellent example. The top of the claw should be Sableye's purple, but the blade itself should be a brighter (but not too bold) purple color. Also, the top part of the blade (not the end) should have some of the jewels and gems of various colors from Sableye's body inlaid into it. This claw will be attatched beneath the hand, so that the hand remains intact, and the claw attatches at the wrist behind the hand. This way, the claw extends toward the camera. The other hand should remain normal.
    Regarding the body, add a tail (like Manectric's or something similar), same color as the body, lengthen the limbs slightly, and make the ear things slightly longer.
    I realize that this is a very tough assignment, and I'd understand if you don't think you can do it. However, I trust your talent as a spriter and if anybody can do it, you can. Take as much time as you need to complete it.
    Thanks much in advance,
  16. mach2boy

    mach2boy Flying Master

    Can I have a fusion?

    Pokemon 1: Pidgeot
    Pokemon 2: Pikachu
    Pokemon 3: Lukario (Rukario in english)
    Base Pokemon: Pidgeot
    Notes: Must have Pikachu's ears/tail (Pikachu's ears are cute)
  17. SneaselReject

    SneaselReject Wimpy Pokemon RULE!

    This is kinda a wierd request

    Pokemon 1:Rayquaza
    Pokemon 2: Dragonair
    Pokemon 3:Salamence
    Pokemon 4:Sneasel
    Base Pokemon: Rayquaza
    Notes: colored like dragonair, white stomach, too.
    Salamence's head.
    Sneasel's arms and ears
    Sneasel's tail as Ray quaza's tail

  18. ♠Blood Bountou♠

    ♠Blood Bountou♠ Kakuna Matata

    Sorry for making everyone wait! I going to try to finish up everyones requests tomorrow

    Waiting List:
    3.SneaselReject- FMA, yay!

    Also, I changed my name to ♠Blood Bountou♠ (Yes, I love Bleach!)
  19. SneaselReject

    SneaselReject Wimpy Pokemon RULE!

    thats fine. and i didnt know what you meant by "FMA, yay!" until i remembered my bishie...XP

    AKEBOSHI Guest

    Pokemon: Poochyena
    Notes: Lying down; small round sunglasses with purple lenses

    Saaaankyu xD

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