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The Victory League: Risen From The Ashes

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The LC King
Hey everyone. im back. my dad was digging and he accidentally cut through the wire that gives us internet, cable, and phone. the verizon guy just fixed it, so im back in business.


Largely Inactive
Gym Leader Sign Up Form

Username: cheeselord
Gym Type: psychic - double battles
5th Generation Friend Code: in sig

Can I be an E5?


Username Cutz
Gym type electric
Fc in sig

Tipsy Watermelon

Change is coming.
ugh. noah, you were right. i need some time to plan things out. Lasien, im leaving u in charge. You wont have to do much. hahaha.
i should be back by monday.

Okie dokies :D

Anyone wanting to apply for gym leader positions just remember to pm me for test battles. Also gyms here will be singles only.


Well-Known Member
Username: DarumakkaImposter
Gym Type: Fighting
5th Generation Friend Code: 4813-6413-6036

Yes! Fighting is available! I'll PM you Lasien.

Tipsy Watermelon

Change is coming.
Not going to guarantee you a gym spot just because you can get people, for all i know you could suck, then again you could be amazing. you need to get a test battle just like everyone else.


Your Fateful Battle
Username: Joelerz
Gym Type: Water
5th Generation Friend Code: In sig

Cant wait :]


Your Fateful Battle
I'm pretty sure you just ask what gym and your in
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