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The Video Game Music (+Remixes/Chiptune) Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by InfiniteBakuphoon, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. InfiniteBakuphoon

    InfiniteBakuphoon Impressionist Bakuphoon

    Hello, everyone! As a lover of video game music, I'd like to take the opportunity to create a place where video game music and related topics can be discussed among members of this forum. Any of the below can be discussed here:
    • Favorite video game music (individual tracks and whole soundtracks) from any era, as well as the composers, arrangers, and performers that created them,
    • Official and/or fan-made remixes/arrangements of the above,
    • Original "chiptune" music that isn't necessarily from a video game, but was either inspired by video game sounds or created on actual video game hardware (like, say, the NES, the Game Boy, or the Mega Drive/Genesis, among others). Examples would include this, this, or this.
    While posting, please keep the following rules and guidelines in mind:
    • You can post as many times as you like (within forum limits, of course; i.e. no double-posting).
    • Try to limit the amount of individual tracks, games, series, or composers/performers mentioned to no more than 10 per post, or somewhere reasonably close to that.
    • Any links or embedded content should preferably be from either YouTube or Soundcloud (links to actual music downloads are obviously a non-starter).
    • Given the transient nature of YouTube links, I'd recommend that you include the name — or a description such as "first stage theme" — of any tracks posted so that if the link ever goes down, people will still be able to look up the track elsewhere (this isn't required, however).
    With all of that said, I'll go ahead and start below!
    * * * * * * *
    There's so much video game music that I can start with here, but I think I'll start with a rather underrated series: Etrian Odyssey. For the uninitiated, it's a niche dungeon crawler JRPG series known for its old-school gameplay mechanics, brutal difficulty, and a minimalist, do-it-yourself approach to storytelling. The series' gameplay is arguably a love-it-or-hate-it kind of thing, but its music is a completely different story.

    The first three games on the Nintendo DS were composed on FM sound hardware that's similar to (but more advanced than) that of 16-bit consoles like the Mega Drive/Genesis, giving it a very "old-school" feel. Some of my favorite tracks from these first three games include:
    When the series moved to the Nintendo 3DS with Etrian Odyssey IV, it switched over to fully orchestrated songs performed live by talented session musicians, allowing for some absolutely beautiful-sounding tracks that blow the DS tracks out of the water in the arrangement department. Just a few of these tracks include:
    They eventually remade the first two games on the 3DS as well, which meant that their soundtracks got the fully orchestrated treatment as well! Here's some examples of the difference:
    This series' music is so good that even its spin-off games have outstanding tracks:
    • Forbidden Forest (an orchestral arrangement of "Forbidden Forest" above from Etrian Mystery Dungeon)
    Perhaps one of the most amazing things about listening to Etrian Odyssey's music for first time was learning that — for the most part — it was all composed and arranged by Yuzo Koshiro. Yes, that Yuzo Koshiro, the same one who created the completely-different sounding (but equally awesome) music for the Streets of Rage series. He's easily one of the most talented and versatile composers in the industry, something that Etrian Odyssey's music — among other games — leaves absolutely no question about whatsoever.

    (Posters below me, don't feel like you have to write something long and involved like I just did above. Gush over your favorite video game music however you like!)
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2020
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  2. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon I mean it when I say I'm an RPG nut

    Yet another thread for me to gush about my favorite things. But I don't to go on too long and I'd pretty much break the rules if I do, so I'll just limit it to two games from Persona for now. Starting with...

    Persona 4 (and Golden): Like with a lot of music in Persona, it's good. A lot of it are more modern genres like pop, rock, hip-hop, and a few tracks with rapping. And each track is appropriate for where they play and in my opinion, all of the music that plays for the town and cutscenes are great. Not only that, the battle themes are awesome.

    So that I don't go on forever, here are just some of my favorites:

    From 4:
    Like a dream come true (upbeat hang out music)
    Backside of the TV (dungeon hub world music)
    Reach Out to the Truth (regular battle theme in P4; succesfully ambushing the enemy battle theme in P4G)

    From Golden:
    Time to Make History (regular battle theme)
    SNOWFLAKES (winter season town music)

    But I think my favorite part about Persona 4 (and in general of Persona really) is that there's a melody that get played throughout the entire game through different tracks and usually you don't realize unless you've listened to it a lot or are familiar with music making techniques. To prove my point, listen to these four tracks in a row:

    A Corner of Memory (main menu theme)
    I'll Face Myself (music usually after boss battle; exactly what it says on the tin: plays when a character faces their darkest side and then accepts it)
    Never More (Credits theme of P4)

    It might not be obvious with A Corner of Memory but the chorus of Never More is the same melody as that track, and thus I'll Face Myself.

    Another thing is the lyrics. Once you know them, particularly with Reach Out to the Truth. It's so nice to sing to. And as if that wasn't enough... Atlus basically did a remix album called Never More -Reincarnation: Persona 4- (playlist of album with 12 tracks), where it has the full versions of Pursuing My True Self and Reach Out to the Truth, as well as remixing several of the songs to feel like it's a legit jazz/pop album. You know, like something you'd get from a music store or listen to on the radio. For me, this album makes me like the songs even more. Especially Like a dream come true. It's such a jazzy upbest tune now, like it's something you'd hear from older films. And the full version of Pursuing My True Self. I actually didn't like it until I heard the full song in here (and the lyric line: "We're all trapped in a maze of relationships").

    Persona 3 (and FES and Portable): This game has some of my favorite background music ever. I instantly fell in love with a lot of it. It too has melodies played in different tracks, this time a lot more subtle, and its a mix of rock, pop, less jazz but still some and some elements that remind me of dubstep (which is in P4 too but more obvious here since the main boss theme has it). It has one of the catchiest (and maybe weirdest for some) battles themes I've heard and it also has a remix album. So because I'd be retreading similar reasons for this, so I'm just gonna do lists.

    Favorites (from all versions of the game):
    Brand New Days -The Beginning- (main menu theme of P3 FES and P3 Portable)
    Iwatodai Station (dorm music)
    Mass Destruction (regular battle music)
    Master of Shadow (Full Moon/main/story boss battle theme)

    One recurring melody:
    Paulownia Mall (plays in the shops of said place in-game)
    When the Moon's Reaching Stars ("town" music)

    Another recurring melody:
    Joy (Social Link hang out/happy music; mainly for male route in P3P)
    Memories of You (end credits theme of Persona 3)

    And its remix album, Burn My Dread -Reincarnation: Persona 3- (playlist of album with 12 tracks). Favorites from that are When the Moon's Reaching Stars and Deep Breath, Deep Breath.

    Yes, and this is me holding back. And I've still got more (like P5 for example). But really, I love Persona music. I listen to it as much as the usual music made by artists.

    I just hope I'm not breaking this thread's ruled too much (or looping around it too much by linking to playlists).
  3. Auraninja

    Auraninja Gre-nin-ja!

    I'll post a few I like for now.

    Lament to the Master- Order of Ecclesia This song happens during a spoilers boss battle. The boss fight itself is very impactful.

    Rawk Hawk Battle- Paper Mario: TTYD
    Mario RPGs usually have good music, so it's hard to pick one. Rawk Hawk is great because he isn't even like a major boss but his song has this rock feel to it that makes it feel suspenseful.

    Puppet Ganon (Snake form)- Zelda: Wind Waker (HD) Wind Waker has probably the best music in any Zelda game, but I decided to pick this one because it has several parts to listen to.

    Route 119- Pokemon ORAS Hoenn has some good themes, but I like this theme sense you ascend to weather station and Fortree City in the rain and tall grass. It sounds like an amazing trek through the elements.

    A lot of my favorite video game themes happen to be during boss fights.
  4. Judge Mandolore Shepard

    Judge Mandolore Shepard Spectre Agent

    When it comes to video game music, one of my favorite composers is Nobuo Uematsu. If you played any of the first nine Final Fantasy games, Nobuo Uematsu did the sound track for them. Who else could have come up with amazing tracks like Clash on the Big Bridge, Dancing Mad, and One Winged Angel?

    Another of my favorite video game music composers is Jeremy Soule. It is a known fact that he composed the music for Skyrim, but did you know that he also composed the music for the video game versions of the first three Harry Potter books?

    Then another of my favorite video game music composers is Martin O'Donnell. His works include the music from the Halo series. Great tracks include Rock Anthem for Saving the World, the Halo theme, and Drum Run.
  5. Midnite♪

    Midnite♪ Distant Stargazer

    I could honestly go on and on about the OST of Final Fantasy XIV and its expansions. Masayoshi Soken did an awesome job, and I've love to see him work on more OSTs! (Be warned, Square Enix only allows FFXIV's music on YouTube if it's accompanied by gameplay. I've marked each song in spoiler tags. The third one in particular is quite spoilery in particular; you've been warned.)

    A Fine Death (A Realm Reborn, mini-boss battle) - This was one of the first stand-out songs for me. It takes the iconic Final Fantasy Prelude theme, and turns it into an intense orchestral piece suited for the battles it takes place for.
    Dragonsong (Heavensward, main/trailer theme) - A beautiful, yet somber song that sets the scene of the expansion. The vocals are gorgeous, and the accompanying instrumentation adds to the solemness of the piece.
    The Worm's Tail (Stormbood, Final Boss) - The orchestration, vocals, and everything about this one just scream "Epic Final Showdown" to me. Combined with the sheer setting of where the fight takes place makes it feel even more grandose. I know this one is much more spoiler-heavy than the original two, but it's one of my favorites and in general a fan-favorite in the whole FFXIV OST.

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