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The Video Game Name Generator! Where Mario's Crowbar - The 2nd Impact is possible.


De Ibwis Twigga!
I was on the TV Tropes fourm where I stumbled apon this little gem. So as the Title suggests Discuss what you got and how it could possibly work as a video game.

MY personal Favorite is The Incredible Transvestite Masscre. Think about it, Killing Transvestites at the School Grounds? The Carnival? The Pub? The Bar Mitzvah? Halarity Ensures.

Also, German Business Tournament and Tribal Graveyard Fighter get runners up.
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Sweet and Delicious
"Mexican Harpoon Empire"

...why do I get the feeling Quentin Tarantino's done it already?
And all I envision is a Mexican version of Captain Ahab controlling the seas.


Donw with CIPHET!
Haunted Zombie of the Third Reich. o_O What the hey?


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"Post-Apocalyptic Tank Jihad"

I'll be honest, I actually flipped through a few of them before deciding on this one.

Kind of reminds me of that crack-fic generator. I practically died laughing on that one.



De Ibwis Twigga!
Kinky Walrus - The 25th Aniversary Edition.

A dating Sim for Japanese Walrues. Often considered the fall of the Kinky Walrus franchise.

This one was a laugh out moment for me.

Also Muppet Pachinko Extravaganza.



Swing the bat
Angry College Psychiatrist
There's gonna be another college massacre o_O


De Ibwis Twigga!
WWII Sewer Exhibition-

Another WWII FPS, only you're in German Sewers and you're trying to blow up Nazi's while they are on the can.

Edit: Moar

Satan's Bimbo Trivia
A Wii game like Wii Trivia Pursuit only it features Satan and has Hot nearly naked broads and is more awesome.

Jewish Donkey Hell
You play as a Jewish Donkey shooting up Other Jewish Donkies in hell.

Hitler's Jetski Demolition

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"Black Janitor Bloodbath" is hilarious. Makes me think of a janitor losing his mind and shooting up his school.

Or maybe the janitor from Scrubs :p

I also got Deadly Shadow Killer, which deserves a LOL.

I also got It's a Mad, Mad Llama Tamer. Reminded me of the evil destructive llamas from Sim City Creator.


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Psycho Drug-Dealing vs. The Space Mutants , something a client from the drug dealer would see :p


De Ibwis Twigga!
Indian Dentist Throwdown

An Indian dentists favorite Fighter.

African Leisure Suit Over Normandy


The Infernal Plunger Palace

Wow. I want this to be made into a game in my life time.

Others that are just halarious:

Star Trek Barbarian Crusader
Australian Pokemon Overload
Death-Defying Tetris Hospital
Weary Acid Empire
Unholy Trailer Park Special Edition
Inappropriate Casino Lord
All-Star Crystal in the Outback
Transvestite Barcode on Wheels
Britney Spears' Vampire Planet


Warning: Jokes!
Jackie Chan's Railroad Troopers along with Middle-Eastern STD Safari.