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The War on Ft. Cherub

Discussion in 'Completed Fics' started by The Teller, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. The Teller

    The Teller King of Half-Truths

    Along the same lines as Umbramatic, I'm gonna post my initial draft of my entry for the Worlds Collide contest here, in hopes of more people reading it and giving feedback to help make it a better commerc...erm, story. Enjoy!

    The War on Ft. Cherub

    It was morning at Mickey's house. In fact, it was still night out. Mickey, Nicky, and Vicki all had their gear recharged, their emergency battery filled, and their night's rest. The day ahead was absent of responsibilities, of homework or family visits, of television or video games. The local park was their destination. Well, theirs, and six other children. The enemy. They had property that they owned, that they had to defend against invaders who would wish to claim it as their own. They couldn't let that happen. To defend what was rightfully theirs, they would get up at six in the morning, before the sun itself rose, on a rather chilly, summer day, to fight.

    The three rode their bikes to the park. The neighborhood they biked past was quiet, too early for dogs to be barking, too early for lawn mowers to be revving, too early for the grownups to be leaving for their early morning jobs. Since Mickey's bike was yellow, he was automatically appointed the leader of the trio. A golden stallion, his was. Nicky and Vicki had attached yellow flags to their bikes. They were ornate banners, a mile high, piercing the dark with their brilliance, heralding the coming of the glorious Team Instinct. They arrived at the park and their horses reared back and neighed loudly, announcing to all that the rightful rulers of the Pokémon Gym had appeared.

    The park had a sizably large fountain of a spitting cherub in the middle. It was always on, so even now, it was spitting a continuous stream of water. No wonder the intellectual Team Mystic wanted it so bad. But Team Instinct had taken it yesterday in a ferocious battle and they had no desire to have it change hands again. The Instinct trio approached the fountain and checked their phones. Yes, the fountain was still theirs. No one dishonest had tried an underhanded tactic such as coming in the middle of the night to steal the Gym away from them.

    The sound of a bike bell rang. The ear-piercing screech of a deadly robot rang out across the land. As the sun started breeching the horizon, casting light upon the park, the trio looked over to the other end of the field, and saw the three Team Mystic children, Matt, Pat, and Kat, approach, each with their robotic servants carrying them. As members of Team Mystic, with their emphasis on knowledge and wisdom, it made logical sense that they would have their own robots. They didn't battle with them, of course. Everyone knew that the only way to do battle in this world was with a Pokémon battle.

    The Mystic trio looked over at the fountain and saw their rivals standing there. They had been beaten to the punch. They had, of course, used their knowledge to figure out that coming early to the park was the best, logical way to gain the upper hand. They were surprised to see Team Instinct already there. They figured that the opposing team had used their gut instinct to figure to come to the park early in the morning. That must be it. Team Instinct always relies on their primal intuition to see things through. They were, at least, more manageable of a threat than the barbaric red team. The Mystic trio checked their phones to make sure that the mission was still on. Indeed, the fountain was painted yellow with disgust. THEY were Team Mystic, the rulers of water! How dare some upstart team steal what was rightfully theirs by design right out from underneath them! They couldn't get too angry though, lest they become more like the savage red team than they'd like. A simple analysis of what went wrong and how to correct it was all that was needed.

    A stare down was initiated. Ever since Niantic implemented the new patch, allowing players to battle one another, and for kings of Gyms to defend their Gym, the nine soldiers were locked in a never-ending battle for supremacy. Today would be no different. Mickey locked eyes with Matt, who had a blue bike. His robot was the deadliest and most sophisticated of them all. Spikes came out from everywhere, and it was clearly a few feet taller than the other two robots. It could shoot lasers from its eyes if it really wanted to, was protected by a force field, had rocket fists, and could hack any computer on the planet, even the Pentagon's. Matt stared back at Mickey. His horse was the fastest horse alive. Legends have it that his horse can even shoot lightning out of its body, but no one has lived to tell the tale. It was a muscular beast, fiercely loyal to its master. The spirit of Zapdos, guardian deity of Team Instinct, hovered above the fountain, and the spirit of Articuno, guardian deity of Team Mystic, hovered above the invading force. Both legends let out the cry of war and the battle began.

    "Cloyster, I choose you!" yelled Pat, throwing her Poké Ball first.

    Out came a CP 1211 Cloyster, spikes at the ready, determined to freeze anything that came near it.


    "Electrode, you're up!" shouted Nicky, throwing her Poké Ball in retaliation.

    And out came an upside down, CP 1100 Poké Ball, grinning maniacally, sparks already shooting from its body.

    "Use Thunderbolt!"

    "Use Aurora Beam!"

    Two elemental forces struck one another in the middle of the battlefield, resulting in a huge explosion. Elsewhere, a new battle was taking hold.

    "I choose Magneton!" said Vicki.

    "Let's go with...Dewgong!" said Kat.

    "Deeeewgong gong gong!"

    "Use Ice Beam, Dewgong!"

    "That's gonna do nothing. Magneton! Spark attack!"

    The multitude of freezing ice attacks was making the already cold summer morning seem even colder. The dew felt like ice water.

    Mickey climbed to the top of a playground slide, still within the fountain's radius.

    "You'll never defeat Team Instinct and take the Gym!" he roared.

    Matt ran up to the base of the castle fortress.

    "The Gym was never yours to begin with! You stole it from us!" he yelled back.

    "We freed it from your tyranny!"

    "Give it back! I choose Blastoise!"

    Matt was not taking any chances. He was going out guns blazing. Or in this case, CP 1639 cannons. He raced up the castle stairs after Mickey.

    "Well I'll choose Raichu!"


    The patron saint of Team Instinct, favored by the holy prophet Sparky, Mickey's Raichu was one of his most prized possessions, boasting an impressive CP of 1599. True, it wasn't technically as strong as Matt's Blastoise, but the type advantage would do away with that power gap real quickly.

    "Hydro Pump!"


    Millions of volts erupted from Raichu, aimed straight at the two oncoming pillars of water coming its way. Mickey swiped left.

    "Raichu, dodge!"

    Raichu's electric attack collided with one of Blastoise's streams, stopping its advance, while it nimbly dodged the other stream. The second water attack flew past the Pokémon and right into the battlefield, creating a new crater in the land. A similar explosion happened just a few feet away, as one of Cloyster's attacks smacked against Electrode.


    "Oh no! Electrode, use Explosion!" cried Nicky.

    She was trying to take out her opponent with her, but Explosion was a special attack. Did she have enough time to charge it up?

    "Cloyster, Icicle Spear!" yelled Pat.

    Cloyster showered the Electrode with sharp, chilly chunks of ice. The Electrode fainted before it could get off its attack.

    "Great work, Cloyster!"


    Back at the castle, Mickey and Matt were now standing on top of a swinging wooden bridge. It was, naturally, suspended over a pit of lava. Each opponent was down to their last Pokémon. Mickey was nervous. Would their new land be taken away from them so quickly? What would his fellow team members think of him? They each pulled out their best Pokémon.

    "Jolteon, let's go!"

    "Vaporeon, let's do it!"

    Out popped the two fabled Eeveelutions, the two pioneers of the game, strong against all, weak to none, both at CP 2000. This was to be the deciding battle!

    "Awww...look at the babies play."

    All eyes turned to the new voice. It belonged to none other than Theo, leader of Team Valor. With him were his two minions, Rio and Cleo. With all of them were their pet dinosaurs. More specifically, Rio and Cleo had velociraptors, whereas Theo wielded a frightening T-Rex. Since Theo had the red bike, he had the T-Rex. It just made sense that Valor members, those who desired power and glorified strength, would choose powerful dinosaurs as their mounts. The most powerful of the three groups had arrived.

    "Take them before they can revive," ordered Theo.

    Rio ran over to where Pat and Nicky were, and brutally beat Pat into the ground with a CP 1887 Magmar. Cleo went over to where Kat and Vicki were and savagely beat up Vicki, who was the one who had won their fight, with a CP 1910 Charizard. This was Theo's master plan. It didn't matter when they had arrived at the park, or who was in charge of the fountain when they arrived. They had the most powerful Pokémon around. Even if the opponent was at full strength, there was no beating Valor. They would crush any who would oppose them with sheer might. They had the all-powerful Moltres on their side, after all. And if they chose to arrive late to the party, then all the better. As Theo had predicted, everyone else had already battled and wore each other down. There would be no one to oppose the mighty Team Valor from swooping in, kicking everyone's butts, and taking the Gym for themselves.

    Mickey and Matt looked on in dread. All of their friends had been defeated. They had been tricked, by brutes, no less! As much as they disliked each other, NO ONE liked Team Valor. They took the fun out of everything. So, silently, Mickey and Matt decided to call a temporary truce with one another and fight together against the menace that was Team Valor.

    "You're not getting anything, Valor!" shouted Mickey.

    "You guys stink!" yelled Matt.

    "Oh yeah?" called out Theo. "Why don't you come on down and say that?"

    Mickey and Matt leapt down from the bridge and walked up to Theo. The three had a staring contest before Theo broke the silence.

    "I can beat BOTH of you with one arm tied behind my back!"

    He whipped out his cell phone.

    "Moltres, I choose you!"

    And suddenly the chilly summer morning wasn't so chilly anymore. The air grew muggy and the trees surrounding the area burst into flames as the flaming red Legendary Bird of Fire burst out of its Cherish Ball, screeching a high pitch as it declared mortal combat on all it saw.

    "Shock it, Zapdos!"

    From within the ruby red Cherish Ball came the golden yellow Legendary Bird of Thunder. The air filled with electricity, hair stood on end, and the sky darkened, harkening the storm of the century. At a glance, Zapdos could strike down any foe, quick as lightning.

    "Take it down, Articuno!"

    The seal on the mystical Cherish Ball was broken and thus was released the chilling end to all living things. When the universe draws its last breath, all of existence will freeze, and the mind will only take with it to the afterlife the terrifying sensation of a never-ending coldness. The impartial Legendary Bird of Ice embodies this coldness, and all that dare to stand against it will be reminded of this sensation for the rest of their days.

    The three leaders had received their birds from a distribution event, as had everyone on the playground today, but it was only fitting that the leaders would use them in battle. It helped that all three had trained their birds to be at an incredibly high level. The three leaders continued their stare down, waiting for someone to make the first move. They gripped their cell phones tightly in anticipation. Off in the distance, the clock tower chimed the arrival of the new hour.

    The three boys broke off to find cover.

    "Moltres, use Flamethrower on Articuno!"

    "Dodge it!"

    "Thunderbolt on Moltres!"

    "Sky Attack!"

    "No fair! You can't gang up on me! Use Fire Blast!"

    It was a flurry of commands and absolute chaos on the battlefield as the three titans duked it out for supremacy. Moltres spat a fire tornado at Articuno, its master taking full advantage of the type mismatch. Matt ducked beneath one of the slides and swiped. Articuno nimbly dodged the oncoming attack and its wings glowed white, preparing for a counterattack. Zapdos swooped in close to Moltres, firing off a bout of electricity, as Mickey climbed to the top of the monkey bars. The Thunderbolt attack hit Moltres dead on and it cried out in pain. However, it wasn't nearly enough to bring the fiery bird down. Theo hopped from the springy rides to the rope ladder, inching slowly towards the castle. Moltres flew around in a circle before firing off another volley of flames at Articuno, this time hitting it. Articuno yelped in pain as it was engulfed in the flames.

    "He's making his way for the castle!" yelled Mickey.

    "We can't let him in!" yelled Matt.

    "Go, Theo, go!" shouted Rio.

    "Do it for Team Valor!" shouted Cleo.

    "Go, go, go!" yelled Vicky.

    "Win for Team Mystic!" shouted Kat.

    All the children were shouting encouragement to their trusted leaders. Moltres used a fire attack and destroyed parts of the playground, causing much of it to explode in a glorious fireball. Zapdos threw lightning everywhere, leaving scorch marks all over the battlefield. Articuno used Icy Wind, freezing some of the nearby forest solid. The battle was spinning out of control. Commands were being issues left, right, and center, the leaders slowly making their way towards the castle, and the three deities were attacking the area around them as much as they were trying to attack each other.


    Articuno was hit yet again, and this time it was too much.

    "Articuno, no!" yelled Matt, watching helplessly as his best Pokémon was shot out of the sky, falling to a heaped crumble on the ground. Team Mystic would not win this day.

    "One loser down, one to go!" said Theo, experiencing a personal high as he was one step closer to taking it all.

    Theo and Mickey met at the castle at the same time.

    "This castle's mine!" said Mickey.

    "Well I'm taking it!" replied Theo.

    Both of their Pokémon were very tired. Any strong attack would be enough to bowl them over.

    "Moltres, use Fire Blast!"

    "Zapdos, use Thunder!"

    And in a climatic move, Moltres sheathed itself in fire and Zapdos in lightning, and the two titans flew at each other, each bellowing a ferocious cry. As the two collided, there was a blinding explosion. It was as if the whole sky had been lit by a ceiling light from heaven. The explosion could be seen from hundreds of miles away. Shockwaves were sent down on all the soldiers on the field, all of whom had to shield themselves in order not to be blown away from the sheer force of it all. When the dust settled, everyone looked up into the sky to see who had won. Theo and Mickey checked their phones. The crackle of electricity and the sudden coolness was accompanied by the sight of Zapdos still flying majestically in the air, and Moltres' form lying on the ground next to the fountain.

    "YES!" cheered the valiant warriors of Team Instinct.

    "Nooo! Moltres!" shouted Theo.

    "We lost!" said Rio and Cleo.

    The members of Team Mystic had sulked off, living to fight another day.

    Nicky and Vicki ran up to Mickey, giddy at their victory, congratulating him. The Poké Gym was safe again in the hands of Team Instinct, and they would continue guarding it against any invaders. Their horses neighed triumphantly as the members high-fived. Yes, the fountain was once again safe...for today. But tomorrow is another day.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2017

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