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The War Within (PG-13) [SU]

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Pyroli, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    The War Within
    Sign Ups​

    Emotion is a very powerful force. One that some people have full control over, and others have to struggle and constantly try and give themselves more control. Everyone has differing emotions, some are really strong; able to shape thoughts and ideas in their heads with no effort. Others are weak, unable to decide when and how they want to progress. People always find different ways to control their emotions, some need people, others; solitude. Some desire compassion, others desire wealth. Every human is different, and the same can be said for Pokemon.

    Pokemon are all very different in their specialties, and their strengths and weaknesses. The most unique of all Pokemon has to be Eevee. Eevee is an oddity in the world of Pokemon, it can evolve into eight different forms if one possesses the correct methods in order to make it transform. However, new research is leading some Pokemon scientists to believe that Eevees evolution might be linked to the emotions of the Pokemon, and the emotions of its trainer.

    Scientists began an experiment to test the possibility of this theory, they captured 8 Eevees from all across the world of Pokemon; three spread through the Kanto region, two in Johto, two in Sinnoh, and a solo Eevee in the Kalos. They marked their Eevees with special collars in an attempt to differentiate them from one another. Throughout the experiment they began to notice certain quirks that each Eevee tended to possess, the one that was marked with a red collar tended to be very clingy, always staying very close to the scientists; however the one marked with a pink collar wanted to lead the other’s and often acted like an alpha, pushing around her fellow Eevees.

    The pink collared Eevee began to grow tired of the constant testing forced on them by the scientists, she looked towards her cage mates; red, yellow, blue, green, white, black, and purple. She proposed that they all break away, forcing themselves into the hands of trainers that all had different destinys. She continued to plead to them to find masters that represented what they desired most, like power, or compassion. Her leadership was inspiring to the other Eevees, they all banded together, keeping their goals in mind and all breaking away from the institution, ready to rewrite their futures.

    After their escape, all of the Eevees went their separate ways. However, they kept their collars around their necks, in the hopes that when they found a trainer, they could all attempt to meet again at a later time; sharing what they've learned about their own emotions and how their trainers have helped them. Each of the Eevees went back to where the scientists captured them, hoping to relax before finding their linked trainer.


    This RPG is actually somewhat strict, much stricter than other things I’ve done in the past. I say this as there are set personality traits that your sign up must follow, as well as a set location where your character has to start depending on the Eevee that you decide to choose. Each of these Eevee’s represents a different evolution of Eevee, so be wise while choosing what colour you like; I’ll ensure to tell you what each Eevee will evolve into later on into the RPG.

    The first posts you make will involve introducing your character and meeting your Eevee, and the next few will be your Eevee coaxing you into going towards a certain location in Sinnoh. I would also like for each trainer to be going into a certain route, like a breeder, a regular trainer, or a coordinator. I want each of these to be different so be creative when picking yours.

    At the beginning of each of your posts I’d like you to lay it out like this:

    Eevee [Put nickname where it says Eevee] (Collar Colour)
    Trainer Role

    when filled out it may look like this

    John Smith
    Blackie (Black)
    Blackthorn City, Johto.

    Romance can be pursued, if you want to romance your character with another, discuss it with that character's player. Remember, these are teenagers; but keep it mild, there are children here.

    Eevee Information

    Red (Female)
    Desires Lust, is very clingy to trainers and other Pokemon. She wants love desperately and needs a very compassionate trainer
    Located in: Cinnabar Island, Kanto.

    Yellow (Male)
    Desires strength, wants to be extremely powerful and loves to fight. He obsessed over power and needs a trainer who can support him and cheer him on.
    Located in: Vermillion City, Kanto.

    Blue (Male)
    Desires wealth and prosperity, wants to have power over wealth. He is drawn to wealthy people and needs a trainer in the position of wealth.
    Located in: Cerulean City, Kanto.

    White (Female)
    Desires purity, she wants to eliminate everything negative and needs a trainer who thinks the same way as her.
    Located in: Cherrygrove City, Johto.

    Black (Male)
    Desires righteousness, he wants to fix things and make them right, needs a trainer who he believes he can fix.
    Located in: Blackthorn City, Johto.

    Green (Female)
    Desires adaptation, wants to blend in and not be the center of attention. She seeks someone similar, who can put her needs before their own.
    Located in: Eterna Forest, Sinnoh. (Trainer in Eterna City)

    Purple (Male)
    Desires protection, wants no conflict and needs someone who can protect him. He will guard his trainer with his life but needs someone willing to do the same.
    Located in: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh.

    Pink (Female)
    Desires power, wants to be in control at all times and be the alpha, needs a trainer that thinks the same way as her.
    Located in: Laverre City, Kalos. ​

    Sign Up

    [B]Name:[/B] (First and last)
    [B]Age:[/B] (15 to 19)
    [B]Gender:[/B] (Male, Female, or Non-binary)
    [B]Trainer Role:[/B] (Pick one. You have creative freedom at your fingertips.) 
    [B]Location:[/B] (Based on your Eevee)
    [B]Personality:[/B] (Somewhat similar to your Eevee)
    [B]Gender:[/B] (It’s with the Eevee of your choice)
    [B]Appearance:[/B] (Optional. Are there any differences besides the collar?)
    [B]Personality:[/B] (Expand on the minor points I gave you)

    Last edited: Jan 7, 2015
  2. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Avery Collins



    Trainer Role

    Cherrygrove City, Johto.

    Avery is quite mature looking for her age, she has the type of body where some people would often assume that she was around twenty rather than seventeen. She's around 5'4" and weighs around 140 pounds, making her of fairly average weight and height; however her body is hourglass shaped with broad shoulders, a smaller mid-section, and wide hips. Her breasts are slightly above average ranging around a D cup, which is accented nicely by her frame and her form. Her skin is very pale, it could sometimes be described as "ghostly", her skin is also often cold as she has fairly bad circulation which probably accounts for the fairly pale skin that she has. Her face could be described as heart-shaped, staring wide and getting more angular as it goes towards her chin, this gives her face a cutesy look, especially since her face has one very prominent dimple on her left cheek. She has large eyes, both of which are a very pale grey, she sometimes finds her eyes boring because of this, but she has been assured that they look fine. She has somewhat poor vision, often wearing a pair of light brown glasses in order to see better. Her hair is somewhat short, mildly curly and white in colour. She enjoys parting it with a bow in the colour of her outfit of choice.

    In the clothing department, Avery likes to stay as nicely dressed and cutesy as she can. She often likes to stick to whites and blues, however sometimes she'll add a bit of brown or pink to her wardrobe as they are colours that she really enjoys. Avery's favourite outfit is an oversized sweater, given to her by her father who had little to no idea what size clothes his daughter truly wore. The sweater is white in colour, with blue and grey hears patterning the front. Along with this she enjoys wearing a white skirt with a very tame flair of blue at the bottom to better accent it against her rather plain white leggings. To top off her outfit, she usually wears a pair of flats in either brown, blue, or grey; depending on how she feels that particular day.

    Avery is very sassy. She often has witty remarks to spit out of her mouth when she gets upset or anxious. She's also a rather aggressive person in nature, often getting upset. She's actually a very short fuse. Despite her short temper, she believes herself to be very pretty. Although, she is unconfident because no one else has ever told her that. However, Avery is also very intelligent. Able to plan things without a lot of thought, she has a very abstract thinking pattern that can come up with solutions to her problems rather quickly. However, Avery has some negative traits, in that she is far to sarcastic which irritates many people. Avery is also somewhat of a downer, sometimes putting people in a negative mood due to her sometimes making negative comments about the world or about her life as a whole. She has rather bad habits, like biting her lips when she gets nervous or often picking at her skin.

    Avery is also a flirt, even if she was in a relationship she'd probably still make flirtatious comments towards people of the opposite gender. Although under her somewhat aggressive and sad exterior, lies a very caring and compassionate person who will always help people no matter what happens. If you get wounded it battle she will take it upon herself to get you back to 100%. She has somewhat of a motherly personality. Avery is quite modest, coming from origins which could be only noted as very middle class. She takes pride in everything she owns, including the clothes on her back. She'll never brag to anyone about what she has and is very used to not always getting what she wants; because of this she could be defined as a very patient person who's waiting to obtain whatever they truly desire. She believes in order to get anything done, one has to do it themselves, and that person must work very hard for what they desire to be. Avery seeks to better herself, and plans to work hard to do it.

    Avery was born to a fairly middle class family, usually brought up to be very considerate of others feelings and being very modest about everything she owns. She grew up in the small city of Cherrygrove, however, usually she could be seen near the beach; picking up clams in an attempt to find the most perfect pearl for her ill mother, who had been bedridden after suffering a severe heart attack earlier in the year. Avery, even from a very young age, could tell her mom was in dire need of something to make her happy. Avery's father respected the young girl's attitude, and would sit with his young daughter, who was nine at the time, from midday to sundown; watching her pick at the clams to find that perfect gift.

    However, Avery never got the chance. Her mother passed away one night while she was in bed, Avery was told by her father in the morning; telling her that her mother had gone to a nice place, one where she could live without pain. Avery cried at first, but eventually her father believed that she came to terms with it. However, he still saw his young daughter walk to the beach every morning; scooping up clams and inspecting them. Avery finally found one after a particularly nasty storm, she rushed in, showing her faster the light blue glimmer of the pearl. Her father was amazed at how long his daughter had hunted, but, he was happy she would have something to remember her mother by. He bought her a chain and allowed her to encase the pearl inside a necklace; to keep it with her always. As Avery began to mature, she became a very beautiful young woman, a sporting image of her mother. She also developed an interest in Pokemon, and Pokemon breeding. She began to research the methods in order to obtain the best Pokemon.

    Currently, Avery is seventeen and she's beginning to set foot towards the next steps of her life; she hopes to pursue her dreams of becoming a breeder and catching as many rare Pokemon as she can. She also hopes to honor her mother's spirit, and to better herself as a person.




    Faven has a white circle of fur on her back, she is also slightly larger than most Eevee.

    Faven wants to make the world as nice as possible, she wants to ride the world of anyone who she believes to be a bad seed; and she wishes to better herself. She believes herself to be bad, and deserving of all the punishment she got by the scientists, as such, she wants to make the world and herself a much better place. She's very withdrawn, only usually interacting with Avery. However, she is very calm and settled when near her master, as the two of them share a connection. She is very calm and peaceful, always liking to follow the rules and usually only interacting with one person at a time.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2015
  3. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou antagoonist

    Oooh, a Pokémon rp! 's been a while.

    Reserve me Yellow and good ol' Trainer, plz!
  4. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    I reserved Pink before reading the whole thing. (And went "Ooh Sylveon gimmie now!") Now that I've read it properly, I'll take Blue. My Rose Red Character could fit...

    Name: Sabrina Regina Madison
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Location: Cerulean City
    Trainer Class: Coordinator

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Sabrina's height is at 5'11", and when she wears high heels, she appears to be a few inches taller. She doesn't go into the sun all to often, claiming it's bad for your skin, so her skin is fair as a result. She has a slender build, but still has a feminine figure. She has straight, red hair that falls to her waist, with short bangs that go to her eyebrows. She usually wears a maroon satin headband with a bow attached to it on top of her head to keep her hair tidy. She usually leaves down, but she'll sometimes put it into a high ponytail or bun when participating in a contest, or doing something where her hair needs to be out of the way. Her eyes are almond shaped, and are a very striking shade of green. She doesn't wear make up often, apart from red lipstick and eyeshadow on occasion, as well as concealer, should it be necessary. She puts a lot of effort into maintaining her appearance, and she makes sure to keep her face clear of any blemishes, and to maintain a good weight.

    Her outfits tend to vary, but her wardrobe can be described as being, "girly." It mostly contains a lot of pastels, and bright colors in general, especially pink, her favorite color. She has very expensive tastes, and has the money to afford it, or rather her parents do. All the clothes in her closet were either made by her using rare and/or expensive materials, or by a big name designer (who likely also used rare and/or expensive materials.) Knockoffs and cheap things make her skin crawl. (By cheap, she means low quality, it's possible for something to be inexpensive and still good.) She also accessorize with jewelry to flaunt her wealth. She also carries a white designer handbag to carry her things in. Her usual outfit is a short sleeved pink blouse, with a loose, frilly, knee length skirt thats a lighter shade of pink than the blouse is. On her feet, she wears a pair of pink ballet flats, which are the same color as her blouse. She'd rather wear heels, but she knows that isn't practical for travelling around the region. Her ears are pierced, and she wears pearl stud earrings on her ears, a pink pearl necklace around her neck, a pearl bracelet around her right wrist, and a fancy diamond ring on her right ring finger. She wears a different outfit for every contest she enters, but it is usually a variation of an elegant gown.

    Personality: Sabrina is a proud, confident young woman. She can come off as arrogant sometimes, often overestimating herself, while underestimating others, but she does have a kind caring side somewhere deep down, someone just has to be willing to look for it. She is not shy in the slightest, and if given the opportunity, she will say exactly what she thinks, which often gets her into trouble, and offends people. She usually acts very serious and proper, and appears to have no tolerance for low-class behavior, but it's just an act, and she knows how to have fun if the circumstances are right. She is a strong willed individual, and once she's decided on something, it is very difficult to change her mind. Due to her wealthy upbringing, and being given whatever she wanted whenever she asked, she is spoiled, and has very high standards, and she gets upset if things do not meet those standards. She is very frivolous, and she's known for spending money like it grows on trees. Especially if it's someone else's money.

    Sabrina values cuteness and beauty in all areas in her life. From her taste in clothes, to the people she associates with, to the kinds of Pokemon she chooses to capture. If your one of those people that do not meet her expectations. Depending on the person, she will avoid you, try to give you a makeover, or be needlessly cruel to you. As one would imagine, looks mean everything to Sabrina. She can often be seen studying her reflection in any reflective surface available. She despises dirt and ugliness with a passion. She hates sports, physical labor, camping, or anything that could possibly get her dirty and ruin her image. If forced to do them, she will complain. Something else she can't stand, bugs. The Butterfly-like Pokemon (Butterfree, Beautifly, Vivilion) are fine, it's the Durants, Pinsirs, and, Scolipedes etc, that disgust her.

    She can be a nice person once you get to know her. This is noticeable when she's speaking to someone she finds to be cute, or has taken a liking to. She will act friendly towards them, and if they are younger than her, act like a sister to them. She's also quite generous to her friends. One thing that may surprise you, is that despite being a girly girl, she actually enjoys playing video games, and she has an extensive collection of games at home. (Though, you won't find any shooters or sports games in there. You will find some fighting games though, just nothing excessively violent.) She doesn't hide this fact, and she often brings a portable game system or two with her. She also has an interest in other things that others might consider geeky, such as anime and cartoons. Sabrina is also much smarter than people give her credit for. She received a formal education at an early age, and was able to do well in school without much effort. She enjoys creating Contest appeals, as well as designing and sewing cute outfits for herself and her Pokemon to wear during contests.

    History: Sabrina was born in Nimbasa City, but moved to Celadon City at a young age, and has lived there the Majority of her life. She was born the only child of one of the richest and most famous families in the region. From the time she was a young girl, her socialite mother groomed her daughter to follow in her footsteps, and become a Pokemon Coordinator like she had been, and her grandmother had been before that. Even if she was too young to participate in any herself, right away, Sabrina loved everything about Contests. She also liked the attention and praise the Coordinators seemed to get when they did well, and dreamed that one day it would be her the audience would be cheering for.

    Other than that, she has no idea what her parents actually do for a living, other than being businesspeople. All she knows is that both her parents make lots of money, and that they come from a long line of wealthy businesspeople. Due to their busy work schedules, they weren't able to be around as often as they would have liked. The only times she got to see both parents together, were at formal functions. Feeling guilty about this, they spoiled their daughter, and gave her whatever she asked for, often in excess. If she wanted a ponyta, she got 5 of them, a stable to keep them in, riding lessons, and people to care for them. If she wanted Candy, she got her own Candy store. The latest C-Gear model? She got the next model before it was available to the public, and it was custom made just for her. As one can imagine, this made her very spoiled, and gave her a superiority complex. She often flaunted her wealth, and had little regard for people she felt were beneath her. Her parents were usually busy, and they never noticed.

    For awhile, Sabrina was homeschooled by scholars and tutors that were handpicked by Sabrina's parents. She received etiquette lessons, and was taught how to be a lady, as well as other things in order to groom her to inherit the family fortune. When she was thirteen, she was enrolled into a special battling school in Celadon City. They taught Pokemon related subjects as well as normal school things. Using rental Pokemon they gave out, she was able to ace the entrance exams and earn admission. During her time at the school, she took electives that involved creating appeals and grooming Pokemon for Contests. She enjoyed making her Pokemon look good, then putting on a show for others. She did very well in her classes, and maintained fantastic grades her entire time However, because of her condescending attitude, most of the other students treated her with indifference, and most of the friends she did have only hung out with her because of her family's wealth. Sabrina didn't care what they thought, believing that they were just jealous of her good fortune, and that she was better than them anyway. Her goal in life was to be a star, and no one was going to get in the way. Despite being a social butterfly, Sabrina had no real friends. She acts like it doesn't bother her, but deep down, it does.

    Despite everything, she excelled in her classes, and graduated first in her year. Afterwards she went to Saffron City, where the nearest Contest Hall happens to be, in order to get a Contest Pass. Then she went to Cerulean City to catch some Pokemon. She heard there were Clefairies and Jigglypuffs in the area.


    Nickname: Azure
    Colour: Blue
    Gender: Male (Although the description says she, hm...)
    Appearance: He is a relatively normal Eevee, but for some reason, people tend to assume he is girl upon first glance.
    Personality: He is a very spoiled Pokemon with a taste for the finer things in life. That's why he insists on being with a trainer with wealth who is able to treat him like the king that he is. He is vain and arrogant, much like his trainer. He is also very proud, and she refuses to accept anything less than the best. He moves gracefully, and has a very feminine demeanor about him. This, along with the fact that he grooms himself often, his trainer dresses him up in little outfits made for him that are usually pink, and his ambiguous nickname cause many people to assume that he is a girl. Azure would like you to know that he is very manly.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2015
  5. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned


    Whoops that one was a mistake on my part, sorry about that.

    Otherwise, talking about the sign-up; everything checks out pretty well! You're accepted! Funny to see you use a character from one of my older RPG's lol.
  6. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    I figured it was a typo. xD But it helped give Azure a personality. :p

    Everyone in this RPG should change their avatar to their Eeveelution. :p Prefably the Pokemon Conquest ones, although Sylveon does not have a Pokemon Conquest sprite...
  7. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon I mean it when I say I'm an RPG nut

    Gosh... This is sooo tempting... Especially since Umbreon is my favorite and its traits are what I'd go with but... I have to think over joining because I'm already in three RPs and school's starting soon so I cane by to say I'm interested and might--key word: might--join in the future if Umbreon (or Jolteon) isn't taken (although there's a high chance they will. T_T).
  8. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    Hey Mogar, just a quick tip: when GMing, I would highly recommend completing your sign-up before posting it. It's important to remember that in doing so, you are setting an example for other RPers and giving them an idea of what level of quality you expect for sign-ups.

    Also, a small nitpick, but I'm not entirely sure why Sexuality needs to be its own field. Is it really such an important factor in this RP that every RPer needs to list it separately? After all, it's not a primarily romantic RP, and it sounds like the characters won't be travelling together anyway.

    Lastly, regarding grammar, be sure to proofread! You had a few minor mistakes, and you have some issues with plurals. Remember that when you have more than one of something, just add s, not 's. So for instance, with:
    "the emotions of it’s trainer"
    "wanted to lead the other’s"
    "trainers that all had different destiny’s"

    Remove the apostrophe! They should be "its," "others" and "destinies." "Its" VS "it's" is a bit trickier, since "its" = "belonging to it", and "it's" = "it is". It can be tough to remember, but practice makes perfect!

    The exception is "Eevee's," which is a bit more complex. Technically, with Pokemon, it's one Pikachu, two Pikachu, a dozen Pikachu and so on, but it would also be acceptable to add s or 's for clarity. Up to you!

    I hope this helps, happy RPing!
  9. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Thanks Psychic! I'll certainly keep that in mind and make the necessary edits to the post. My sign up should be done soonish? I hope to post it tomorrow or the next day.
  10. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou antagoonist

    Okay done whoop. I should probably proofread this, but I have to do it a bit later.


    Name: Cedric Dupont
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Trainer Role: Pokémon Trainer
    Location: Vermillion City, Kanto


    (His left foot is the injured one, so the cane should actually be in his left hand. But Tektek's left hand canes were cut in half with non-standard feet 8I I should just draw him later.)

    Cedric stands at a relatively average 5'9, although he loses a few inches due to his injured foot and the slight hunch it brings. He's somewhat tanned, although he has grown paler lately due to not spending much time outside in the past few years - something that's likely to change soon enough once he sets out. His facial features are sharp and angular, giving him a somewhat sly look that is further accentuated by his piercing blue eyes and the constant smirk found on his face. He always carries himself with confidence and pride, and gives off an aura of a cocky jackass looking for trouble most of the time.

    He's fairly muscular and it shows to an extent even through his clothes; after all, the guy's spent most of his childhood either in the not-Pokémon-related gym or otherwise practicing for his dream of becoming the best mixed martial artists out there. He hasn't trained as much as he used to ever since the incident for certain reasons and that has definitely left its mark, especially in his legs. Speaking of which, his left leg was badly injured a few years back and while it has recovered enough to allow him to move around without his wheelchair, he still needs a cane to walk properly - and likely will for a long time. There's large scar running along his thigh to his shin from the bite, along with smaller surgery scars. He doesn't particularly feel ashamed over any of it, but at the same time he isn't likely to show them off. Which, you know, considering his personality, is rather rare and means he's actually taking the whole thing seriously.

    His hair is naturally brown, but according to him brown is "too damn boring", so he never lets it remain in its natural color for long. At the moment his hair is orange, a color he feels represents energy and passion - and by extension, himself. Just don't be surprised if you one day find him sprouting a different color; he gets bored of things fast. He always prefers warm colors to cold ones however, and he absolutely loathes blues of all kinds - call it a weird extension of his fear of water. These preferences show in the way he dresses; he often dons reds, oranges, browns and jut because he considers it cool, blacks. At the moment, he wears a red t-shirt underneath a dark brown jacket with a fake-fur collar, complete with black, somewhat loose jeans (as he hats skintight clothes with a passion) and simple black shoes that won't stay tidy for long, knowing him. His right ear is pierced and he has red straps wrapped around his wrists to bring him more color. Finally, he has a bag wrapped around his waist, decorated with small skulls, zippers and whatever pins he felt like attaching to it at the moment. The cane he carries is dark and often decorated with belts or the like.

    Personality: Flirty, hotheaded and stubborn as all hell, Cedric comes equipped with a needlessly loud voice and an admitted attitude problem. He's boisterous, he's impatient, and if you ever point any of those flaws out to him, he'll likely thank you for the compliment. This guy loves attention and he absolutely needs things to happen wherever he goes. If nothing's going on, he'll cause ruckus or stick his nose in other people's business - anything to get things moving. He has what people call "a good - but extremely short - memory"; if things don't happen right after they've been discussed, he's liable to just forget and move on, so don't count on him to be on top of any long-time commitments he might have agreed to. He can turn a cold shoulder to things that don't interest him and be very distant and cold to people who he thinks are wasting his time or weighing him down. At the same time however, if he's genuinely interested in something or someone, he'll go through mountains for them. Passionate and extremely diligent when the situation calls for it, this is the guy who meticulously spent time lifting weights every day, even at the 'high cost' of having to party less as a teen, just to reach a goal that mattered to him; he'll do it again if needed. That isn't to say, of course, that he wouldn't always find some time for fun as well. Priorities; he can lose a few hours of sleep or skip a meal if that's what it takes. No big deal. He's weird like that, a curious mix of a disciplined martial artist working hard for his dream and a laid back skirt-chaser who lives life on his own pace and doesn't fret over the small stuff. Does the combination work? Well, not really - it leaves him unpredictable and unreliable, the kind of guy you wouldn't leave to watch after your children because you aren't sure if your kids have to end up watching after him.

    But wait, it gets worse. Cedric is also competitive, and while he will never retort to physical violence unless the other party initiates it (call it a moral code of sorts, a small memento from his days as a martial artist), he will engage in arguments pretty easily if he feels someone's attacked his pride or challenged him to a battle of wits. Sure, he'd prefer a Pokémon battle, but no harm done in little banter either, right? Right. Oh, and speaking of which - he's always right. You aren't. He's not exactly a follower, and will cause trouble if he perceives someone trying to take control of a situation he believes he could handle himself. And in the highly likely scenario that he's actually proven wrong or ends up making a mistake, he'll burp out so many excuses that you won't even know which way's which once he's done. Complaints or attempt to educate him will go in through one ear and out the other, and in most case he'll just handwave warnings. See, he has this nasty habit of not taking things seriously when he should - and then taking them seriously when he shouldn't. Battles are serious business and a matter of pride, for one. As such, they have to be fought fairly and for the right reasons. Yeah, Pokémon are fun to bully from time to time and their main purpose is to fight, but that doesn't excuse mistreating them on purpose. The exact same goes for humans, actually; while Cedric can come across as somewhat mean at times due to making fun of his peers, he doesn't mean anything bad by it and isn't looking to really offend anyone.

    So, see, there are good qualities to him too. Are there any more of those? Of course there are, they're just very effectively buried underneath all the not-so-good traits. But they're there! For one, he's not violent. He loves Pokémon battles and arm wrestling and will definitely indulge you if you wish to partake in either, but he will never use his strength to actually hurt someone. Also, for all his cocky talk and recklessness, he is actually fairly perceptive and learns fast from mistakes. Because yes, when he makes a mistake, he does actually recognize it and think of ways to never repeat it - he just does it all in the confines of his mind so as to not lose face. Appearances matter to him, and he wants to look cool, self-confident and like he's always in control of any given situation. People have worried over him for far too long. He's tired of it. He can take care of himself, and what better way to prove it than to be arrogant and not let people feel considerate for you? He's actually far deeper a person than people give him credit for. His smartass comments are often thought through rather than something he's able to produce on a whim, and he is capable of weighing his options before acting - he just often chooses not to. Before anything else though, he's ambitious. He wants to succeed, and he wants the praise that it will undoubtedly bring. Acceptance despite everything. That'd be cool. And for that purpose, Cedric's always looking upward towards the sky, no matter how many times he's knocked down - and he's willing to spread that way of thinking to others who might teeter on the verge of giving up. After all, he's been there and he's done that; seeing others in that same, hopeless state of mind pisses him off. That's why he's helping, okay?

    Lastly, it should be mentioned that Cedric has a serious fear of water. Or, rather, large bodies of water big enough for him to possibly drown in. He's also queasy around big water type Pokémon, and Gyarados are the absolute worst things he can imagine. That's partly why he's taken such a liking to electric types; they fend off the water Pokémon he dislikes. He also can't swim to save his life.

    History: Being born as the son of the latest Pokémon League Champion wasn't as amazing as it sounded; with a Champion for a mother and an otherwise accomplished trainer for a father, Cedric was the center of expectations and rumours from a very early age, especially among family friends and gossiping locals. Would he become a Gym Leader or an Elite Four member like many of his relatives overseas? A Champion like his mother, perhaps? Surely he would grow to be something remarkable; it was in his blood, after all! Cedric was always an ambitious kid, so it wasn't the expectations themselves that really bothered him, but the fact that his passion wasn't directed towards Pokémon. Sure, he did enjoy the company of Pokémon and did play and train with them over at the local Pokémon Gym like the rest of the kids his age, but that was pretty much it. It was fun, yes, but he never considered it anything more than a silly little hobby to pass time for him. It was childish. Besides, he already had a dream to chase after; he wanted to become the world champion of mixed martial arts. He wanted to be the absolute strongest man out there, like the people you saw on TVs, taking on Machoke on their own. Yeah, I know; "how weird a dream to have in a world filled with so many opportunities for careers related to Pokémon!" That was exactly what his neighbours thought too, even if they tried to keep the whispers from reaching his ears the best they could. They weren't vile, after all; just disappointed and baffled. His parents were much the same; disappointed and somewhat sad, but nevertheless approving. It was their son's life, after all. If he wanted a career unrelated to Pokémon, that was up to him.

    However, with Cedric and the rest of his family having completely different areas of interest, they naturally did grow a bit further apart with each passing year. His cousins and parents had to attend various battling-related events held around the region (and sometimes even overseas), with Cedric opting to stay behind whenever he could. Naturally, he had a babysitter back when he was too young and reckless to be left home alone; a nice young girl from their neighbourhood who didn't mind helping out and was in some need of extra cash. She was kind but knew how to be strict when needed, and considering how often the young boy was left alone with her, Cedric eventually started to seek approval from her instead of his parents - especially as he reached adolescence and started to view his young nanny in a completely new light. He developed a crush on her, but seeing how she was close to twenty and he was nowhere near of age, it never went anywhere. It didn't stop him from trying, of course, and overtime, as he became a teenager, his want to be noticed spread to all members of the opposite sex. It wasn't helped by the fact that he was somewhat popular as well, and the attention he received from girls served to boost his confidence in what he did. Who needed the approval of his family anyway, when he had this many pretties to cheer on for him, huh?

    Still, although fooling around was fun and all, Cedric always focused most of his time and attention on keeping himself in shape and practicing for his dream. Well, that was, until a certain accident out in the sea took place. It was a stupid idea to begin with; a group of half-drunk teenagers playing around in the harbour, daring each other to do the craziest stunts. It started out as a competition on who could swim the farthest before chickening out and turning around, evolved into a diving competition and finally culminated as they found a sleeping Gyarados near the docks and decided to see who had the guts to go bother it. Little did they know that the Pokémon was already injured and not in the most forgiving of moods, so naturally the dragon didn't take kindly to being bothered by loud, possibly dangerous kids. And, once it was Cedric's turn to go and poke the beast's side, the Pokémon finally retaliated with a bite that sent Cedric to the hospital for weeks - right after he was rescued from almost drowning in shallow water dyed with his blood, that was.

    Lying in the hospital with a newly acquired phobia of water and no idea whether or not he'd ever walk again, Cedric slowly and painfully came to realize that his dream was pretty much over. He'd never be the strongest now. How could he, when he couldn't even get to the bathroom by himself? And even if he did somehow make a full, miraculous recovery, his leg would never be able to give him the support he needed for martial arts again. As such, unable to attend his usual practice, the crushed teen slowly drifted back to "playing with Pokémon" as he referred to Pokémon training as. He started to spend more and more time in the local Gym with the electric Pokémon there, battling but not really caring for it. He still considered it childish, much like playing with toys or trading cards. He was fifteen, already! He was so over the age of stuff like this.

    Then, one day when he was just idly loafing around the gym in his wheelchair, pulling the tail of one of the many Pichu there, a new challenger appeared to the gym. At first, Cedric didn't really care; he'd seen challengers come and go and didn't really consider the battles that ensued different from the mock battles the local kids had among themselves with their family's Pokémon. Still, he didn't really have anything else to do, so he stayed and watched. The kid who challenged the gym was around Cedric's own age, but with a body much weaker and frailer than his, to the point the boy looked like he could collapse any minute; he was coughing and shivering, and judging by his looks and reactions to whatever was going on with him, it was pretty much the norm for him. It wasn't a nasty flu that just happened to catch him at a bad time; that sickness was his life.

    Weak. That's what the guy was, through and through, Cedric thought.

    Then the battle began. To this day, Cedric can't really remember what sort of Pokémon the boy used, nor can he recall the name he introduced himself with as Lt. Surge took his stance on the opposite side of the room. To be honest, he doesn't remember much of the battle itself, either. But what he does remember vividly is the way the boy's eyes shone during the battle and the way he commanded his Pokémon with a hand that not once trembled. He remembers the strength that radiated from every single cell of the boy and his Pokémon companion, and he remembers the terror on face of the Pokémon the boy faced. They all fell, one after another. It was an overwhelming victory, and it was the most amazing thing Cedric had ever seen. It wasn't a childish game to the boy or his opponent; it was a battle, a real fight. And the weak and sickly boy was undeniably stronger than the ex-soldier adult he'd challenged. The boy left after his victory and Cedric never had the chance to actually talk to him, but the impact he left remained. Was this what his parents saw when they battled? Was this why they loved Pokémon battles? Was there some other way to be strong than to... to physically maim your opponent? There was, it seemed. And he wanted in. He wanted his second chance.

    Unfortunately, he wasn't in any condition to set out on a dangerous journey all on his own. He didn't have functioning legs, he didn't have any experience from proper battles and hell, he didn't even have any Pokémon. His parents appreciated his interest but they forbade it, too concerned for their son's safety. The thing was, nobody ever denied Cedric anything. If he got his mind set to something, there was no stopping him. If his legs were the problem, he'd spend every single waking moment in rehabilitation to gain back his ability to walk. If no experience was the problem, he'd battle with Pokémon while rehabilitating. If no Pokémon was the problem, well, he'd catch one. And so, Cedric spent the next four years working hard for his new dream. Slowly, he managed to leave behind his wheelchair and started to learn the different type matchups of Pokémon, the moves they learnt and the ways they evolved. The electric Pokémon in the Gym liked him, and while he never did say it outright, he liked them. Sorta. Not in a sappy way, mind you.

    But the one problem that remained was his lack of Pokémon to call his own. The ones at the Gym weren't his own, and he could not bring them with him if he left - not that he had a permission to go, anyway. But he didn't really need permission, now did he? He was an adult. All he'd need was a Pokémon willing to share his dream and he'd be set. And yeah, his dream? It wasn't to become the Pokémon Champion or whatever. His mother had already done that. That wasn't enough. If he was going to do this whole Pokémon thing, he'd become the absolute best in the entire world. He'd hunt down all the strongest trainers, be they Gym Leaders, Elite Four Members, regular kids on the block, or old grandmas living in isolation on the mountains, and he'd kick their asses. Oh, and Legendaries? He'd hunt down those and kick their asses too. He'd become the absolute best at battling. Anything less than that would be a waste of his time.

    Nickname: Thunderpaw, or more commonly, T-Paw
    Colour: Yellow
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Is slightly slimmer than average, and has a slightly torn right ear, likely from an earlier battle. His fur is often ruffled and unkempt as well, because he rarely has time to sit down and groom himself.

    Personality: Daredevil to the bone, T-Paw's an extremely energetic Eevee with affinity for trouble. He's aggressive and dominating, particularly so when he has excess energy to burn - which is why he needs constant activity too keep him sat least somewhat in check and manageable. Unfortunately that activity often boils down to fights, whether they were agreed upon or just something he initiated for the hell of it. See, this little guy has a big dream, and that's to be the strongest Pokémon in the world. Yeah, ever heard of Mewtwo? Screw Mewtwo. Arceus, too. T-Paw's coming for them both. He can be very headstrong and adamant, refusing to back down even when his injuries are severe as he's too prideful to accept defeat for as long as he's conscious. While his trainer is similar to him in many ways, there's one big difference separating the two; one of them doesn't mind fighting dirty if that gets him the win - and one does.
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    Snuck in this Sign Up for Leafeon and the lovely color Green, thanks. Boarded the Avatar-Train as well.

    Name: Devon Lascelles
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Gay
    Trainer Role: Pokemon Breeder
    Location: Florama Town (Sinnoh)
    Appearance: Devons family is pretty tall in general, and much to his own disappointment, he is no exception. He's around 6'3", tall with a slender, yet physically fit body due to him helping out his aunt at the flower shop most of his time. The long days in the flower fields around Florama Town has also given him a pretty decent tan. He has friendly and calm hazel brown eyes. Devons hair is orange in color, and he doesn't usually do much about it. It is at medium length, and has a naturally messy look. He has an overall symmetric face, and he's not by any means unhappy with his looks, though he usually try not to stand out too much by overdoing his good potential.

    His outfits may vary from being decent-looking to being outright comfortable. Devon is not the kind of guy that dress to impress, and he does so by dressing casually with focus on comfort. His usual attire consists of a pair of slim black jeans, and a yellow V-necked t-shirt. (or any simple-colored T-shirts he can come across.). Over the T-shirt, dependent on the temperature outside, Devon typically wear his "trademark" dark green jacket with a fur lining on the hood. Though he has a plethora of outfits when it comes to comfort, in the form of T-shirt, comfy pants etc. He is often recognized by His bright hair the jacket.

    Personality: Devon is a kind individual that often puts others ahead of his own needs. From an early age, he showed signs of kindness, and he was more or less ideal for taking care of the flowers in his Aunts shop. He's an easy guy to like, if you ever get close to him, and once you do, he is a loyal friend for life. He is somewhat carefree, and doesn't let himself get bothered by a lot of things. This can make him come across as selfish to some, though he is the polar opposite. He likes relaxing, and dealing with life as it presents itself for him. He doesn't talk too much, and is quite polite in his speech, as well as more or less dead in his tone. He doesn't really make an effort to show that he cares about things, but when it comes to his Pokemon or his aunts flower shop, he is really devoted. Despite all this, Devon is a very intelligent guy.

    Devon can also come across as somewhat emotionless, as he tends to kep his emotions to himself. He dislikes being center of attention, and keeping feelings bottled up inside makes it easier to avoid that. He opens up only to his closest friends, or his Pokemon. Though he is a generally calm person, Devon is more than capable enough to get angry. Usually, he only express his anger in glares or mean comments, and it is rare for him to lose his self control and get visibly upset over something. He can also be somewhat of a flirt, and use "cute" nicknames for people he may just have met. Due to this, he also have some really social tendencies, though he does restrain himself, and keep to the less populated social surroundings.

    History: Devon was born into a moderately wealthy family living in Eterna city in Sinnoh. His mother was a trainer at the local gym, and his father was a traveling merchant, and wasn't always there. Devon spent a lot of his early years crawling around exploring the forest that was Eterna Citys gym while his mother was working. Unfortunately, Devons mother and father was shot by a mugger in an alley after they had visited the local cinema, leaving devon to be adopted by his mothers sister, who lived in Florama town, not too far away. There, he grew into a fairly closed up person, being difficult to read.

    As the years went by, Devon opened little by little to his aunts Grass-Type Pokemon. who needs a psychologist when a Grotle does the same job for free? He had also gotten a few friends after he entered high school, though it was clear that he was no social butterfly, often keeping his distance from crowds, keeping a bit in the back at arrangements etc. Despite this, he did have a social life, and learned everything a normal teen would do about socializing. Though he would rather spend his Saturday afternoon helping his aunt at her flower shop than be with others, he would sometimes get a visit from one of his friends to help out. It was a nice and quiet life, and he chose to stay there instead of going on the famous Pokemon Journey at age 10 like most of his friends did, much to his aunts joy and slight suprise.

    Life went on in a pretty decent and silent pace for Devon. He learned a lot from traveling Pokemon Trainers stopping by the flower shop, and by listening to the towns elders. He did kind of regret not going on a journey like so many had done before him, but he figured that the best option for him was to have a stable life at home with his aunt. Besides, he did have the Pokemon living around the forests and his aunts Grass-Types, as well as an Octillery that had wandered into town one day from the nearby river. As some more years passed, Devon spent more time reading about different types of Pokemon, as well as picking up shows on Tv about Pokemon Trainers, Pokemon discoveries, A few seasons of "Friends" and even more Pokemon-related articles. The more he learned, the more he regretted staying behind back then, though there wasn't really anything stopping him from leaving on a journey of his own. Devon knew that he could just walk out at any time, and his aunt must have known as well, as she grew to be more and more concerned for Devon. Devon, however, decided that he would wait for the universe to give him a sign.


    Nickname: Eden
    Color: Green
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Eden wears a green scarf over her collar most of the time.
    Personality: Eden is a very calm and collected Pokemon with a big, warm heart. She is very compassionate towards Devon, and their mutual friendship is a strong one. However, Eden have a tendency of being a little shy, sometimes hiding behind Devon when there are unknown people or Pokemon around
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    Can I reserve Umbreon? I think Jessalyn (or one of my other characters) might fit! ^_^
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    I think I'll reserve for Purple.
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    Name: Jessalyn MacDougal (Jessie)

    Age: 19 (December 1)

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Trainer Role: Pokemon Trainer

    Location: Blackthorn City

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Jessalyn is a tall, dark beauty. She is 6'1" tall, with a lean, toned, long-legged body and a light skin tone. Her long raven hair is slightly wavy and goes down to her waist, though it is usually styled in either a messy, loose braid or in a simple, unkempt ponytail, with long bangs falling to the left of her face. Her facial features are strong and can be described as "dramatic", with dark, arched brows, a straight nose, an angular face shape and striking emerald-colored eyes framed with long, dark lashes often coated in black mascara - one of the few types of makeup she chooses to wear aside from black eyeshadow and black eyeliner. Her teeth are slightly yellow, as she smokes on occasion. Her breasts are very large and prominent - and she isn't shy about them either. Jessalyn's navel is pierced and decorated with a gunmetal-colored skull stud. Her other piercings include three on each ear, decorated with dark cross-shaped studs and dark hoops, and one on her left nostril, adorned with a gunmetal-colored hoop. She also has a tattoo of a tribal-style wolf on her upper-left arm. Her hands and forearms have scars of varying lengths, caused by a number of accidents in the laboratory assisting in dangerous experiments while she was still under Team Rocket.

    Jessalyn is one who dislikes particularly girly or classy clothing, as well as light colors. She loves black, and enjoys wearing dark styles. Her most common outfit is a black hooded zip-up vest decorated with a skeleton motif in dark gray, the front of hood having a skull print, and the torso part having a ribcage print. Under this, she wears a black low-cut tank torn above her navel. She also wears short black denim shorts with frayed edges, decorated with a black belt studded with gunmetal spikes. For shoes, she wear black lace-up combat boots over thigh-high black socks with rips. She wears black leather fingerless gloves and two necklaces, one choker-style and studded, the other longer with a black skull pendant. She also often wears a black newsboy hat with a Celtic Cross pin on her head.

    Personality: Jessalyn is someone who's difficult to get to know, and her attitude can be described as prickly and troubled. Not the most sociable person, she finds it difficult to trust people and warm up to them. At times, she even pushes them away. She has a pretty good reason for being pessimistic however, as she's lived most of her life around people most would not consider as trustworthy. She's haunted by her past as a low-level Team Rocket grunt under her own caretaker, and as a result wants to fix things as much as possible and cut off any ties she might have with the organization. It's obvious that she wants a normal life, one free of abuse and threats, and tries her best to turn back on the things she regrets doing. She is however a free-spirited, rebellious and headstrong person by nature, not one who enjoys being bound by strict rules, especially rules that she doesn't agree with, and prefers to do things according to her own set of principles on what she thinks is right. She's not a fan of institutions in general, and relies on her herself to choose her own path, and for her, what's right is what works best and most effectively. She doesn't want to be anyone's tool, and lashes out against those whom she perceives will try to use her. She's the opposite of an idealist, preferring to be practical in her approach towards many things, and would willingly throw propriety out of the window any day, especially if it gets the job done. She's an independent girl who would much rather rely on herself to take care of and fix things rather than choose to lean on others, evidently seen in how she tried to ensure her brother's safety. Rather than choosing to deal with the authorities who had the inclination to turn a blind eye towards Team Rocket's activities, she took matters into her own hands and earned money by hustling at pool, participating in motorcycle races, working as a bartender and using her expertise at card games, just so that she could make sure that her brother really was safe. Her heart is in the right place most of the time, it's just that the methods she prefers and her way of thinking can sometimes make her seem uncaring and cold.

    Jessalyn is not what one considers feminine, and is actually the farthest thing from a girly-girl, with boyish and far-from-refined interests. She's streetwise, reckless and far from proper. For her, trying to be a "lady" would only cause her suffering and headaches, hence, she chooses to just be herself, without compromising anything. She's not affected by what others think about her tendencies, and makes no effort to please. She swears a lot and isn't ashamed about it. She's also especially skilled at pool and many card games, and is not fazed by opponents bigger than her, being trained at fighting (the one thing she appreciates from being trained as a grunt) and is naturally strong (her punch is particularly painful) herself. She's one to take her bets seriously, and hates it when people try to cheat her when for her "a deal's a deal", usually resorting to violent methods if people don't cooperate. She does think that "might makes right" applies in dealing with and fixing a lot of situations and acts on this a lot, which can get her into trouble at times. She's a risk-taker by nature, preferring to take her chances than do nothing. A brave and fearless girl, she believes in her own capabilities, as mentioned above, and never backs down from a challenge. Under this however, she is still a caring person, and has a certain way of looking out for people that isn't exactly the softest. She might be difficult to get along with and is often suspicious of others due to her trust issues stemming from her youth, but once she opens up and learns to trust, she's someone you'd be proud of to be your friend. She helps her friends in her own way, protects them the best she could, and stands up for them when needed. She might be intimidating, cynical and difficult, yet she does have a tender, if hardened, heart somewhere in there. She might be moody and easily angered, but she definitely has a better side, though it's rarely seen and manifests in less-than-traditionally-gentle ways. In terms of romance, she's pretty reluctant to get into a relationship due to her previous experiences with Erik, and would like to think that she shouldn't be falling in love. Like every normal person though, she has emotions, and is not immune to perhaps falling for someone. Expect her to deny it a lot when it happens, though.

    Jessalyn is surprisingly a great cook, and knows how to utilize even the oddest ingredients in creating meals, a skill she learned from one of her roommates. Though she might not look it, she has a lovely soprano singing voice, something she is particularly ashamed of because of how her caretaker used to praise her for it, and would coerce her to sing for him. She never reveals this particular talent of hers, and prefers that nobody knows about it, as said skill is very contrary to how she is, and also reminds her too much of Erik. Her taste is dark, enjoying things such as loud, rough metal music, dark clothing, Dark Pokemon and macabre motifs. She enjoys many different types of alcohol (being a former bartender herself), and has an expectedly high tolerance level.

    History: Jessalyn's life can be described as rather complicated. The oldest child of impoverished parents from Goldenrod City, her parents had a difficult time supporting their children and were often between jobs. In order to take care of her and her younger brother Alastair, they took on grunt jobs in Team Rocket, and left them in the care of their Erik, their superior, who was a scarred man and one of the most prolific scientist admins in the organization. Jessie and her brother thus, grew up in comfort for the first few years of their lives. Erik initially seemed to be a doting father figure, taking care of them in an uncharacteristically tender manner that seemed so opposite his face and his reputation within Team Rocket, even allowing their real parents to visit them at times. The girl grew up to be strong-willed, stubborn and sociable, enjoying roughhousing and playing with the other kids of Team Rocket members, thinking at that time, that everything was going to be alright, and life was going to be normal for her. Erik was particularly doting towards her, often praising her for her looks, her stubbornness, her skill at pool (he was a very good player and taught her) and the lovely voice she was revealed to have after he caught her singing one of the songs he often listened to. Sometimes, he wished for her to be more feminine and to be less rough around the other Team Rocket kids, but he felt that it was a small price to pay for taking in someone who could potentially be an asset to Team Rocket, though neither Jessie nor Alastair knew about his plans.

    When Jessie turned eleven, an accident in the Lake of Rage under mysterious circumstances killed her parents and left her and Alastair orphaned. Erik, then, became their sole guardian. While at first, he still remained his normal self, it only took a short time for him to start showing his admin side around the two, especially Jessie. It started with small, menial tasks, but it gradually escalated into something that rang warning bells in the young girl's head. Suddenly, messages had to be delivered to other places known for being Team Rocket hotspots, mysterious packages had to be smuggled past high-security places, and the girl started to learn how to do things such as create small explosives and fight. Now fighting, she took to very quickly and admittedly loved, as she was already a rough-and-tumble child to begin with, but she did not enjoy being ordered around doing the other things expected of her. Suddenly, she realized that life wasn't going to do her any favors after all. Fearing that her brother was soon to foliow, she struck a deal with the man she once saw as her father. She was going to do whatever he asked alright, as long as he would never involve Alastair in any way. This turned out to be a double-edged sword, as yes, Alastair was kept out of things, but Jessie virtually became a slave as a result. At thirteen, she embarked on her first sabotage mission, and at fifteen, she was made to put on her first Grunt uniform, stole her first haul of Pokemon and started working as a laboratory assistant to Erik and other admins, who often made her do dangerous things. What made matters worse, Erik started making advances on her when she was sixteen, using tender methods and better treatment in order to lure her. Sad to say, it worked sometimes, and Jessie found herself both hating Erik for forcing her into becoming his puppet, and yearning for his tenderness and affection, as said gentleness extended both to her and Alastair, though it wasn't all the time for her. At first, she would allow herself to accept his hugs and touches, sleep with him in his room and would oblige to sing for him when he asked, if only to keep Alastair in the dark. Being a self-aware individual, however, it only took a while for her to be disgusted with herself as to how low she had gone, and began rebelling. She started resisting duties actively, and moved out of Erik's house, choosing to stay in a small studio apartment and using her more mature looks to take a job at a local pub as a bartender. Erik knew exactly how to make his little rebel comply however, and started to threaten Jessie using Alastair, bringing up her promise. He knew that she cared for her younger brother very much, and for a while, it forced Jessie to cooperate, if only to make sure her brother was never involved. She did not want to give Erik an easy time however, and purposely made things more difficult for him, to the point that other grunts had to take her from her apartment and bring her to Erik when she was needed, often using various means such as drugging her drinks while she was out at work. She did not want to willingly keep him company at night, sing for him, kiss him or feel his touch any longer. She had a life, she had a responsibility and she was going to make sure that whatever bravery and resourcefulness she had was going to see her through.

    Resolving to free herself and her brother, Jessie worked twice as hard so that she could have a chance at a normal life. She wasn't going to rely on the authorities, knowing them to be lazy at times, and who often turned a blind eye to Rocket's activities. Instead, she took longer shifts at the bar, learned some card games from her roommate, and used these newfound skills as well as her talent for pool to hustle and gamble in order to earn some more money, enough for her to be independent and for her to send Alastair away to Unova, having gotten in touch with her mother's younger sister, who lived there. Doing so wasn't easy, as she had to keep her activities away from Erik's knowledge, which was not always an easy thing, especially when she began to enjoy said things, appreciating the freedom they gave her, and the way said activities allowed her to be her daring, confident self. It took a year of working twelve-hour shifts, enduring Erik's requests and hustling before she earned enough to buy herself a motorcycle - to assert her independence and bring in another source of income in the form of motorcycle racing, and another year before she gathered a good amount of money for Alastair, enough to send him to Unova and for him to take up more art lessons to nurture his talent for painting, hoping that he would indeed become the artist he aspired to be. One day, when she was nineteen, she took Alastair out with Erik's permission, under the guise of it being a simple trip to the department store. Instead, she took him to Olivine City, having purchased a ship ticket for him that will take him to Castelia City, and parted ways with him.

    Now on her own, she applied for a Trainer's license, something she was deprived of during her stay in Team Rocket, and passed the test in Blackthorn City, a place free of Rocket's influence due to its remoteness. She's looking to become a great trainer and catch her first Pokemon, and is eyeing the Ice Path. She hopes to choose a Sneasel as her first partner, as she's taken to Dark-type Pokemon ever since she was younger and studying in Rocket's academy. Of course Erik, having lost his so-called "dark siren", is still searching for her, mostly out of a need to put Jessie in her place and take her back.


    Nickname: Nero

    Colour: Black

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Nero is smaller than the average Eevee, and has a wild tuft of fur on top of his head, giving him a bit of a childish look. On his left rear end, there is a patch of fur lighter than the rest of his coat and is shaped like a crescent moon.

    Personality: Nero is driven and intense, with a somewhat cold, standoffish demeanor that might intimidate some. While he isn't the most affectionate Pokemon, his dark appearance belies a strong-hearted and concerned soul, and a heart that's in the right place. He has a certain tendency to know what's bothering someone he cares for and tries his best to understand and fix things for him or her. Like Jessie, his methods aren't the best, and he can be a bit too aggressive when getting his point across, but his intentions are far from evil and is well-meaning most of the time. A clever Pokemon, he often comes up with unconventional but effective ways to fix problems wether in battle or in everyday matters. He has a naughtier, playful side though, and is not opposed to playing around and pulling pranks, as long as he's comfortable around whoever's watching. He knows he's a runt, and has quite the Napoleon complex, hating it when anyone brings up his size (except for his owner) and prides in the fact that his demeanor is pretty much opposite to what's expected from someone so small…to the point that he gets embarrassed about his more playful side at times.
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  15. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    Great, I'm looking forward to your edits.

    Could I possibly reserve pink? White and black caught my interest the most, but I've got some ideas for the pink Eevee. I do have a few questions, though:
    What part does the imprisonment of the Eevee play on the story? It seems kind of random, and it's unclear as to what happened there and why. What kinds of tests were performed on the Eevee? Who were these scientists? How did the Eevee escape? Are the RPers expected to decide these things or will you be providing more information?

    For the trainer, do they have to have a certain level of experience? Since the sign-ups don't have fields for the trainers' other Pokemon, I am wondering if each trainer is supposed to be a beginner. It seems a little ridiculous that the eight Eevee are picked up by eight beginning trainers.

    Is it really 100% necessary that we include the Sexuality field? These are teenagers who may not have formed sexual identities yet, and I can't imagine every RPer will want to be involved in a romantic subplot, anyway. (Not to mention that there may not be the right number of characters with appropriate genders/sexualities to be paired up in the first place.)

  16. Chili

    Chili Well-Known Member

    Name: Elias Perez
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Gay (Homosexual)
    Trainer Role: Trainer
    Location: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh


    Elias has auburn, curly hair that is in the style of a fade. His left eye is a light brown however, his right eye is gray and he cannot see out of it because he is blind in it. His teeth are as white as the snow on the ground in Snowpoint City and have always been strangely.

    He has tiny chest hairs on mesomorph body. His skin is quite pale due to him being in such cold conditions. On his earlobes there is a piercing on each one with a dangly earring in the shape of an icicle. Elias's clothes have always consisted of light blue wash jeans,
    Dr. Marten Red Capper Boots, a t-shirt that says I'M THE NEXT SUPREME in white letters on a black t-shirt, a sweater with green as the main color, then a thin red stripe, then a thick red stripe, then a small tan stripe, then a thick tan stripe. On top of it, a black peacoat with three big black buttons and a zipper underneath it with a removable hood on the back. To finish the look, Elias has a black scarf.


    (Somewhat similar to your Eevee) Elias has always been a pretty quiet guy. He has always wanted to become someone famous in the arts. Elias would play the piano quietly in his room for years until he had become pretty good at it. He has always been a “peaceful problem solver” and has never wanted to fight with his fists. As a child, his dad would take him to the local Kung-Fu gym but was kicked out for showing a lack of interest.

    In school, he always stopped the bullying situations between people. When all the other kids loved the glorious tales of war, he tuned out, causing him to flunk on those tests. He then, was home-schooled badly after age 6. Elias has hardly any knowledge of the world around him and only knows of two regions existences.(Kanto and Sinnoh),He hardly knows any Pokemon due to the fact that he has been sheltered for so long.

    Elias does not like talking about his eye at all even though he’s never met anyone who has. Elias honestly just wants someone who loves him as he is, and will protect him from harm as he would do to them. He has only had one friend do this to him, which was the one he kissed back when he was a kid. After the kid was sent home, Elias made sure he was ok and that his parents didn't lay any harm on them. In return, the kid asked the same of him and sadly, Elias had to tell him what happened. The kid was horrified and began to fade away from Elias. One day, his family packed up and went away without a goodbye. Elias was heartbroken and because of this has a very hard time trusting people. (He always had trust issues because of his parents abusing him.)


    Elias was born and raised in snow point city to very homophobic parents who kept him sheltered from the rest of the world. One thing he always knew was that something made him different than all the other kids. He never had those little crushes on girls or really felt attracted to them romantically or sexually. However, he always felt bonds grow more with males. His first experience with this was when he was hanging out with a fellow guy friend at age 5 he kissed him on the cheek and he kissed him back.

    Unknowing, Elias's parents had saw the whole thing. They rushed the kid back to their parents and hit Elias for a whole hour. Afterwards, they locked him in the "Prayer Closet" for one whole day without food or water. He waited for hours hoping for his mother's touch but she never came for him.

    When he finally was let out, his parents gave him only one glass of water and a slice of ham to “remind him” not to commit this “lifestyle.”

    He had no idea what they meant or why they cared so much until he was 12. While walking around town, a gay couple had stopped for a visit and he remembered what he had done when he was 8. He saw them kiss. He saw them laugh. He saw them hold hands. Elias knew in his head; “Yeah.. that looks… right.” He wanted to know so much from them but he was never given the chance, as soon as his parents saw the couple, they ordered Elias to stay indoors and not go out until the time the couple left.

    A month passed and the couple finally left. He watched their boat depart as he waved from the window. The parents again, were watching him do so. Elias looked at them frightened as to what they might do to him. Surprisingly, they did nothing right then and there. Nightfall came and Elias went to bed. His parents came into the room to tuck him in he smiled at them as they came over to kiss him on the cheek as he suspected but things took a drastic turn.

    The father pinned him down and Elias struggled with all his might but to no avail. His mother took a small vial with acid and poured it into his right eye. “This I hope will make you stop looking at those animals!” He screamed so loud but his father covered his mouth. They got off him as he cried in pain. “We catch you doing it again… It’ll be the other eye.” His mother said to him. “To make sure… maybe a couple years in this room will fix you.” The father said. Hedge cried and struggled to stop them but they locked the door and took the key.

    The only things in his room were his bed, a piano, a small lamp, and one hole in the wall where he could pear out if he leaned down. His parents would put in food for him through the door every day however.

    One day, his parents fed him dinner very late and they were very drowsy. He asked them for a knife for his chicken and they willingly gave it to him. For five years, he hid the knife and used it at night to pick at the whole in the wall. Year by year, it was easier due to the fact that it was always wet because of the weather. He would cover the whole up his lamp if they walked in. On the fifth year, he was ready. He took his dinner that was given to him and wrapped in in a blanket. He slowly but surely, slipped out of the hole. He plopped onto the ground and looked back at his house. Elias did one last thing. He ran to the porch kissed the family Purugly goodbye with tears in his eyes but smiling. Elias is now running through the forests around Snowpoint City trying to get away.

    Nickname: Shirayuki
    Colour: Purple
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Shirayuki is blind in his right eye as Elias is, he also has a purple sweatband.

    Shirayuki has always wanted a trainer who he could guard against all his foes. However, Shirayuki will not do a thing like that unless they promise to do the same. When the other Eevee would fight back in the lab, he would help them solve their problems quickly due to the fact that conflict is his least favorite thing in the whole world. He tends to be shy at first like Elias but will open up around people just like him. (Other Eevee, Pokémon like him, humans like him)
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  17. Pyroli

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    Everything looks good to me, you're accepted friend!

    Reserved for you Jean.

    The scientists were trying to determine theories based on evolution, I can't actually say too much as to what sorts of tests were preformed on them without giving plot details away. But I can assure you they will be made clear as the RPG progresses. I can say however, each Eevee went through their own kind of torture in the process and I will leave that up to the RPGer.

    Each trainer is technically a beginner, the Eevees wandered back to their old homes in an attempt to seek a human that shared similar moral values to themselves. Or, as the scientists worded it, their "quirks". The Eevees have a sort of special sense for that human.

    I suppose not, I mostly just copied my SU idea from the biographies I do for my own characters. I'll most likely remove the sexuality portion from the SU, and I just ask that anyone who keeps their eyes on the thread please remove it from your WIP or finished SU.

    And if you'd like, you most certainly can reserve pink! It would be really nice to have you aboard.

    Chili I'm going to have to put your sign-up as pending for now. I'd like for you to expand on your character's personality a little bit, as well as spacing out your paragraphs to make them easier to read. It looks kind of cluttered as it is right now.
  18. Chili

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    Alright! Yeah, I forgot to space them out because I knew I was forgetting something.. I'll message you when done.
  19. Tangeh

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    Are there any spots left? I went through and I think I counted seven reserves but it's 2am and I just got off a plane and time for sleep. If there's a spot left I'll take it and give you a SU tomorrow. x_X;

    edit: I think that would be red? Sorry my brain isn't really working rn lol but I feel like if I wait it'll be gone ^^.
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  20. Pyroli

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    Red is left, I'll put you down for it. c:

    Post Edit

    @Chili: Everything checks out nicely, much better! You're accepted.

    @Jean: Your sign up is awesome, glad to have you as my Black. You're accepted!
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