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The weird pokemon game.

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whoa whats that
9/10 Exactly. It doesn't even have any frickin arms! Just forelegs! The only reason I didn't give this 10/10 is because maybe it has like spiritual arms or something.

ITIWT Whimsicott can't learn Sleep Powder. I mean, really? Jumpluff's cotton too and it has Sleep Powder. Lilligant gets Sleep Powder. Freaking Butterfree gets Sleep Powder!


whoa whats that
0/10 But Servine has limbs 5/10. What does Snivy even use them for? Actually, it sorta makes sense. It's why humans and apes lost tails; we didn't use them.

I think it's weird Pansage has a brocoli afro. Like, WTF?


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7/10 I see where you're coming from, but I don't think it's actually brocoli.
I think it's weird that Jirachi has a third eye hidden in it's stomach, gosht that thing scares me.


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5/10. That might be because they're in a different dimension and the rules of evolution differ.

I find it weird that preschoolers are being philosophical. Wat.


Imaginative 24/7
3/10 thoughtit was supposed to be about pokemon >.>

iTIWT Gengar looks like the ghost of Clefairy. You got to admit they have the same shape.
I meant the preschoolers in B/W.

10/10. I saw that somewhere once.

I find it weird that Cresselia has a gender, but Darkrai doesn't. Let's not forget they're counterparts and are constantly shipped together.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
5/10 I get what your saying, but I could see Darkrai being female. (It wears a dress! Lol. xD) They could be sisters that don't get along. xD

I find it weird that, according to Regiice's Dex entry, it won't melt even when hit by Fire or intense magma, yet it's an Ice type and weak to fire.

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9/10. Wow. I guess it just hurts though, making it weaker, so that's why I only gave you a 9/10.

ITIWT Several Electric-Type Pokemon "coincidentally" have something weird, ELECTRIC CHEEKS!


Artistically angry

ITIWT In the Mystery Dungeon series, for a Pokemon to evolve, they have to ****in' go to this spring! I MEAN, WTF!!
0/10, I'm 90% sure they had to do that in the first mystery dungeon games as well

8/10, they could have done that with a few less of them

Taurus and miltank need a prevo together


I smell a Lawsuit...
9/10 That would make sense, but where does it leave boufallant?

ITIWT If you're burned by houndoom, it will hurt forever. doesn't that mean you should be guilty when using flamethrower with houndoom?


8/10 yes you shoulf feel guilty
ITIWT there are female Mr. mimes.


#1 waifu
8/10 That's just a fail by the English namer.

ITIWT Kanghaskhan doesn't have a pre-evo yet it f*cking has a baby in it's pouch.

Additionally, when it hatches from an egg, it comes with a baby. -_-


I smell a Lawsuit...
10/10 Ikr! I've been wondering that for years.

ITIWT On a pokemon episode of B/W, a darminitan couldn't let a bell fall, becuase it would break through the old clock tower's floor. Yet when they get it re-attached to where it was hanging, Darminitan jumps down from that spot and lands of floor without so much as it creaking.


Smart Cookie
4/10 A bit weird, but I think a heavy metal bell would exert more force than a gorilla type thing.

I think it's weird that the Pokedex says all those who touch Mesprit lose their emotions, but it can be massaged and the lady is just fine!


Eh? The most alien-like Mew you ever seen?


I smell a Lawsuit...
8/10 Yeah, that is pretty wierd. It looks like a prohject to clone mew gone wrong. Mewthree!!!

ITIWT Charizard couldn't learn Fly in the original Red/Blue games. (I think it was Red/Blue, but might have been yellow or something)


I smell a Lawsuit...
B to the U to the M to the P.
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