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The Weirdest Part of Your Day.


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I have a Facebook stalker. In fact, he's probably an internet stalker. I wouldn't be surprised if he were lurking on Serebii right now, reading all of my posts (because, bonehead that I am, I use the same name almost everywhere I post).

Like the sort of person that just randomly Likes things I do. I could probably post a picture of a gutted antelope with the entrails sprawled out on the floor spelling "Hi, <name withheld>!" and he'd still Like it. He offers to do nice things that I don't ask for. And, out of the blue, he writes long-winded compliments about me that are uncalled for. Also, he texts me out of the blue to ask me some nonsense question, simply as an excuse to text me.

When his name pops up, that is definitely the weirdest part of my day. I just try to suck it up and tell myself, "He's harmless. Just let him do as he will and ignore it." Since- y'know- telling him outright that he makes me uncomfortable fell on deaf ears.


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Internet stalker does it again with a passive aggressive Facebook status update about how a certain someone regards him coldly.
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My science teacher has a way to turn your words around a win an argument/debate. My friend was given the nickname "Fire Breathing Otter" from a while back.

I was trying to explain to her how breathing fire is cool. Then he said "fire is not cool, its hot! You obviously have learned nothing in class!"

Everything ended there...........


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I have many weird stuff goin' on...Lets see
In school,in front of our school there was fire and it was smoking until the inside of our school,and my classmates kept on screaming,like they're gonna die or something,and kept on yelling to the firefighters some uhh inappropriate words.I mean seriously its not like were gonna die or something!And the principal even let us stay on a evacuation area.
Weird ._. I even got home early..


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Power outage 10 minutes into my soccer game. All I did in the game was stand there in the soaking rain, as a keeper does. Driving out there for 10 minutes really grinds my gears LOL.


Back in the meantime
A while ago, I was at a church crypt where my grandparents are interred but the weird part was, I heard a squeaking noise down there and I was the only one there at that time. It might've been the fan, but whatever it was, I heard it.
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武 志信
For me (I'm 14, I have to point it out)... I had a weird day, beginning with in Relgious Education, and the subject was Love, and my friends were teasing me because I came to the school six months ago and already there are 5 girls who love me ;), and in maths there was a girl behind me who always needed help and to reach her, the teacher had to bend over, and her butt was almost in my face, and every one was encouraging me to turn around :( (I kept saying why me? And the same girl kept joking saying that I am the chosen one... ), and later, in the bus, as it was full, and it is a double-decker, (I'm in the UK) I had to stand on the stairs, upstairs and right next to me were some kids, about my age, Blasting the song Wiggle, and twerking to it...(It may sound hot, but it was hot in both senses of the word), and finally, as i was walking down the street back from school with a good friend, who had some one else's purse, which somehow was very heavy for her (about 4 KG!!!), so I held it for her, and for my luck, someone from school saw us and said to my friend very quietly : "Who is that?", they thought I'm her boyfriend, which I'm not... And to make things better, my best friend has a crush on her...


Ran into my friend I've known since first grade's dad, and so far I've heard from him.

I've not lived up to his dreams of me being a baseball player.

And he's not gay, but he finds nothing wrong with the male body.

There's nothing wrong with the guitar.

Do I think his son is cool?

We need to get dynamite and blow stuff.

Let's take a road trip.

I've better to hang out with than his kid's.

Fun night.

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La Melancolie Noir
I ordered coffee at a bakery. According to the menu, a large coffee was 12 ounces, which is the size I usually get, so I ordered that. It instead ended up being more like 20 ounces. Either I looked really sleepy, or they were being extra generous, or the menu is in serious need of updating.