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The "What Have You Written Today?" Thread


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Ohh, and I'm also excited to see so many people here doing NaNo! Good luck, all!

Caught up on some RP posts today - might write more of actual fics later. Other than writing, I've been messing with an art tablet I bought recently because I've always wanted to learn to art and I found a cheap priced one. Also found some houses to potentially look at so I can finally move into a permanent place.


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It's day 9 of Nano and amazingly I haven't gone mad. I did go out for a coffee today instead of work on my project but at the very least I've gotten back on track and done just over 600 words today. I might go for a little more than 1667 today but that depends on how tired I feel at the end.


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Powering towards the end of Arbitrary Execution today with 1400 words. I'm on the penultimate chapter and in that mood where you just. want. the thing. done, so things are progressing pretty quickly at this point. After I've wrapped it up I think I'll probably set aside the time to focus specifically on my Yuletide fic, so it's done in good time, and then I guess I can let myself make some headway on the next fic.


→ follow your fire.
I've written 3000 words over the last couple days, none of them on my main project. Since I can, at best, manage 300 words on my main project in one day, I take this as a sign I just need to loosen up more and not stress over perfect wording, but it's gonna be a difficult habit to break. I'm gonna keep tryin', though, darn it. : ' )


Gone. Not coming back.
I finished Arbitrary Execution today -- hard to say what today's word count was because I kept writing a bit here and there and then jumping back to expand on/add in earlier scenes, but it's about 20,000 words over the past few days. Now that that's out of the way, I guess I can get back to work on the Yuletide fic, and after that I suppose it'll be time to start with the next big fic, get a buffer ready before I start posting it early next year.
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Sounds like people are getting close to the end of one thing or another! Exciting times. Definitely looking forward to a new Phantom Project chapter in particular, when it hits the forums.

Today, I wrapped up my Yuletide fic with a 1000-word burst. I don't think it's going to take too much editing to tidy up after this, so hopefully I'll have it submitted soon.


Winter can't come soon enough
Wrote about 1k words for Chapter 33, as I inch closer and closer to finally getting the draft the first climax boss. These more recent chapters have been a ton of fun to draft, and I've found myself stopping far less to figure out what exactly I want to say in a certain paragraph. Rest of the day was Thanksgiving, of course. Including two hours as a passenger that's left me with horrible vertigo. @.@


I wrote some things today, including: A 5k post event participant questionnaire, my signature (to put moneys in the bank), and a solid page of my nuzlocke story. Kind of annoyed because I want to post it on here, but I require links to do so because it's in pdf format, and I'm not allowed to post links until I've made 10 posts sooooooo.....

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I actually wrote and posted something new to the drabble thread (wink wink). However, since I was ALSO the last person to post on the thread, I had to edit my previous post, so the thread didn't get bumped up. It's around 200 words long, so it's actually more of a flashfic. I'm just glad I managed to write something at all. These smaller things can be surprisingly fun to write, especially when you give yourself a 100 word or less limit.


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Congrats on a finished Yuletide fic! I hope everyone else's are going well, too. Today I did about 3500 words of Oathbreakers -- I'm trying to get a decent buffer done before I start posting it in the New Year. So far it is ... incredibly weird, but hopefully also readable.

Steven of Venus

From Another Planet
I have a book called "Earth as a Birthday Cake", filled with world-warping magic and splendor, so here's an article from it:

For here or to go. Divide Invisible Pie. Divine Invincible Pieces. Clair, fully united in property and the free wheeling stalemate of all corners covered and ready to receive cut the ribbon and celebrated victory forever. Meganium signed its name in white. Snow fell back into the constellations of uniqueness. Tyranitar faced 1000 lives to destroy Infinity.


sometimes i get a deadache, yeah
Actually managed to get 179 words written today, despite my fic being in a slow spot and me sort of having writer's block atm.

What was in those 179 words was basically a young man berating himself for being scared by a nightmare last night. Not too mind-blowing, but it ties together the more interesting parts, so I can work on those instead of worrying about this one now.


A Dense Irritating Miniature Beast of Burden
What you're working on: A Christmas themed short story unrelated to the Yuletide contest.
What, specifically, you wrote today: I wrote the start of the second act of the fic, where our unlikely hero is sent to deliver his parcels up until the point he has some trouble with a flock of Murkrow that ransack his wares.
How many words you wrote today: 854 words. Not bad, although I did 2.2k words the previous day.
What you did instead of writing today: Handing in coursework and preparing to move out of my flat for the holidays.


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What you're working on

NWO AOTA as well as Orse Academy

What, specifically, you wrote today

I wrote a scene in NWO AOTA about Pokemon turning into jelly basically. Also did some buildup for it as well as followed up on some of what was happening before the time skip.

How many words you wrote today

4000 and counting

What you did instead of writing today (I'm kidding. Don't post just to say how hard you procrastinated.)

Planned out what I was going to write as well as making some trash posts over on PC in the hopes of hitting a new post benchmark before my join date anniversary.


→ follow your fire.
Oh, right. Writing is a thing. I've been aiming for just 200 words a day right now on the next chapter of Love and Other Nightmares, though I dropped the ball on that because I'm sick. I've been using any energy I have lying down and catching up on a giant backlog of fics, though, so there's that: I've written reviews today. :p

Other than that, classes started again today, and I've been slowly cleaning up the archive of another fanfic forum I'm staff for, so I did a bit more of that.


extra toasty
I'm getting inspired to create a body of work that has some overarching themes of corruption within Hoenn, and as such have been doing some research into the Devon Corporation and Greater Mauville Holdings. I did most of that yesterday to lay the groundwork for potential works to write, and today I went through each generation of Pokémon since Hoenn and thought of which Pokémon would fit best in different areas around the region - I'd like to write a one-shot about an invasive species taking over an area of the region, and the way that it is combated.