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The "What Have You Written Today?" Thread

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by JX Valentine, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. Samayouru

    Samayouru Rabid Dusclops Fan

    I finished storyboarding the first chapter for a fanfic I've been working on. It's not going to be as long as my other project (looking at you, Balance) but I think I'm going to wait until I've mapped out half of the chapters before starting on the first draft.
  2. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    I wasn't paying attention to how many words I wrote out, but I'm finishing up with a long-overdue chapter. Have to sleep right now or else I'd finish it in the hour, but I just have a few pages to insert proper description and it'll be ready to go up.
  3. Chibi Pika

    Chibi Pika Stay positive

    Today I started outlining chapter 29 of LC and getting a feel for what scenes have to be included and in what order. Before I just had a vague idea of some conversations that had to happen (and snippets of dialogue from those convos) but now I have a much more concrete idea of what I'm doing. It's really just going to be three conversations, although the first and third are quite long conversations... but should be a short chapter overall. I didn't get too many actual words down today, but I came up with a few good lines that I'm looking forward to including. It's nice to have a quiet chapter. :p
  4. Espmaster

    Espmaster Active Member

    I'm working on chapter two of a pet project that's been a long time in the making. I only wrote 87 words today because after a little while of writing I remembered that I wanted to go check out the Author's Cafe :)
  5. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    I wrote some of Obsession. It required about two hours of research. I wrote two sentences.
  6. M-Dub

    M-Dub Μῆνιν ἄειδε θεὰ Πηληϊάδεω ᾿Αχιλῆος

    I got a solid (for me) 500 words done yesterday, but today was much less productive. It's 12:40 am and I'm getting some chapter outlines done, which is at least something. I can feel the wheels slowly creaking back into motion, though, and writing my little bits and pieces feels less of a grind every day. It's just so disgustingly hot here that I really need a new strategy for staying comfortable and getting work done, because all I wanna do is laze around with an ice block and watch YouTube videos. @.@

    The latest chapter is at 733 words, so I wanna get to 1000 before bed though. Let's see what we can do.

    EDIT: Made it, and then some! I always write best when I should be asleep. :x
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
  7. Samayouru

    Samayouru Rabid Dusclops Fan

    I'm about two thirds of the way through the plot for this project I'm working on and I finished storyboarding Chapter 1 (which turned out to be a lot livelier than the original chapter it's based off). I'm finally beginning to find my stride with horror at long last, but I do have a dentist's appointment today so I'm not sure how much I'll get done today.
  8. canisaries

    canisaries sometimes i get a deadache, yeah

    I've written about 200-ish words on the same fic as last time so far, going to try to write much more but who knows how well I'll be able to actually pull that off.

    This time it's about spiders and the apocalypse happening. In other words, a very bad day.
  9. Espmaster

    Espmaster Active Member

    Continued work on chapter two, got about 500 words today, but it's very much a skeleton which I'm going to need to flesh out later.
  10. M-Dub

    M-Dub Μῆνιν ἄειδε θεὰ Πηληϊάδεω ᾿Αχιλῆος

    1200 words - 26 chapters' worth - of plot layout. Holy crud, it feels so good to actually have a roadmap. I'm gonna ride this till the end and see how long my planned fic turns out to be.

    I also have to be careful not to get caught up in the positive feedback loop of 'I planned it, so now I don't even need to write it because I know what happens!'
  11. Samayouru

    Samayouru Rabid Dusclops Fan

    I'm at the point where I've nearly finished storyboarding Chapter 2 and moving on to Chapter 3. i'm not really all that hyped or excited about it, I guess I'm more glad that I'm mostly on top of everything. It's less chaotic than Balance is, at least.
  12. Cutlerine

    Cutlerine Gone. Not coming back.

    Written the prologue and most of the first chapter of a new fic over the past couple of days! About 5,500 words total, split over last night and this evening. It's a weird murder mystery set in a snowbound Mahogany in 1976, which I'll admit is not the fic I was planning on posting next, but it's progressing much better than that fic, so I think it'll probably be up here within the next few weeks.
  13. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    Today I rewrote/added to a chunk of chapter 75 that I wasn't happy with, where I both managed to fit in a bit more necessary information, develop the character relationships better, and set up something later a little more. :D

    There's another chunk later in the chapter that I want to edit/add to, and I also realized something I should probably do and stick in here somewhere, so that's stuff that has to be done, but. One thing struck off the list.
  14. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    1976 snowbound Mahogany? Count me in :)

    I've actually managed to write a few thousand words for the fic that I want to post sometime soon. I was stuck for most of the week on how I wanted it to go after the introduction scene (and how I wanted the introduction scene to go), but I kept trying different things and now I'm at a happy pace with writing the rest of the first chapter. I feel like once I get past the first chapter it'll be even more exciting to write, because I've got a good idea of what's coming up and I'm much more looking forward to writing those parts of the fic, lol
  15. Cutlerine

    Cutlerine Gone. Not coming back.

    Nice! I remember you mentioning that at some point. I'm glad it's going well, and I look forward to seeing it when it's done.

    As for me, I'm still plugging away at Ghost Town. Got a couple thousand words of chapter four done earlier, and hopefully I'll have a chance to get more done tonight. I'm liking this story; it's proving really fun to write, particularly as it means I can rewatch/reread all my favourite noir and neo-noir media for "research" purposes.
  16. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    Thank you! Moving very slowly to make sure I am totally happy with what I put out, plus school is taking precedence right now :p

    Today I managed to rewrite the introduction to the story I would like to have up sometime soon. It's only a little over a thousand words that I got done today between shifts at work, but it's only a prologue and what I think is a much nicer way to start out this idea. The other times I got through the prologue it felt... off. And then the first chapter wasn't connecting well, so it was all kinds of frustrating, but this has got me somewhere good to change it up.
  17. NebulaDreams

    NebulaDreams A Dense Irritating Miniature Beast of Burden

    What you're working on: I'm flip-flopping between finishing the fourth chapter of my prologue and writing random parts of the first chapter of my longfic, which are both part of a series. I've started drafting in my notepad instead of my laptop, so I've been getting stuff done on the daily commute.
    What, specifically, you wrote today: The fight scene between my two main characters, Curio and Shine, and Shine's first human speech lesson to a Goodra as part of paying off a debt. I've done more of the latter part since I'm still finding my voice for fight scenes.
    How many words you wrote today: 1.5k.
    What you did instead of writing today: Watching Digibro videos.
  18. Cutlerine

    Cutlerine Gone. Not coming back.

    The thing about doing different viewpoints for each chapter of your story means that if you think one chapter isn't working when written from the perspective of a particular character, you can rewrite it to be from that of another character instead. Unfortunately, that also means you have to completely rewrite the chapter. So that's what I'm doing today; chapter five of Ghost Town, of which I've written 4-5000 words, needs to be redone from another perspective. Got 1300 words of it done today, but there's plenty more where that came from.
  19. The Teller

    The Teller King of Half-Truths

  20. NebulaDreams

    NebulaDreams A Dense Irritating Miniature Beast of Burden

    I skipped ahead and managed to get the second chapter of my longfic done in one sitting, plus I've figured out how I'm going to release each chapter when I write them. Since there are two kinds of chapters, the main story (1st person) and the interludes/linking stories (3rd person), each interlude will serve as a checkpoint, giving me chunks of roughly 5 chapters to work with. I'll release each chapter each week in that batch and postpone the release of later chapters until I've finished the next batch, for which I'll repeat that process. If I end up writing them fast enough, hopefully I'll be able to release the next batch straight after the previous one.

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