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The "What Have You Written Today?" Thread


A Dense Irritating Miniature Beast of Burden
Managed to write 1.5k words of various chapters, including a later scene involving a cameo appeareance of Deli from Deli's Delivery Service a few months after the events of that story.


Rabid Dusclops Fan
It's been a while, but I've finally decided to start revising Balance. I've gone back and looked at a lot of the criticism I received over the past year and I'm beginning to see why Balance isn't as good as it could be. Chapter 1 is finished (with 10 pages out of about 77 complete :p) and I'm debating on if I should go ahead and replace it or wait until I've completely revised what I've written so far. Any thoughts or opinions on what I should do?


Master of Chaos!
Finished the latest chapter of Falling Through a Hoop.

Part of the post Pokemon Sun and Moon Series. Generally, Hoopa is the big bad and he has a dragon that serves as the heavy.

Hoopa has a laundry list of deeds that were done to advance his plan to get his Prison Bottle back and one of them involves him sending Lillie, Gladion, Hau and Elio through a Hoopa Ring all the way to the Kalos region.


A Dense Irritating Miniature Beast of Burden
Wrote 2k words for a rewrite of chapter 3 in The Curious and the Shiny. I'll let it sit for today then move onto the second half tomorrow where we finally get to meet the Thousand Claws.


Master of Chaos!
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Recorder of Tales


Master of Chaos!
Went back to the Falling Through a Hoop Fanfic.

Added a chapter involving Lillie and Sun/ Elio going up in the romance ladder.

Then the next one Hoopa does something to Elio that's considered... a moral event horizon. (A big one and it isn't death or involving death.)

The Walrein

Well-Known Member
One of my goals this year is to actually succeed at NanoWriMo in November. I'm planning on taking two days off that month, so if I write 1,000 words on weekdays and 3,000 on weekends or days off, I should be able to make it. Now, on most days I can't even get three hundred words done, let alone three thousand, so I've decided to engage in a sort of 'training program' where I write progressively more words each week. I've tried to do stuff like this before, but I've finally managed to actually follow a schedule for the past two weeks, which is why I'm posting about it now. The secret sauce that allowed me to stick to the schedule? Low standards. Very, very, low standards. For the week of 4/2 to 4/8, my goal was to write 25 words on weekdays, and 75 words on weekends, and for the week of 4/9 to 4/15, my goal was to write 50 words on weekdays, and 150 words on weekends. Here's how I did:

4/02: 29 words.
4/03: 50 words of working on my story, and also 309 words of fanfiction review.
4/04: 27 words.
4/05: 42 words.
4/06: 47 words.
4/07: 137 words.
4/08: 562 words.
4/09: 54 words.
4/10: 51 words.
4/11: 147 words.
4/12: 175 words.
4/13: 106 words.
4/14: 167 words.
4/15: 844 words.

All of those words were for the same story, Skitty's Vlog. The story behind Skitty's Vlog is that originally I wanted to work on a big magnum opus PMD fic, but then I decided to work on something I could actually finish first, so I started writing a prequel to it, called 'I Sold My Soul to Victini and All I Won Was This Stupid Championship', two chapters of which are up on this site. But then I realized that the prequel would actually have to get pretty long to do its main concept justice, so I decided to work on a shorter project first. That was a fic called 'Some Average Days in a Pokemon Daycare', the idea being that it'd be sort of an episodic series where every chapter would be a self-contained story, so I could just put out a chapter of it whenever I got tired of working on longer projects. But after getting up to 7,956 words on the first chapter and counting, I decided I needed to work something even shorter still.

'Skitty's Vlog', is, as the title suggests, the vlog of a very cynical Skitty, who discusses various topics of interest to Pokemon in the modern world. Similarly to 'Some Average Days in a Pokemon Daycare', the idea is that I can just publish short episodes of this whenever I get tired of working on longer stuff. One of the issues with 'Daycare' I kept running into was that sometimes there'd be a Sentence That Just Wasn't Right, and I'd spend like half an hour endlessly trying to rephrase it and it Still Wouldn't Be Right, which did not do wonders for my writing speed. The idea with Skitty's Vlog is that basically it's just a cat talking on the internet, so sometimes she (or he, haven't really decided on a gender yet) says stuff which is kind of oddly worded, but that's okay, because not everything people say in real life sounds exactly right.

Anyways, the first episode of the vlog is Skitty discussing a topic of interest to many Pokemon: How to find a good trainer. I finished the section on what qualities make a trainer good a while ago, and today I finished the segment talking about where to find good trainers, so now I just have to do the bit where Skitty talks about how to actually get someone to let you on their team - not an easy task if you're a zubat or bidoof or whatever.

This week, I'm planning to write 100 words every weekday and 300 words on the weekend, so I'll make another post next Sunday with my results. (Hopefully someone else will have posted in the interim by then; if not, I'll wait until someone does to avoid double-posting.)


Master of Chaos!
Just got the next chapter of Seafaring Travels done.

Another fanfic in the Post Sun and Moon series. Gladion and Elio/Sun raising a Manaphy together while traveling in Johto!


  1. What you're working on
    I've been toying with the idea of a novelization of Pokémon Moon ever since I finished the game back in 2016, but this week I finally made the step from just having the idea to actually writing it out.

  2. What, specifically, you wrote today
    Just the first chapter of the story. I've finished up the prologue, now I need to write and complete the actual first chapter so I can publish it and receive some feedback. It didn't really go well or smoothly today, sadly. Often found myself distracted or had the chapter just fight against me.

  3. How many words you wrote today
    A mere 765, I'm afraid. Like I said, today wasn't a good day.

The Walrein

Well-Known Member
I managed to meet my goal of writing 100 words every weekday and 300 words each weekend-day from last week. Here's how I did:

4/16: 158 words
4/17: 175 words
4/18: 269 words
4/19: 103 words
4/20: 220 words
4/21: 368 words
4/22: 563 words

The way I'm counting words is simply subtracting the document word count at the end of the day from the count at the beginning of the day, so words I write and then decide to delete later don't count. This method has the virtue of requiring me to always get down new material each day instead of just revising. Of course, I have noticed myself tending to use a lot of 'filler words' in my sentences lately, which I'm sometimes tempted just to leave in and remove later, so there are some disadvantages too.

All of those words were still for the first episode of Skitty's Vlog, which I'm getting a bit tired of writing, but at least it's in the final stretches. In order to address the wide variety of different pokemon out there, Skitty's giving different trainer-finding advice for pokemon falling into each of the four fundamental quadrants: Strong and cute, weak and cute, strong and ugly, and weak and ugly.

My goal for next week is to write 150 words every weekday and 450 words every day on the weekend, and once again I'll be posting my results next Sunday, anti-double-posting law permitting.


Recorder of Tales
Up until a month ago, I've been able to write around 1000 words a day, or more even. Now I've been having to bring that goal to getting one chapter done a week--which is roughly 6000 words, give or take. These past few chapters have been harder to write due to the content involved, which is less focused on action and more on character development; more internal thought, less characters doing stuff.

All in all, I've written around 700 words so far. I aim to get that to 2000 so I can catch up with my writing schedule. I'd like to finish before the school year ends, or at least soon after, that way I can start planning out my original work and the prequel to my current story.


Active Member
What you're working on
One very crazy story, which, among other things, involves technologically advanced empire getting time-shifted along with all of its stuff, Cold War between said empire and the rest of the world, then de-escalation via cooperative space projects and nuclear-powered and propelled arcanotech-enhanced spaceships, along with the dusk of the League and Solosis line getting more and more popular, since they are one of the best Pokemon for space.

What, specifically, you wrote today
Amber's (or, rather, Amberthree's) grief over Mewtwo (the first one), who has become ice-hearted murderer, killed her (and, in sense, his own too) father, then travelled to the Moon to meet with the local equivalent of the Biolizard and got nuked. Also, her nearly killing her's childhood friend, who grew up to be a biologist and works on the Moon, with the telekinetic throw, almost frying her brain in process.

How many words you wrote today
No idea. I didn't bother with counting them.
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Master of Chaos!
I finished writing the latest chapter of Seafaring Travels!

Chapter 12 gets a bit on the disturbing side.


Well-Known Member
I finished my three part short story today (~11k words in total, about 4k today). I didn't post the final part here yet though. That's the first time I published whole, coherent work on-line.

I feel like I need a break from writing, so I will finally have time to read some of your works here!

The Walrein

Well-Known Member
I once again met my goal, writing 150 or more words every weekday and 450 or more words every day on the weekend. Here's how I did:

4/23: 200 words
4/24: 778 words
4/25: 705 words
4/26: 678 words
4/27: 262 words
4/28: 796 words
4/29: 750 words

1243 of these words were spent finishing up Skitty's Vlog, which I posted yesterday. The remaining 2926 were for a new story, completely unrelated to pokemon, called Beyond the Before The Law. It's based off of the Kafka short story/parable Before the Law, but contains characters from other Kafka short stories, too. Basically, the messenger from 'A Message from the Emperor' has finally escaped the Emperor's palace and is searching for a way out of the capital. He eventually comes to the gateway that leads to the law, and having tried every other door he could find, belives that this must be the doorway that allows him to exit the capital. The messenger barges past the doorkeeper and the man from the country who was waiting to see the law follows him. But beyond the first doorkeeper are six more doorkeepers, each more powerful than the last, and the mere sight of the third one is more than the first can endure.

...Actually, re-reading the original parable, it doesn't actually specify how many doorkeepers there are total. I just assumed it was seven, I guess because that seemed like a significant number. Oh well, it's going to be seven in my story.

Next week, my goal is to write 200 words each weekday and 600 words each weekend day - a goal that I could've passed this week! I'll be posting my results next Sunday.

EDIT 5/6/2018:

Welp, looks like this thread's been dead for the past week, so I'm just gonna edit in today's entry to avoid double posting. I once more completed my weekly goal, but just barely this time. Here's how I did:

4/30: 273 words.
5/1: 222 words.
5/2: 235 words.
5/3: 224 words.
5/4: 212 words.
5/5: 601 words.
5/6: 737 words.

As for what I've been writing, 495 words went to Beyond the Before the Law, 671 words went to The Brief Life (And Painful Death) of Lucardevoirzard, and 1338 words went to Some Average Days in a Pokemon Daycare.

'The Brief Life (And Painful Death) of Lucardevoirzard' was one I'd planned on getting out on April Fool's Day, but I only managed to write 425 words of it by the time that day had rolled around. It's about an insidious menace that's grown to the point of threatening all the regions, and Giovanni's plan to stop it. It's only a one-shot, so I really want to finish this one just so I can have at least one fully-finished fic posted.

'Some Average Days in a Pokemon Daycare' was one I'd mentioned earlier. This one's an episodic character-driven drama/comedy about the daily lives of several pokemon living at a certain pokemon daycare. Or at least, the first chapter is; all the subsequent chapters I've planned are more based around various dramatic events occurring than slice-of-life type of stuff, although they're still mostly comedic.

I think I'll make two changes for next week's goal, which will be 225 words each weekday and 675 words each day on the weekend. First, I'll consider a 'day' to be strictly from 12:00 A.M. to 12:00 A.M. each day, instead of extending to whenever I go to sleep on a given night. I certainly wouldn't have met my goal a lot of days if that had been the rule previously. Second, I'll also count words written for fanfiction reviews towards my daily goals.

EDIT 5/13/2018:

Still no updates, so I'm doing another edit. Luckily the character limit on these posts is pretty large, so I should be able to get away with doing this for quite some time. I didn't actually write and reviews this week, so the second of my rule modifications didn't come into play, but I think the first helped cut back some of my most extreme procrastination. Once more I met my goals for this week. Here's how I did:

5/7: 290 words.
5/8: 350 words.
5/9: 319 words.
5/10: 240 words.
5/11: 287 words.
5/12: 707 words.
5/13: 856 words.

1853 of those were towards Some Average Days in a Pokemon Daycare, and the remaining 1196 were for The Brief Life (And Painful Death) of Lucardevoirzard. Today's writing in particular was for the former. Opening doors can be tough when you don't have hands or awesome psychic powers, so sometimes you have to get a little creative.

For the next week's goal, I'll do 250 words every weekday, and 750 words every day on the weekend. There were only two days this week I wouldn't have passed that, so it should be doable. Eventually, though, these goals are going to get to the point where I won't be able to accomplish them if I procrastinate beginning writing until 9:00 P.M. like I do most days, so hopefully I'll get that fixed sooner rather than later.
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→ follow your fire.
Have written ~2500 words in the last 3 days, which is more than I have in... months? I discovered the art of accepting the shitty first draft and just letting my fingers go nonstop rather than obsessing over every last detail as I went along. Am happy. There’s much editing to be done, but am happy.

The Walrein

Well-Known Member
Have written ~2500 words in the last 3 days, which is more than I have in... months? I discovered the art of accepting the shitty first draft and just letting my fingers go nonstop rather than obsessing over every last detail as I went along. Am happy. There’s much editing to be done, but am happy.
I'm glad to hear you're making progress on your fics (presuming that's what the words were for, of course)! I've enjoyed what I've read of Love and Other Nightmares so far, so I'm looking forward to the next chapter of that. The art of getting words out without obsessing over details is something I'm still working on myself, but I think I'm getting better at it over time. Speaking of...

I met my goals again this past week, but only barely on some days. Here's how I did:

5/14: 275 words
5/15: 700 words
5/16: 339 words
5/17: 281 words
5/18: 275 words
5/19: 752 words. (Assuming the next day doesn't start until the clock changes from 12:00 A.M. to 12:01 A.M.)
5/20: 1,214 words.

2,516 of these were for Some Average Days At A Pokemon Daycare, of which the first chapter is getting very close to completion and should probably be published this upcoming week. 1320 words were for a new one-shot I started working on tenantively called 'Extremely Dark Meowth Story'. It's more or less exactly what the title says, being a dark story about a meowth imprisoned in a cage in a secret base somewhere and forced to produce coins via Pay Day. I started it at roughly 11:13 P.M. Tuesday evening after having decided that the 351 words I'd written earlier that day for an outline of yet another pokemon one-shot didn't count for the purposes of this challenge. It has an experimental structure that I'm not sure how people will receive, but at least it's good for producing word count.

For next week's challenge, I'm going to write 275 words each weekday and 825 words each day on the weekend. But in an attempt to cut back my procrastination, I'm also going to move the end of the writing day back to 11:30 P.M. each night! That's going to be a bit difficult for me, but I really need to do it.