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The "What I got from GTS" Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by XyronTheFalcon, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. Yukie

    Yukie Tingle Cherry?

    I got a Cresselia today...uhh, I forgot what I traded it for.

    and also a Spritomb that's level 1 and has the Pokerus. ^^
  2. Katsuya Fujiwara

    Katsuya Fujiwara Active Member

    I obtained an untouched legit Mishirin Celebi a few minutes ago. I can read some Japanese, so I know its correct.
  3. redblueyellow

    redblueyellow Well-Known Member

    I got a legit Agate (Pokemon Colosseum) celebi level 10 for a raikou.
  4. abgar

    abgar Fufufufu

    i got a zubat holding a liechi berry for a geodude :D and a shinny untouched island deoxys for an any lvl dialga :D that made my day

    VV i remember that i got my first and only skorupi at my first visit to the zafari zone, i caught it by accident, because i dont like it, then i just heard it was a rare pokemon
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2007
  5. Mr_Biggles

    Mr_Biggles Member

    I gotz:
    An Arcanine (with Pokerus) for a Groudon (I reeeaallly wanted that Arcanine, I just needed to see one)
    A Bastiodon for a Gastrodon, which I have about six of
    A Gabite for my Torterra (its now a Garchomp, and is about five times as powerful as my starter was, I don't regret the choice at all)
    A Skorupi for... something
    A... whatever Skorupi evolves into (forgot the name) (my Skorupi had a japanese nickname! Oh well, so does my Arcanine...)
    Aaaaandd... some others, I can't remember.

    I only offer pokemon though, I rarely browse. Too many idiots asking for level 9 and under mews.
  6. doctor worm

    doctor worm Well-Known Member

    I put up my Kadabra to try and evolve it. I always put my pokemon up for something that I'd be happy to trade it for so I put my Kadabra up for Salamence. A day later I signed onto the GTS to take my kadabra back and to my surprise the pokeball fell from the green sky and the Salamence came it. When I looked at its stats and stuff I realized that IT HAD POKERUS!!! I was pretty happy. I didn't think anyone would trade a salamence for a kadabra. i wonder if he knew it had pkrus?
  7. chocozard

    chocozard Lazy Bugger!! :)

    OK normally i find shinies on the GTS like the Shiny Unown L i got for a Eevee L9 and under. But today was different.

    I had left a lvl 100 Lucario that was rubbish in there and for a laugh i thought i would ask for a lvl 100 magmortar. So in it went and i left it for a couple of hour.

    I came back. Checked the GTS and down came a Magmortar. But this one was different. IT WAS SHINY!!
  8. Ch0c0late Av3ng3r

    Ch0c0late Av3ng3r Well-Known Member

    The other day for a level 14 Stunky, i got a level 40 Glameow in return :D
  9. graymonkey0

    graymonkey0 graymonk

    i got a pokerus electivire and a shiny machamp, but its hacked, im pretty sure
  10. Jink

    Jink DY-NO-MITE

    I got a shiny ambipom off gts, but it was caught at lvl.100, and in a master ball. )=
  11. darth_w_uk

    darth_w_uk Occasional Poster

    I just got one of Ken Sugimori's Psyducks! I don't have any proof or anything, but the Psyduck's OT and ID Number match the ones given on that page I've linked to. It's at Level 1, and knows Psychic, Confuse Ray, Yawn and Mud Bomb.
  12. Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

    Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior Well-Known Member

    when did you get it?

    anyway, I got a hacked Ho-Oh >> then again, I did offer a hacked Lugia xD
  13. ellie

    ellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    A bunch of random Psyduck while trying to get one of the 3 creators' Psyduck :S
  14. Pokedex_filler

    Pokedex_filler Generic Human #8192

    does it normally learn those attacks?
  15. Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

    Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior Well-Known Member

    I just got a random Psyduck while trying to get one of them T_T Shame, the one I traded had POKERUS

    well, I'm just catching LOADS of Ponyta now xD
  16. BattleFrontier12

    BattleFrontier12 Well-Known Member

    I just got a lv 57 palkia for a lv 8 combee I was so happy !!!!
  17. ellie

    ellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    More Psyduck that I don't want D:

    I wish people would stop being such spoilsports and catching Psyduck just to make it so the person can't get a "creator" Psyduck unless they catch another Ponyta.

    They're egg moves, besides Psychic (well, Psychic is an egg move, but it's also a TM move)
  18. darth_w_uk

    darth_w_uk Occasional Poster

    Yes, Psychic by TM and the other 3 are Egg Moves. I haven't checked to see if those 3 moves together are a legitimate combination though. To be honest it doesn't really look unique or special apart from its OT; it's in a normal Poke Ball and hatched in Solaceon Town, on August 9th. Haven't checked its IVs yet either.
  19. OJG

    OJG r u not entertained

    Got a Munchlax and a Shieldon.
  20. ellie

    ellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    I put another Ponyta up... gonna try one more time.

    Psyduck can breed with Smeargle, therefore any combination = legal
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