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The "what's that song?" thread

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Champion Jared 14, May 22, 2008.

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  1. Champion Jared 14

    Champion Jared 14 Well-Known Member

    Have you ever heard a nice tune, but didn't know the name of it? Didn't it just burn you up inside NOT knowing the title, lyrics, or the artist? Tell us, please.
  2. wcgold

    wcgold Well-Known Member

    Yeah, and it's still bothering me. The worst part is that is that it's actually fairly popular, as I've heard it on the radio a few times, and on many 80's-themed soundtracks. The entire song consisted of nothing but synth and some turntable scratching towards the end, but then again what song from the 80's didn't have that? And on top of that, it has no lyrics, so I can't even search for it by lyrics.
  3. Valkyrie X

    Valkyrie X Well-Known Member

    Happened to me a few times, yeah. Though I don't believe it's bothered me recently...
  4. Kthleen

    Kthleen Wayfaring stranger

    Might it be Herbie Hancock's "Rockit"?

    I have one, but I still don't know its name:
    The song occurs at the very end of the Just Shoot Me episode called "Fast Times at Finchmont High," where Finch does undercover work at a school and goes to the prom with the head cheerleader and Nina tries to abstain from sex.

    Kevin starts singing an opera song right before Dennis and Nina kiss. I can't understand any of the words (though I think some of the first words he starts with are "la bella" then something that starts with an s), so I can't really give you anymore information that I've already given. I also can't find any video, sorry. Anyone know what it is?
    Last edited: May 22, 2008
  5. kapslock

    kapslock Well-Known Member

    God yes, especially when it's really inspirational. But thank god for google =3
  6. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    It's happened to me many times, most recently with "Never Enough" by Five Finger Death Punch. I heard it on the radio and I knew it was Ivan Moody on vocals, but I didn't think 5FDP released anything new, so I thought it may have been by Motograter. I checked on iTunes and learned they are re-releasing their debut album with a few new songs.

    "Not Falling" by Mudvayne and "Meant To Live" by Switchfoot bugged me for years after they were released.
  7. wcgold

    wcgold Well-Known Member


    That's the one. Holy shit, thank you very much. Now I can sleep tonight.
  8. blackrose

    blackrose Well-Known Member

    Yes ' The Similou - All this love', for ages i didn't know what it was and i loved it, and eventually i found it and it is on of my favs.
  9. Kthleen

    Kthleen Wayfaring stranger

    You're very welcome. ^_^

    It's happened a lot to me. I took me a while to learn that that one song was New Order's "True Faith." I loved it and it was my favorite song, but I had no idea what it was called.

    There were also these two other songs that I remembered from somewhere but didn't know what they were, and it was eating me up inside because I didn't actually recall hearing one of them, but it certainly wasn't something I had made up. I finally asked my dad and he said it was Enya's "Caribbean Blue," and we listened to it all the time when we were younger. The other, to this day, I don't if it's real, let alone what it's called or whom it's by. I seem to remember hearing it on the radio on a particular station, but when I think about it, it just doesn't seem like the type of music they played. (I don't recall any words, just a fairly simple, melancholy piano. There may have been other instruments, but I don't really recall them. I just know some of the tune and maybe some accompanying chords.)

    There was a bunch of Spanish songs. One was "Tren al Sur," which I learned about fairly recently (January of last year; the song's been around since 1990, though) when, for whatever reason (given my crappy abillity to recognize things), it occurred to me that the singer's voice sounded like that of the singer of "Estrechez de Corazon" (that is, Los Prisioneros). Hell, I think "Estrechez de Corazon" itself was also one. Another was Calo's "Formas de Amor." There were a couple of others, but I'm not sure what they were (and one of those I still don't know the name of and now I can't even remember what it goes like :< ).

    Ah, Orbital's "Halcyon & On & On." I heard it at the end of the first Mortal Kombat movie, but it's kind of hard to look up "lala"-ing as lyrics.... It finally occurred to me to look up the soundtrack. Go me.

    Shawn Colvin's "Sunny Came Home." I always managed to miss the title and singer on the radio.

    At the end of this one Simpsons episode (I think it's the one where Homer takes Marge back to an island that she used to go to in her youth), I probably never would have found the song (Camille Saint-Saens' "The Aquarium") had I not made a habit of leaving the closed captioning on.

    Nine Inch Nails' "Just Like You Imagined" (it always played during commercials for 300). Not sure where I learned the name and artist (Adtunes.com, maybe?), but I did.

    I also discovered the artist and title of Vivaldi's "Spring" (from "The Four Seasons") while on a search for a few particular pieces for a person here who was looking for music from Taz-Mania. There was also Bizet's "Habanera," which I discovered in the same search, after hearing it in a movie (Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde, I believe) then hearing it years later on a commercial that labeled it "L'amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle." I also found Denza and Turco's "Funiculi Funicula," Khachaturian's "Sabre Dance," Mozart's "Rondo Alla Turca," and Verdi's "La Donna e Mobile," among other things, all songs I'd heard before but never knew the names of, in the same search.
    Last edited: May 22, 2008
  10. Azure Wolf

    Azure Wolf Well-Known Member

    I can only remember the video, there was a schoolgirl in the rain trapped in a sort of metal fence and on the other side was a boy I think.
    Voice was female.
  11. Rheine

    Rheine Cipher Pol No. 9

    It had occured to me with P!atD's 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies'
    I even made a short AMV with that song without knowing the titles, the band, or even the lyrics! I can't really understand that song lyrics w/ my less-than-average English :(
  12. Regan

    Regan Banned

    Tatu - All The Things She Said..

    And they're both girls :)

    There are a few songs..

    The song they used on the ad's for season 5 of 24.. apparently it was only released for the ad but id still like to know the artist because that song was so catchy.. It was about like the world ending or something (those we're the lyrics)

    Theres this song.. and it starts with like a robot voice saying something i couldn't make out.. and then some scratching and then a like beasty boys beat.. Someone told me it was called Galactic but i couldn't find a song called that..

    Oh, and in Eurotrip, when whats his face puts on the pope hat and sets it on fire, he sings the words to some song.. Like we don't need no water.. and then something i cant remember. Iv heard the song before but i cant remember what its called.

    If anyone could help me with any of these, it'd be greatly appreciated!

    EDIT: Theres one thats REALLY annoying me. Its like this American song, from the 80's.. and its like.. it was really popular and my mate had it on his ipod. Haha i think ill have to have a look at his iPod tomorrow, i cant really explain it.
    Last edited: May 22, 2008
  13. Champion Jared 14

    Champion Jared 14 Well-Known Member

    Aww, so I'm not the only one... I really wish I knew the name of the song that sometimes plays on the end of america's next top model when someone is eliminated...

    And there's this female artist who does this rock song I like, but the rhythm sounds like the one in Green Onions, and at the end of it, she sings ohh baby, woo, hoo hoo hoo hoo hooo, baby, and then repeats that. I wanna know!!!
  14. mielad2

    mielad2 Ohnoez!! OMG HELP!!!

    Three Days Grace - Pain..
    It was my first Rock song.. And I loved it.. I knew the lyrics.. I didn't new the band nor the title of the song. Later I searched the Lyrics and I came to know them and I got fan.
  15. Kthleen

    Kthleen Wayfaring stranger

    Might it be Beastie Boys' "Intergalatic" (skip to 36 sec)?

    "We don't need no water, let the motherf*cker burn." The lyrics are from Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three's "The Roof is on Fire."

    Does anybody know what this song is? I've actually heard it in at least three places (the other two were a commercial during basketball and a commercial that played sometime in early-to-middle 2007 during the end credits to something that came on before Queer as Folk on the LOGO channel). I should warn that the link probably wouldn't be considered work- or school-safe. Also, the song clip in the link is 24 seconds, so you really should stop the thing from playing at 24 seconds, lest you hear Spade's odd, gravelly laughter and how he farted and ran out of the trailer....
    Last edited: May 22, 2008
  16. DragonDance

    DragonDance thrasher

    I'll be honest

    In grade 4 (6 years ago) for the talent show, these people lip synched Limp Bizkit - My Way. Me, not knowing how shitty nu-'metal' is, liked it at the time.

    Thing is, i didn;t know anything about it.

    Then, 4 years later, when i found the internet, and downloading programs, i was looking up nu-'metal' bands (yes, i had a mallcore phase, people :(), and eventually found it

    The song sucks now, but yea.
  17. Regan

    Regan Banned

    Oh thank you jesus it is! Haha its such a cool song!

    As for the 'The Roof is on Fire', the blonde guy off Eurotrip sings it better :p But its still good!

    Thank you!!
  18. Crystal Clair

    Crystal Clair Well-Known Member

    I had been searching recently for two songs
    Get Busy - John Paul
    1 thing - Amerie
    The former I heard most recent from the gym class right next door who plays DDR and they played that song quite often
    I LOVE IT.
    The first one I found by asking a young teacher what song it was. The second I searched on wikipedia under kidz bop and spent some time looking through songs. Boy was that tedious!
  19. noobers

    noobers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

    Tape one of the episodes and then pause it when it gets to the credits at the end of the show. See if you can find it.
  20. Rose_of_the_Night

    Rose_of_the_Night Crying for you, Drew

    I hate Duffy
    And I was in the car coming home when I hear Warwick Avenue
    But I didn't hear the song title
    I KNEW it was an old song-but I couldn't remember which one!
    And it turned out to be Duffy
    That sure told me
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