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The Whistle Stop! (130)


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The Whistle Stop!

In a forest, Ash meets a girl and her group of Ledyba who tend the gardens and follow the girl's whistle. However in a battle with Team Rocket, all the Ledyba dispel and its up to Ash & Co. to find it. Can they?

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This ep was was just another dull filler.
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Team Awesome
Apart from "A Farfetch'd Plan" (my least favorite episode), this is my least favorite episode of season three, because it's incredibly dull and absolutely nothing happens. It's a little too typical of season three, which is my least favorite season. The only real highlights of the episode are Brock's affection for Ariel, and Meowth charming Arbok with the whistle. Oh, and the Antiques Roadshow bit was funny too.

Crystal Clair

Well-Known Member
Ariel is definitely the filler character I hate the most. It's not because she looks like a sissy dyke (they're supposed to contradict each other), she has to be so stuckup with her stupid whistle. "Oh, you cant use it! It's been in my family for generations!" Why not get another whistle for the guests, girl? I can imagine how many people want to play that whistle. And worst of all, she even bothers TR about her stupid whistle
Times like this, I'm glad fillers never appear again.

Ashy Boy

Paul's #1 Rival
I agree. This episode is one of the worst filler eps ever. The only thing good about it are the Ledyba. They are so cute.

DS lite man

Well-Known Member
it was ok the story ling could have been better
A very boring episode, they could have done a little better, but it's alright enough for me;)


Well-Known Member
A good episode I throughly enjoyed it, I like how they had the Ledyba were used to pollinate the Apple Orchard, just like farmers use Ladybugs and Bees in real life to do it. Also Ariel is quite cute to.


Beginning Trainer
In the topic of this episode, I came across something interesting. I don't know if this has been discussed before, but at the part where James is being eaten by his Victreebel, he says something that didn't sound quite right. I decided to play it backward and found that it was a case of back masking. I played it backward, and as far as I could understand it, it said, “You good nothing fool kids are the devil, be opened up.” This episode is currently on Toonami Jetstream, and it is in part four of four. If you want to, you can record it and listen to it backward yourself. I don’t know how to share my files on this forum, or else I would. Let me know what you think it says, or even if there is a way to share the file. If you don’t know how to get to jetstream, here’s the link: http://www.toonamijetstream.com/index.html?applicationType=browser

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
Not the best episode and Ledyba is a really dull Pokemon.


Grass Pokemon Expert
I thought this episode was okay. I liked how Ledyba were used to pollinate the apple orchard. However, i thought Ariel was being a little stuck up for not letting Ash use the whistle only because it's been in her family for generations. Then, i was a little happy when Team Rocket toook the whistle. Serves her right. I also liked Meowth controlling Arbok with the whistle. I also found it odd that she has had the Ledyba for so long, and they never listened to a voice command until now.


kiss my greens
Yawn, Ledyba, boring. They're pretty much useless for anything besides pollinating orchards, so it's beyond me why Team Rocket would actually want to steal them. Then they get wooped by the Ledyba. Oh god, will this nightmare ever end? Terribly boring filler, and Team Rocket is pathetic to get whipped by a bunch of ladybugs.