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The Willdron Island Pokemon Research Facility Tragedy (R) Sign-Ups

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Skillfulness, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    - Preface: This RP is rated R for violence and psychological horror as the themes for this game are horror, survival, and mystery. If you do not feel comfortable with these topics, be completely sure you can handle intense scenes if you still want to sign up. Feel free to message me if you have questions or concerns. -

    - Update: Added the map and some additional information about the lab. -


    The Willdron Island Pokemon Research Facility (WIPRF), located south of the coast of Unova, has been known to produce some of the worlds best and possibly most underrated scientists. While not known for any groundbreaking discoveries, the steadfast dedication to the understanding of Pokemon has led to some fundamental truths. For example, the first scientist to discover the branching evolutionary paths of Wurmple conducted their first tests at WIPRF. This helped lead to further discoveries such as Vivillon wing pattern dependence on climate. While a newer lab compared to others, their continued funding allows WIPRF to keep up with the best scientists of the planet. New technology is always being implemented and WIPRF experiments are always finding their way into the news.​

    The WIPRF Battle Division recently put out a request for Pokemon trainers to partake in part of their research. They ask for one evening of gathering some battle data for a new project they want to take up in return for a small monetary wage, so naturally you submitted an application. They sent an email response and after a bit of back and forth you were approved for the experiment. They promised to send further information with a visitor badge by mail which sits open before you now.

    - Thank you for responding to our offer! We are delighted to have you partake in our experiment and have further details for you below. Included in this letter is a temporary visitor badge that you can use to enter the facility and get access to the Battle Division buildings. We will provide a meal for you as well and any healing required for your Pokemon during the experiment. Please read through the experiment details carefully so we can get through things efficiently. Thank you for helping us in our research and we look forward to meeting with you! -

    The letter was cheerful and dry, as to be expected. It arrived a few days before Friday when the experiment was to take place. While you don’t know much about what will actually happen once you’re in a room full of scientists, the letter goes on to explain a few details.

    - For the experiment, we ask that you bring one (1) partner Pokemon of your choice. They must be used for battling and have at least two years of experience. Preferably, you and your Pokemon have a significant relationship of some kind, be it friendly or otherwise, but we understand not all trainers will be able to strongly bond with a Pokemon even over the course of two years. We ask that you do not bring any battle enhancing items as we will not be using them during the tests, Mega Stones and Key Stones are not allowed on site as stated in the rules bellow. If at any point you or your Pokemon are uncomfortable going through with any of the tests we have, speak up and we will adjust the procedure to allow you to step out, payment will still be given. We will also be happy to answer any questions during the test if they would put your at ease. Let us know of any allergies ahead of time so we may procure the equipment we need.

    Further rules of the laboratory are as follows; -

    The letter goes on into some detailed rules, but along with the letter is a small plastic card. It has a picture of the lab logo, some random numbers, the name of the lab, and Battle Division Visitor with your name at the top of it all. There’s still a few days until the date they’re expecting you; it doesn’t seem like they’re expecting much so hopefully nothing can go wrong.

    ~~The WIPRF Tragedy Sign-Up Rules~~

    Welcome to the facility! While every character will have different motivations for wanting to partake in the experiment at the lab, everyone will have to play by the same rules. First, rules of the lab (in-game rules). In the middle of the letter you received, the following rules were highlighted;
    • Scientists and visitors are allowed one (1) Pokemon on site at all times. There are exceptions to this rule for working Pokemon, speak with the Hiring Office to request forms for allowing a working Pokemon.
    • Mega Stones and Key Stones are not allowed on site. Much of our research is sensitive to higher energies and a Mega Evolution could cause improper readings or damage certain equipment.
      • Some areas of the lab do research on Mega Evolution and have additional equipment to help reduce spreading energies.
    • Poke Balls are not allowed on site. Pokemon on site are wild and protected.
    • Badges are to be worn by visitors at all times. If found in an area for authorized personnel only, visitors may be escorted back to the main building or asked to leave.
      • Some areas of the lab allow visitors to be escorted through, given the scientist has proper training.
    When signing up, please abide by these rules. Your characters will be checked at the entrance to the lab and if they try to smuggle in extra Pokemon or Mega and Key Stones, they will be confiscated. Let me know if this is something your character would try to do as there is a chance it could matter later in the game, we can probably arrange something.

    The out-of-game rules are as follows;
    • Follow all Serebii rules.
    • R rating; swearing, violence, and psychological horror will be present, but with discretion. This is a horror RPG after all so death may be a possibility if people play dangerously, just not completely overboard.
    • At this time, there are 10 sign-up slots available.
      • I might make more available, but as lab employees. We will have to see once things get rolling.
    • If anyone would like to participate as a Co-GM, please send me a message. I would greatly appreciate the help and we can still have fun with it.

    ~~The WIPRF Tragedy Sign Up Forms~~

    Player Character

    : -Include legal and common names-
    Age: -Seventeen years or older to apply-
    Gender: -What’s your pronoun of choice-

    Appearance: -A hearty description of body and outfit-
    Personality: -Explain how you typically behave-
    History: -Tell us about your past-


    Pokemon Partner

    : -Nickname if applicable-
    Species: -Straightforward enough-
    Gender: -Pick your favorite, or not, I’m not a cop-

    Appearance: -Is there anything different about how they look-
    Personality: -How do they behave with you-
    History: -What kind of past do they have with you-
    Move Set: -What four moves does your Pokemon know-

    Other: -Put the rest here, the more colorful the better-


    Writing Sample: -A few paragraphs of your character arriving on the island (by boat, no planes and no independent travel) and being ushered to the Welcome Center, show us how you make your character come to life-

    Gamzee Makara - Dr. Briar Botchik and Thera (Mismagius)
    GoldenHouou - Kristofer "Kristof" Riveraid and Sonainta (Gengar)
    Reserved - Hydrangea - Aella Doukas and Eurydice (Flygon)
    Reserved - Schade - Camille Walker and Joy (Jynx)
    Reserved - Vern

    CO GM'S
    Samayouru - Agatha Pridmore and Vertex (Porygon)

    ~~The WIPRF Tragedy Additional Information~~

    Here is where you can find extra things. Extra flavor to make it feel real and maybe some actually important bits for the RPG, it’s a mystery, heh.

    Important NPCs

    Relevant to the experiment
    • Dr. Andrea Beagrow: Head of the PRF Battle Division, approves all experiments and equipment procurement, a stern but kindly older woman
    • Ms. Heather Joston: PRF Battle Division Specialist, experienced in human-Pokemon bond while battling, very serious and not very sociable
    • Dr. Farwick Tresly: Lead Experimenter, lead on the experiment, easily flustered and not easy to calm down
    • Various scientists and interns helping take data and organize results

    Security and Maintenance
    • Jeffrey Robert: Head of Facility Maintenance, manages building maintenance and which equipment is allowed, easy-going and friendly but quick to be professional
    • Silga Ventra: Head of Security, in charge of all security personnel, snappy, sassy, and likes a good drink

    Division Heads
    • Dr. Linden Fess: Head of the PRF Attacks Division, very business like and passionate about his work
    • Dr. Andrea Beagrow: Head of the PRF Battle Division, a stern but kindly older woman
    • Dr. Mortimer Kendall: Head of the PRF Evolution Division, he tries to maintain a proper front but easily loosens up around friends
    • Dr. Mimnoe Murmig: Head of the PRF Hatching/Breeding Division, she is very gentle and meek


    Willdron Island and the Pokemon Research Facility

    - There are 4 Divisions dedicated to the research of Pokemon; Attacks, Battle, Evolution, and Hatching/Breeding. Each has their own main building, storage building, and fenced area for wild Pokemon used in experiments. They are also called by A Division, B Division, E Division, and H Division.

    - There are 2 Water buildings for exclusively water Pokemon. Scientists from any division can request approval for research time from any Division.

    - There are 2 Security buildings near the lake close to the center of the island. They have guards posted at each building and some that routinely patrol the island.

    - The south-west of the island has a dock where visitors and workers enter from. Each person is checked before entering the main island and the Welcome Center is the first building past the dock.

    - The south-east of the island has a Recovery Center for any Pokemon that have just been through a test or experiment. One exception are the Hatching/Breeding Pokemon which are taken care of by the Division as their growth is often part of their research, but there are constant checks in place to see to their care.

    - There is a road going around the whole island. Cars are available to staff members at each main building. People are also free to ride their Pokemon along the roads as long as they are courteous to other members using the roads.

    Black buildings are storage or maintenance buildings
    The 4 Division buildings are labeled by letter
    The red buildings are the Security buildings
    The blue buildings are the Water buildings
    The white building at the bottom left corner is the Recovery building
    The entrance dock is located at the bottom right
    The black dotted lines show where wild Pokemon roam when not in tests
    *Let me know if you have questions about the map

    Last edited: Aug 23, 2018
  2. Samayouru

    Samayouru Rabid Dusclops Fan

    Put me down for a reserve if that's okay. We need more horror RPs here and I'm gonna pounce on this one while I still have a chance!

    Here have a WIP.

    Name: Agatha Pridmore
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female, She/Her

    Appearance: Broad and well built, Agatha is quite fit for someone of her age. She stands at around 5’5” and her muscles are toned thanks to her general lifestyle in Hoenn. She has olive skin that is covered in pale scars and scratches from exploring the areas around the archaeological sites her father worked at, the most prominent of which tapers up her right leg. She has mid-length chocolate brown hair and hazel eyes that can come across as quite piercing depending on the expression she’s wearing. Her general features are quite sharp and her standard expression usually involves either frowning or furrowing her brow – as if she is deep in thought or something particularly troublesome is bothering her.

    Agatha’s general attire is quite relaxed when compared to her general demeanour. She likes to wear clothes that are comfortable, but still make her at least a little presentable whenever she goes to college. Her favourite outfit involves a black and white striped shirt and jet-black trousers that are relatively torn and scuffed in places from being worn so much. She is usually seen wearing a worn out brown leather jacket too that smells faintly of her father’s cologne and only ever takes it off when it is way too hot to be wearing such a thing. Her lab coat is typical of someone working with science – pure white, with pockets on the sides and front. She keeps her ID card pinned to the pockets on her chest.

    Personality: Agatha is quite a reserved person and that is mostly due to her mantra being not to interact with other people unless it is absolutely necessary. She comes off as very stern and direct – even blunt at times – and doesn’t like to sugar-coat anything she says. Agatha prefers to stay on her own unless a situation forces her to work with others, and even then she only says the absolute minimum. As a result a lot of people tend to think of her as rude or aloof and this has resulted in her not having very many friends. She’s the exact opposite with pokemon – Agatha adores them and will almost immediately become open and friendly to them as if she’s known them her whole life.

    Those who eventually manage to get past her cold exterior discover that she’s actually quite a thoughtful and sympathetic person. The friends that she does make that are human are kept very close to her heart and she’ll do anything to protect those she cares about. That being said she can be overprotective at times, but she means well and her motives are usually in the right place. Agatha is quite diligent about the tasks that she’s been set – no matter how mundane or uninteresting it is, she will more than likely stick to it until the job is finished – even if that means working late into the night and losing out on sleep in the process. This mind-set also allows Agatha to find unique ways of approaching problems that others wouldn’t think of. She tends to mull over her duties too – worrying if she has done a good enough job even though others think that she’s done much more than she actually believes she has.

    History: Originally from Hoenn, Agatha was born to a loving couple in Fortree who cared for her as much as any good parents would. She also had a godfather who lived in Rustboro, working for the Devon Corporation as part of a team that was inventing a new model of a machine that could revive newly discovered prehistoric pokemon. He would come and visit his godchild and her family whenever time allowed it, and kept in touch with her family as much as he could. This changed when the hurricane occurred, though. Hoenn was well-known for storms but none were quite as severe as the one that practically levelled Fortree to the ground. Agatha was six months old at the time and miraculously survived the hurricane thanks to the intuition of her mother, who had placed her securely in a closet just before the hurricane passed through. The same could not be said for her parents – their bodies were found amongst the wreckage and there was nothing the paramedics could do to revive them.

    Her godfather was absolutely devastated by the loss of Agatha’s parents, but was more than happy to adopt her as his own. Once the legalities had been sorted out he took her to live in Rustboro with him, and while it took a while for the wounds to heal and the dust to settle the both of them had happy lives together. As time passed Agatha became very interested in fossil pokemon and would constantly ask her adoptive father about the machine he was working on, hoping to see it in action when it finally worked. Her wish came true in 2002, where she got to see a pokemon being brought back to life at the age of seven – and this sparked her interest in science and technology – a path that would eventually lead Agatha to going to college in Goldenrod to become a pokemon professor.

    She was two years into her degree when representatives Willdron Island Pokemon Research Facility came to the college to scout for potential scientists to join their projects. Agatha was a hard-working student and was recommended by her professors as an excellent candidate for them to interview. She left a good first impression on them and vice versa, resulting in her being chosen to join the staff in Unova as an assistant for one of their newest projects. According to the letters she received from them, it was going to be a project all about battle data, which will be important to know about if she wants to become a pokemon professor in the future. She’s just finished her first week on the job - which was nothing more than time to show her how everything in the facility works – and the trainers who’ve applied to be a part of the experiment will be arriving relatively soon. She’s looking forward to taking part in the experiment – the company’s taking all precautions to make sure everything runs safely, so there’s no way anything could go horribly wrong, right?


    Pokemon Partner

    Name: Vertex
    Species: Porygon
    Gender: N/A – Refers to Vertex as a “he”

    Appearance: Just your typical Porygon. He has an ID number tattooed on his back that reads: P-102.
    Personality: Modest and easy-going, Vertex is built to serve and does his job well. He expresses himself using his eyes mostly but is capable of voicing his concerns verbally if needs be.
    History: Vertex and Agatha crossed paths during her first year of college. He was assigned to Agatha by Goldenrod University as part of her course on pokemon studies as well as researching on the bonds people have with pokemon. As it turned out Porygon are just as sentient as any other pokemon and Agatha and Vertex became quite close during their time together. Agatha even applied to keep him for her second year and, providing the amount of research she had done on her bond with Vertex, received approval from the university to continue her research with him.

    Move Set:

    * Lock On
    * Tri Attack
    * Agility
    * Discharge


    * The tattoo on Vertex's back is not just for show - it holds protection data that prevents anybody copying Vertex's data and hacking him.

    Writing Sample:

    Agatha Pridmore
    Willdron Island Pokemon Research Facility, Unova
    Team: Vertex (Porygon)


    All right, breathe deeply.

    These words rolled around Agatha’s head over and over. She leaned against the rails preventing her from losing her balance and plunging into the bumpy waves below, flecks of saltwater hitting the sides of her cheekbones. Thankfully the boat was slowing to a halt and she could just see the corner of the dock coming into her line of view. Her heart skipped a beat. Beyond the dock was the Welcome Centre, and further on from that was the facility itself. Agatha gulped.

    This was happening.

    This was actually happening.

    She’d lost track of how many bits of paperwork she’d had to fill out over the past month, or how many times she’d spent surfing the WIPRF’s official website, looking at all the photos they’d uploaded, gazing at the map of the whole place just to make sure she knew exactly where she needed to be.

    And now she was finally here.

    While Agatha didn’t have the comfort of her professors or her father escorting her, she did have something else. She reached into her pockets as soon as her feet hit solid earth, bringing out a dainty premier ball and pointing it to the ground. “Come out, Vertex.”

    On command the ball flung open and her porygon emerged in a flash of light. He hovered in place for a minute as he got his bearings together and then turned his beak to her, clicking and humming in greeting.

    “Nice to see you too, Vertex,” Agatha said, reaching out to pat him on the head. “Don’t worry – the trip’s over.”

    Vertex bleeped in a way that reminded her of chirping. That was good – if he was relaxed and happy despite being stuck in a ball for the past ten hours of travel, then she could be a little kinder to herself too.

    “Come on,” she said, walking past him and up onto the pavement. “We’ve got to get booked in.”

    Thankfully Agatha kind of knew what to expect from the Welcome Centre – there were tons of pictures of it on the website, so she was at least a bit familiar with the way it looked. What she wasn’t expecting, however, was how lax the atmosphere the glass building had was. There were a few people sitting down on plush, blue chairs chatting away in a corner, while a woman sat at a desk in the middle of the room, focussed on the sleek computer in front of her. Agatha bit her lip. This person must be the receptionist.

    The receptionist wasn’t anything special. Just an average-looking lady in smart office clothes and wearing a large pair of spectacles that reflected the computer screen. She was quite for a moment before her fingers stopped tapping against the keyboard, her face turning to look up at her. “Yes?”

    Agatha’s spine stiffened a little bit. Just be nice, she told herself. Remember your manners and you’ll be fine.

    “Ah, hello,” she said, clearing her throat. “I’m Agatha Pridmore – I’m here to start my first day of work.”

    The receptionist looked up from her computer screen. “Ah, yes, I was informed there’d be at least one new member coming in today.” She leaned over to take a good look at Vertex. “And who’s this?”

    Vertex produced several clicks and whirrs before dipping down in an attempt to produce a polite bow. Agatha chuckled lightly, her insides starting to uncoil. Arceus, she was so glad the Profs at Goldenrod had let her keep him for another year. Life just wouldn’t be the same without him.

    The receptionist adjusted her glasses. “Could I see some ID?”

    “Of course,” Agatha said, reaching for the plastic folder under her arm and opening it. She dug around for a bit before finally pulling out a small leather book. Her passport. It was one of the older models, too – the one with the logo of a salamence with its wings fanned out, its right hind foot resting against a crest featuring red, blue and green stones. The national emblem of Hoenn. It was still good for another year, but Agatha was probably going to keep it afterwards anyway. The newer, less detailed logo they used nowadays just didn't look the same. “Here.”

    The receptionist took the passport for a moment before pushing it back across the desk towards here. “All done,” she said, and followed this by handing what appeared to be a name tag to her as well. “Go to the west hall of the centre,” she said, pointing to the corridor to Agatha’s left. “There’ll be a waiting room at the end – you wait until security calls you in to help complete your badge.” She smiled, her cheeks rising against her lower eyelids. “Then you’re free to go wherever you need to be.”

    Agatha nodded as she placed the passport back into her file. “Thanks.”

    “No problem,” the receptionist said, waving to her as she and her pokemon left. “Hope you enjoy your first day here!”

    Agatha returned the wave and grinned when Vertex made a soft, happy whirr.

    Somehow she thought she was going to enjoy her time here at the facility.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2018
  3. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou going, going, goon

    Won't be placing a reserve since I'm about to be gone for three weeks and I doubt the reservation lasts that long, but! Just wanna say that this is super interesting and I'll definitely jump in when I'm back if there are any slots left/late Sign Ups are allowed and all.
  4. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Samayouru: Definitely, but as spots are limited I'd ask to see some progress within 2 days or I'll release it for someone else. Agreed on the horror part, hopefully I have enough experience to make it a horrible time for everyone.

    GoldenHouou: Ah yeah I wouldn't want to keep a slot saved for that long, but there is definitely room for late sign ups once we've gotten things rolling. I can send you a message when I plan on opening things up again if you'd like.
    GoldenHouou likes this.
  5. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Waifu Material Staff Member Moderator

    Hi! I expressed interest in this already! I'd love a spot and will 100% get started right away!

    EDIT: Wip

    Player Character

    : Aella Doukas [Eye-lah Doo-Kass]
    Age: Twenty-Two
    Gender: Female

    Aella is striking. She stands at a tall 5'7", above average for the typical female. She's easy to spot in a crowd, not only because of her height but because of her literal mane of hair. Aella refuses to cut her hair, instead opting to just grow it out to insane lengths. Her hair now extends to the backs of her knees, and she intends to get it even longer. Her hair is a striking reddish brown, coloured slightly to accent her natural color, but never enough to change her natural look. To accent her hair, she wears a pair of goggles strapped to her head. This is not only a stylistic choice, but also to help her when she decides to traverse the swirling sands of the desert outside of her home city. Her skin is naturally tanned, showing off her Greek heritage to the world. Her skin is mostly clear, but her cheeks are darted with various dark freckles that accent her skin. Her eyes are large, amber in colour. Her mom had told her from a young age that she had sharp eyes, the eyes of a warrior.

    Due to an accident in her youth, Aella's right leg needed to be amputated. She switched away from shorts after this, preferring to hide the face that she only has one proper leg. She carries around a cane decorated with gorgeous roses to aid her in walking.

    For clothing, Aella likes to dress rebellious, but still somewhat casual. Her main attire consists of a white button up tank top with a forked down collar covered by a light brown light jacket. She wears naturally toned brown jeans who have certainly seen better days, the knees are completely torn up and the fabric is going thin in some parts of the jeans. Along her right leg, by the ankle, a white bandanna is tied around the jeans. This is not only for style, but also to flush her jeans more properly to her artificial leg. For shoes, she wears very simple orange hightop converse.

    Personality: Aella is reckless. That's a word almost anyone who knows her would use to describe her. She lives in the moment and does things for the thrill, never thinking of the consequences or the fact that it might put herself or others in danger. She's spontaneous, brash, and headstrong; leading some to describe her as a little bit of a ditz or at the very least childish. She's confident in herself, almost to a frightening degree. Her overconfidence, coupled with her recklessness is often the result of negative things befalling her. She attempts to be courageous and brave, risking her neck to help those in need, such as kids getting bullied; but due to her rash and hasty decision making this more often than not results in her being injured, or at the very least fill her family and Leuco with worry. In an honest sense, Aella almost has the mindset of a child, "I want to do this, therefore I will."

    However, there is a positive side to her recklessness. Her bravery and boldness is outmatched in almost any situation, although she does do a lot just to fuel her adrenaline; it could be said that she strives to be a protector of everyone and everything. Her other positive personality traits include being kind, well spoken, and intelligent. She's kind to those around her, patient with people's problems and a great listener. She's well spoken, able to talk out issues with ease and put people at ease with her soft and kind words. She's intelligent, a biology science major and pursuing a higher education in the hopes of becoming a Pokemon Biologist with a specialty in making new and improved cruelty free Pokemon potions.

    History: -Tell us about your past-

    Is a Dragon specialist
    Her other Pokemon are Leucothea (Leuco) the Dragonair, Orpheus the Fraxure, and Neptune the Lapras​


    Pokemon Partner

    : Eurydice
    Species: Flygon
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Slightly smaller than average (Only 6' tall), is missing the middle portion of the end of her tail.

    Personality: -How do they behave with you-

    History: -What kind of past do they have with you-

    Move Set:
    Dragon Dance
    Stone Edge
    Dragon Claw​

    Only eats spicy food
    Was Aella's first Pokemon, made her become a dragon trainer
    Mates with Aella's Fraxure, Orpheus​


    Writing Sample: -A few paragraphs of your character arriving on the island (by boat, no planes and no independent travel) and being ushered to the Welcome Center, show us how you make your character come to life-
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2018
  6. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Wonderful! Gotcha added and updated the 1st page. Also added a move set section for partner Pokemon.
  7. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Minor update; added more info in the first post.

    We will wait until GoldenHouou gets back and if they're still interested we might be able to move forward, up to you guys. If anyone else joins by the end of the month too that would be swell.
  8. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou going, going, goon

    Not back yet, but am still interested, ye!
  9. Gamzee Makara

    Gamzee Makara Let people enjoy things...

    Reserve me a slot...this looks fun!

    Player Character

    : Dr. Briar Botchik
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: -A descendant of The People of the Water, Briar used to look like them. However, she now has paler skin and a permanent Galactic Grunt haircut and eye color. She is a bit taller than the average Galactic Grunt due to her heritage, but otherwise has the appearance of a standard one. She typically wears a brown, weather-beaten trenchcoat with several Velcro pockets that she keeps useful things such as money, her driver's license and her only remaining artifacts of her previous self:A necklace and bracelet with sea-blue crystals in them.

    She wears the trenchcoat to hide the fact that she can't remove her Galactic Grunt uniform, which consists of a gray, metallic looking armored jumpsuit, a short collared black and gray blouse with the Team Galactic logo stamped in the center of the chest, and gray, corrugated boots that are locked into the rest of the armored jumpsuit. She also has a surgical scar on the side of her head that she typically covers up with makeup.

    : Briar tends to move around methodically and has trouble feeling and showing emotion(especially positive ones, unless rare, unusual or powerful energy is involved...then she gets slightly more emotional, but she doesn't show it well. Her Mismagius is helping her express and unrepress her positive emotions using its powers. She is obsessed with the mere concept of energy in its many forms, with a particular fondness for Pokémon-generated energies. She is a polymath genius in all energy-related topics, though this is hard to read off of her. She prefers to be called Dr. Botchik, rather than Briar.

    Briar hides a lot of trauma and pain from those around her, not wanting to burden others with her past. However, when energy is present, she might blurt out or confide details about things that she'd rather not say, or, in some cases, was told not to repeat.

    Briar has been diagnosed with several emotional disorders due to her missing a good portion of her original psyche due to her transformation into a Galactic Grunt, which also altered her formerly optimistic, passionate, protective and slightly bubbly personality that belied her natural intelligence to one that seems more like a simulacrum of a human one, albeit enhancing her natural intelligences to levels a full human can only dream of. Briar also has to actively repress a memetic virus in her mind that tries to compel her to obey Team Galactic ideals, even after their disbanding, which includes having no spirit, no emotion, and no mercy for those who aren't Team Galactic. This troubles her and often can scramble her thoughts when it flares, especially during a emotional spike due to Briar encountering new, rare or interesting energy, feeling positive after Thera, Her Mismagius, shows affection, battles with, helps or takes care of her, or her fear of surgery(due to 2 major invasive sessions of such), is triggered.

    Briar enjoys not only battling Pokémon to Pokémon, but also person to person, with her alterations giving her natural CQC(close quarters combat) ability, aptitude and skill, which she practices daily. Against another fighter(Black Belts, Battle Girls and Crush Girls usually satisfy this), Briar feels more alive and expresses emotion better, but it troubles her that not only does her Galactic programming flare in these conditions, but worse, parts of her relish and hate the conflicting emotions of combat. it helps her feel alive, but it confuses and stunts her emotion afterwards.

    While an eager and diligent and experimental researcher, if offered an immoral or unethical choice of topic or methodology, a fragment of Briar's old self seems to blossom forth. She will not only vehemently refuse, but her and Thera will do their best to stop the one who offered them such a position. After the immoral and unethical beings are stopped, Briar's mind will temporarily be stuck in a total state of sociopathic dronedom due to emotional overload, requiring Thera to use Pain Split to even her out.

    : Briar is descended from the People of the Water and grew up rather normally until she saw the move Dragon Rage from a rare Megikarp, developing her signature obsession with energy that day., Briar, while going through school and learning about energy in every possible way, spent her formative years living next door to her best friend and future roommate throughout college(Completing her physics doctorate in the process, which she obtained from Celadon University by studying for 4 years extra under Professor Ida Gneau, doing field research at the Kanto Power Plant's experimental new Large Magneton Collider.) and afterwards, Milly Van Vleet(an up and coming neurosurgeon) and Milly's Chatot in Canalave City, Back then she had the long hair and tanned skin her people were known for. But as Briar was making plans to start a study of the energy flow between Fullmoon Island and Newmoon Island while Milly was away, Team Galactic came calling, having heard of her thesis on the concept. Wanting to exploit said research, they offered her a choice:Work with us or for us.

    She didn't want either, and sent out her Misdreavus in defense. However, a Grunt used his Glameow's to put Briar and her Misdreavus to sleep, and the Grunts, lead by Commander Neptune, brought the pair to Team Galactic Headquarters to assimilate her into the Galactic Grunt collective mind after forcing Briar to cough up all she knew. After being forced under Neptune's Bronzong's Hypnosis, she was forced to divulge every piece of knowledge she had, even down to her favorite fruit, before being carted off to the "recruitment" room, where she was transformed, via cybernetics, nanotech, brainwashing, Psychic-Type Pokémon's power and irreversible surgery, she was made into a mere grunt, every trace of individuality and personality subsumed into the Team Galactic image. Her Misdreavus was seemingly brainwashed as well, but the Ghost-Type was merely acting, hoping her partner would soon be free....but that took a while...

    After spending a seemingly endless time as a Galactic Grunt, a mere drone, she was captured and freed during a raid on her post at the Galactic Remote Research Outpost by Milly, who spent all of her time tracking her down in the 5 years Briar had been missing. Milly found that, while Briar's mind was still in there, she could only free her bestie from the hive mind. She was stuck as a Galactic Grunt physically, and, to some degree, emotionally and possibly in other ways.

    The surgery went well, and just as Briar woke up in the outpatient department of Canalave , she and Milly were accosted by a reclamation squad led by a furious Neptune, Who sent out her Bronzong to, as he put it, "get 2 Grunts for the price of 1!" Milly and Chatot battled well, but, after Chatot's Heat Wave burnt Bronzong, Neptune ordered a Gyro Ball on Briar, and Milly sacrificed herself to block it. Chatot was taken out permanently by Neptune's Golbat. Briar, in a fog of remembering her name during the chaos, found Misdreavus bumping a package on her lap. Clumsily opening it while the Grunts closed in on her, it held a Dusk Stone, which Misdreavus immediately used. Now a Mismagius and thoroughly angered at all the usage, suffering and harm she and her partner had been forced to endure and do, she cast a powerful, unbreakable curse on Neptune, which caused her to order her grunts to throw her our the window, into the nearby water, and she was forced to drown. The Grunts were captured and, using Milly's research, other neurosurgeons, cybernetics experts, and surgeons have since found a way to completely reverse Galactic Grunt "recruitment"...but Briar was stuck as one due to her being the prototype case.

    Briar was eyed as a freak afterward, especially after Team Galactic's fall, but she could hardly muster the emotion to care. She walked out of therapy, refused to consult more doctors and surgeons about her condition, and would have become a full sociopath if her Mismagius didn't have the bright idea to use its powers to begin acting as a therapist Briar could trust, and after helping Briar to smile in a happy way and emote for the first time in 3 years, Briar went back into energy research, returning to her studies of the New Moon-Full Moon energy flow interaction, suffering in science, but learning to feel and show positive emotion again with her partner, whom she finally named...Thera.

    Briar did her research for a while, but began running out of funds and needed some quick cash. So when the Wildiron called, it not only was a chance for some quick cash, but for Thera and her to show off their unique bond's properties, and how those translated to battle situations. So she boarded a(provided) boat and headed for the Wildiron, hoping this would get Briar the quick funds she needed to pay her bills...


    Pokemon Partner

    : -Thera
    Species: Mismagius
    Gender: -Female
    Appearance: -Thera has a single green jewel in the center of her "necklace".
    Personality: -While Thera is normally very kind and seemingly has the patience of a saint, she will protect her trainer at all costs, and puts this level of passion into her being her partner's therapist. She has a temper, however, and when severely pissed off, will hex, curse and jinx the target of her wrath to no end. She abhors trickery, seeing it as immature. She is a surprisingly good cook for a Pokémon
    History: -Thera originally was obtained as a Misdreavus as a birthday gift to Briar by her best friend Milly while they were kids, since Milly's Chatot made Briar jealous. For years the Misdreavus had no name, and they trained together, with Briar and her partner being especially proud of learning and perfecting Shadow Ball.

    On the day of Briar's abduction, Misdreavus pretended to be brainwashed, but her willingness to do anything for Briar led her to pretend to be under Team Galactic's control for 2 years, doing whatever they and Briar commanded, no matter how angering or despicable it was...and when Briar was freed, Milly brought Misdreavus a Dusk Stone as a gift just before her and Chatot's deaths. Upon her booping the stone and evolving, she used her power boost to ensure her partner's freedom, though the acts of that day haunt her still.

    She eventually became more than a battling partner, assuming the role of therapist, body, mind and soul guard, and cook for her friend, who finally named her Thera during a session.
    Move Set: -What four moves does your Pokemon know-
    Shadow Ball
    Pain Split
    Dazzling Gleam
    Nasty Plot


    Briar is more machine than woman, biologically speaking. She is secretly developing a burning desire to begin looking in to ways to restore her old appearance, with bunchy blue hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin. She believes the energy of the Sea Crown, and her people's crystal necklaces and bracelets, can restore her to that form.

    Thera can curse, hex and jinx other life forms, but can also bless, give happiness and/or luck to or make others happy via incantations, depending on her emotional polarization, tending to use more powerful effects while raging or jubilant. She also wants to know why her necklace has a green centerpiece.

    Writing Sample:
    Dr. Briar Botchik stood at the bow of the boat, unblinkingly staring at the waters in front of her. The rhythm of the waves and the purr of the engines were mundane sources of energy, to her at least. Thera then appeared above deck, and, with an incantation, reminded her partner and patient that this upcoming job was a happy occasion. Battling meant more Pokémon, and with that, more energy. As the boat began to dock, Briar began to smile, but quickly stopped upon the whistle to go ashore to the Wildiron Island Pokémon Reasearch Facility, clipping her badge to her trenchcoat as she walked off to this temporary research job, with Thera following her..

    A woman who looked to be a Clerk-ish type was waiting for her at the dock. "Dr. Botchik? I'm Pollyanna, and I welcome you to the Island! If you'll follow me, we need to get you through processing. Right this way~" This woman was faking a cheery tone, Dr. Botchik thought. Must hate something about here. They entered a white building, with the words "Welcome Center" on a brass placard, on the front. "If you'll just follow meeee, we'll get this over with..." Pollyanna brought brought her to a side door that led to...a doctor's office? Uggg...I hope that they aren't going to give me a physical...

    To her relief, the physician's assistant(a chubby man named Felix) had been briefed on her situation, and kept it quick. The nurse who looked over Thera found her in excellent condition, and was fascinated by her green jewel, leading to Thera giving her good luck, which saved the nurse from a falling bookcase in the hall.. Briar's trenchcoat was then searched rather meticulously for contraband, with the guard coming up with none...but the idea of Thera's partner being considered capable of trickery resulted in him developing a case of extreme fatigue and soreness, like he'd lifted a great many weights by opening the trenchcoat's pockets.

    Pollyanna returned, and ushered Briar out a door in the direction of the Battle Division. Briar walked by, but not before seeing a Absol on the roof behind them...
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    Gamzee Makara: Interesting character so far, I also learned a new word reading through her history, reservation secured!
  11. Gamzee Makara

    Gamzee Makara Let people enjoy things...

    Anything I should add?
  12. Skillfulness

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    I would suggest a few things. The Appearance and Personality section could use a bit more, check out Samayouru and Hydrangea's progress for an idea of the detail I'm looking for. The History section isn't bad, but I would like to know more about how she became a Doctor and why she would be volunteering to participate in research when she herself is a scientist. Regarding Thea we will have to discuss her limits on curses and blessings, can't have her being too powerful. I'll be a bit busy this weekend so I'll check things out when I get the time.
  13. Gamzee Makara

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    Do I need to describe, in Appearance, A Team Galactic Uniform(I can easily flesh out the trenchcoat)? And the sparseness in the personality is thematically relevant to her being a "shell" of a person...with the "flesh" you'd expect from a personality replaced and streamlined like a "machine/drone"...it was intentional, like the pun in her last name.

    I can easily fix history.

    A limit on Thera? I'm thinking only in times of emotional extremes(rage or bliss) would she be able to access those powers, like the moment when she evolved in the History section.
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    Wonderful additions! Sorry I wasn't able to answer anything til now, but I feel like you have her fleshed out enough now that I can say accepted. I totally didn't notice the pun in her last name until now and I love it!
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    Aaand done

    Player Character

    : Kristofer "Kristof" Riveraid
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: You'd be forgiven for mistaking Kristof for a beggar at first glance. Everything about the man seems to befit a bum more than a poacher with pockets full of cash. His carefree manner of dress and speech, lazy demeanor, half-closed, perpetually tired eyes and unshaved stubble all paint the picture of someone who cannot hold a regular job for more than a day. Which, to be fair, isn't an inaccurate assumption. If he hadn't been able to make a name for himself illegally hunting monsters, he probably would be sleeping on the streets. An office job isn't quite his cup of tea.

    Kristof stands at exactly six feet on a good day, but tends to lose an inch or so from his perpetual slouch. Surprisingly enough, he's quite physically fit underneath the multiple layers of loose clothes. He's not a fan of excess physical activity, but it seems to come with the job; can't exactly be weak if you run after (and from) fire breathing monsters on the daily. The various scars scattered throughout his body - though often unseen by people that don't happen to share a public bath with him - are testament to that fact.

    His sand-brown hair is short and messy, though not by a choice; he’d very much like to have neat, combed back hair, but the trouble he’d have to go through to achieve that just doesn’t sound like it’d be worth it, really. His eyes are brown as well, though they’re dark enough a shade that they come across as black. Not that you'll get many chances to see them up close, anyway. Why? Because Kristof... tends to smile. A lot. Even in situations that absolutely do not warrant a smile. And whether it's by choice or design, he tends to accentuate his smile with closed eyes (or squinted so much they look like they’re closed – nobody’s ever bothered to find out).

    When it comes to clothing, Kristof isn't too partial. Whatever keeps him warm and dry is good enough for him. Oftentimes that involves a long trench coat with just the right amount of hidden pockets, and whatever pants happen to be clean that particular day. His colour scheme is down to earth; browns, blacks and greys suit him just fine, and are easy enough to scrub clean. Oh, and he always wears a fedora. He's vaguely aware that the youth these days has desecrated the name of the hat somewhat, but in all honesty, he's a bit too lazy to care. He wore it first, anyway.

    Personality: If you thought Kristof's appearance didn't quite match his profession, just wait to hear how this man behaves. Laid-back to a fault, it seems there is no situation grave enough to make Kristof lose his lazy smile. Stress and worry are foreign concepts to him, and he's known to jest even in the face of danger. Whether that means he's one of those people who react to disaster with humour or that he simply has a few screws loose is anyone's guess. He's calm, and you'd be hard-pressed to ever hear him raise his voice, much less shout - even when directly provoked or threatened.

    Needless to say, this constant state of upbeat indifference can make come across as unsettling and uncanny at times. Not that he'd realize that, of course. He has a hard time empathizing with other people or forming any real connections with them, which means that though he's polite, talkative and amiable to most everyone he meets, he's not exactly... friend-material. He's that one, strangely upbeat guy at work who's fun to chat with about most any topic, but who you would never trust to look after your pet, or plant, for that matter. Not to mention, he's blunt - to a fault. He's even been known to casually admit to his illegal profession before, not that anyone ever believes him when he does.

    Despite his bluntness, though, Kristof isn't someone you should ever trust. He's the antithesis of loyal, and though he isn't maleficent by nature, he tends to side with whoever can bring out the biggest dough - not who he likes the most or who's been the nicest to him. It's nothing personal, it's just that money really does make the world go 'round. If he's got money, life is easier - and he likes nothing more than taking things easy. Most of the time, he's just gliding through life with his hands in his pockets and a smile on his face. Unless you throw him in water. Then you'll see a split second of human emotion before he sinks like a rock.

    History: Kristof was born in Olivine City, Johto. He had a fairly average childhood, be that his parents were on the poorer side, and could not afford many of the things common to their peers. Luxuries were out of the question, and sometimes they had to skip meals to ensure they wouldn't starve towards the end of the month. Despite this, Kristof never complained. And once he grew old enough to be able to handle menial tasks around the house and the city, he took on little jobs here and there to try and earn at least a little extra for his family.

    The family didn't have any Pokémon for the longest time, since their upkeep would've been costly. However, Kristof did have Pokémon friends. Birds, mostly; he would share some of his worms with them when fishing, and sometimes sneak Pokémon food for them from the houses and shops he worked in. Most of them kept Pokémon, and most didn't notice a handful of Pokeblocks missing from their bowl, after all. Eventually, two of those birds would start to follow him around everywhere and even end up helping him hunt for food. Fish, frogs, the like; small sources of protein to help the family through rougher months.

    Then, one day when Kristof was thirteen, he happened upon a sight he never should have. He was returning from some late-night fishing, when he overheard a conversation about illegal cargo in one of the ships. The crooks noticed him, and try as he might to run away, Kristof was caught. Fearing the boy would be a snitch - despite his insistence that he would not! - he was cast into the icy cold water. Sometimes, people just fell in. It was an accident, nothing more.

    Kristof struggled against the icy water, but to no avail. Eventually, he sank underwater, losing his conscious - but not his life. A Lapras owned by one of the townspeople happened upon the drowning teen and pulled him out a safe distance away. Kristof awoke the next day, confused and scared but alive. He earned himself a life-long phobia of water, however. When asked, Kristof told his parents he simply fell into the water by accident, hoping that staying his tongue about the truth would keep him safe.

    It did, to be fair. The crooks did eventually find out that the boy lived - but though they were angered by the revelation, considering Kristof had not told the authorities and that murdering a child would be a much higher profile crime than illegal trade, they let him be. Three years later, it was Kristof that approached the men on his own. The past few years had not been kind to his family. Both of his parents had fallen ill, and he'd had to turn to petty crime to try and bring bread to the table. Eventually, it had simply not been enough.

    So, Kristof had sought out the men he knew to make good money. He came with a deal; he would keep not uttering a word if they just let him in on their job. Needless to say, the crooks laughed the offer off at first. Why would they need the help of a brat? But Kristof was adamant,until they agreed to give him a test. If he could prove himself capable and serious about the deal, they'd let him work for them. Kristof agreed - and a few months later, he returned with the agreed upon item in tow. He'd passed.

    Unfortunately, his parents passed away before he could earn enough money for them. And with them gone, there was no longer any reason for him to work with the criminals - but also no reason not to. Sure, he was breaking the law, but... he also had money now - the value of which he was only now beginning to truly grasp. It's not like he had any other place to go.

    So, when the criminals moved on to other regions, Kristof followed suit. He worked with them for years, until he realized that he didn't... really need them. He didn't really need to share the money he was making. And so, one day, the criminals' ship sank. Sometimes, ships just sank. It was an accident, nothing more.

    Ever since, Kristof has been working solo - for the most part, anyway. Some hunts or steals have been a bit too difficult for one person, and sometimes having company to talk to has been just too nice to pass up. He's made quite a few passing companions and acquaintances on the way, but not anyone he'd really consider a partner. His Pokémon are his partners in crime now, each specifically chosen to fill one role in his hunting team.

    The things he's seen, endured and done have changed him over the years, but one thing they've never managed to shake is his politeness - and his appreciation for hard cash.


    Pokemon Partner

    : Sonatina
    Species: Gengar
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Apart from the exceptionally mischievous glint in her eyes? Nothing in particular.

    Personality: Sonatina certainly lives up to the reputation of her species as impish tricksters. Always ready to mess with people and Pokémon alike, she is not someone you'd like to run into in the dark. Her tricks and pranks may be funny to her, but are rarely as amusing to her victims. Oftentimes, she can be downright malicious.

    Though she's usually very good about listening to her trainer's orders, when excited about something she's liable to bouts of reckless behaviour and may, at times, lose herself in the fun she's having. Recalling her back to her Pokéball often fixes this, as does distracting herself with promises of something even more exciting. She's no fan of empty promises though, so liars beware.

    History: Sonatina was by no means an easy catch - but she was certainly a welcome one. Encountered almost a decade ago in a cemetery, she remains as one of the few Pokémon Kristof deliberately set out to catch for his own purposes. At the time, he was in desperate need of a Pokémon that could prevent his prey from escaping - and a Gastly, with its Mean Look attack and ability to disappear at will fit the bill quite perfectly.

    Ironically enough, it was during that very battle that Kristof found himself needing a Mean Look user the most. The Gastly was crafty and mischievous, and capturing her took much longer than it should have. In the end, it took Kristof convincing her with promises of adventure, fun and villainy before she agreed to join him. She's been a staple in his team ever since.

    Move Set:

    Mean Look
    Shadow Ball
    Destiny Bond
    Sludge Bomb​


    - Kristof has a crippling fear of large bodies of water. Splashing water on him won’t do much more than make him jest about a ruined haircut, but try to put him on a boat and he’ll climb up a tree faster than you can say “what the hell, dude?”

    - He has a violin case with him, along with, you guessed it, an actual violin. He carries it everywhere; a suspicious laboratory is no exception.


    Writing Sample:

    Ahh, he was going to die.

    To most of the passengers of the cruiser, the gentle rocking of the boat was probably exciting - even soothing. It was a reminder of where they were; gliding atop glistening water under a gentle breeze and a bright open sky, far from the responsibilities and worries of the shore. To Kristof, the rocking felt like a continuous earthquake, and he did not trust the boat - or his stomach - to hold through it.

    He was collapsed onto a table of the small on-boat restaurant, one cheek pressed against the hard wooden surface below. His smile was still in place as usual, but his eyes were empty, unfocused, glazed over as if there wasn't anything behind them. To an onlooker, he might have come across as just another passenger gazing out at the scenery; the few other passenger that hadn't made their way to the deck were also peering out the windows, some with equally distant eyes. Deep in thought or daydreaming, most of them were.

    Kristof was neither. He was in a waking nightmare.

    "Ah, this is bad, Sonatina. I'm really going to die," he drawled, but his urgency never quite reached his voice. He sounded like he was making jest of it. "It's karma, I think. Karma's come to get me."

    He paused, contemplated, then turned his head ever so slightly to catch a glimpse of his partner. "Do you think it takes bribes?"

    "Gnar," the Gengr replied sharply. She was sitting across the table, busily poking at a bowl of soup with a spoon. It was Kristof's unfinished meal. He'd managed barely a spoonful before motion sickness had taken him over. All the better for the Gengar; she seemed to be taking great joy in pushing pieces of carrots and potatoes underwater whenever Kristof spared her a glance. This time was no exception.

    "Geng, gar," she continued, slowly submerging a carrot with an evil chuckle. Kristof whined and looked away.

    "You're probably right," he murmured in defeat, turning back to state out at the water. Any minute now, a stray Wailord could appear in the horizon with a tidal wave in tow and drown them all. And yet, he couldn't turn his gaze from the window. Not looking was much worse. His imagination was more vivid then.

    From beside him, he could hear Sonatina pouring the contents of her water glass into the soup to submerge an entire fleet of potatoes. She cackled. He tried very hard to remember why he had chosen to take her with him.
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    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Due to reasons i dropped my SU and made this WIP instead.

    : Camille Walker
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Camille is blessed, and that's it. She stands at around 168 CM tall, and dons fair pale skin. She has a rather slender physique which she maintains through surprisingly strict yoga routines. Her most defining traits, however, is her very generous bust size. Her chokolate brown hair is typically kept in a casual ponytail which reaches to just below her shoulders. She has kind, deep blue eyes which always have a hint of insecurity to them, adding to her innocent facial expression. She has always had a body people envy her for, but as a weird ironic twist of fate she herself is completely oblivious to this as she always assume people staring at her either means they're talking about her or that there is something wrong with her in some other way.

    For clothing, Camille leaves very little to the imagination. Having generally no fashion sense at all, she has always been drawn towards the lighter, more revealing attires. In her head, lighter clothing means better practicality and more comfort. She wears a very loose-sitting woollen shirt over a very visible black leather push-up bra, and a pencil skirt that juuuust leans over to the fishy side rather than the conservative office worker. She wears black fishnet stockings helt up by black garters. Her style is very provocative to say the least, and she is very oblivious to it, thinking her attire is appropriate at a lab, and comfortable enough for her to be satisfied with it. She also wears square-framed glasses, and a leather choker with a ruby attached to it.

    Personality: Camille is a meek and soft-spoken person who has probably never raised her voice her entire life. Never one to actively draw attention to herself, Camille seeks out the back of any social events she may find herself in. Due to her past regarding other people, she comes across as generally distrustful, especially towards women. She gets along with men very well though, for some unexplained reason. She feels a lot more at ease if she was just with her pokemon, however, and once you get past her insecurities and her generally shy attitude, you see a whole new side to Camille.

    Under her layer of shyness and self-preservance, Camille is a kind and warm character, often finding joy in helping others to the best of her abilities. she is open-minded and gets along with pretty much everyone she meets, despite her disliking of social gatherings. Though she is slow to trust and open up to people, she always treats people with respect, and expects to be respected in return.

    Beneath her benevolent and meek persoality lies a darker scientiffic one. Camille is above all else a scientist, and though she's not downright evil, her moral compass is about as grey as the eyesight of a German sherpherd. She justifies her means by the scientiffic ends, and goes to great, sometimes extreme lengths to further her research without any regards of consequence. She is one to test subjects limits to the extreme, and is not above pushing her agenda unto others without their consent should the situation require it.

    History: Camille was born into a middle class family living in Goldenrod City in the Johto Region. Her parents both have fair normal jobs, and she had an economically stable upbringing, and got along well with her younger brother.

    - She blushes easily.
    - She always carries around with her a small dark blue notebook containing notes regarding research, a callendar and surprisingly good doodles of her pokemon.


    Pokemon Partner
    : Joy
    Species: Jynx
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Joy looks exactly like any other Jynx and has no distinguishable features, besides occasionally donning a white lab-coat.

    Personality: Being a calm and collected pokemon, Joy is mostly seen in the background in most situations. wether you're in a conversation, sitting in the meeting room or sitting on the Toilet, chances are you more or less always see Joy somewhere in the background.

    She lives up to her name with her endless optimism and cheerful nature. She is a hugger, and shows affection by hugging you tightly and kissing you. when coworkers of Camille are tired they often come to ask Joy to make them fall asleep with her Sing move. She is a strong battler, and utilize her intellect to gain the high ground.


    Move Set:
    - Psychic
    - Sing
    - Blizzard
    - Energy Ball

    - Similarily to Camille, Joy keeps a journal whish she scribbles down anything work-related. Her writing looks mostly like a mixture of gibberish, satanic rituals and a doctors signature. Nobody understands it.
    - She's very into Burrito's
    - She has a crush on a co-workers Mr. Mime.
    - Joy is caught in a Love Ball.


    Writing Sample: -A few paragraphs of your character arriving on the island (by boat, no planes and no independent travel) and being ushered to the Welcome Center, show us how you make your character come to life-
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    And with that Agatha's ready to go!
  18. Skillfulness

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    Alrighty, GoldenHouou and Samayouru are accepted! I'll update the first page and I'll have a better idea of when we can start after the weekend.

    EDIT: Schade also got you a reserve.
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  19. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    If it's all right with you, can I have a reserve? I'll try and get the SU done some time this week.
  20. Skillfulness

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    Sure! I'll add ya to the list, no rush unless we have a sudden surge of people wanting to join.

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