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The Wind of Beginnings! The Eon Path!! (1226)

Lord Godwin

The Lord of Darkness
Welp there goes the latias XD

RIP to those who hoped he would catch it
I can still see Ash getting it by end of this mini-series. Maybe we will learn who attacked it?


Well-Known Member
This went about as regularly as it could have. I wonder if they intend to follow up with Latias.

Lmao not only is it a random latias, ash also didn’t catch it.

People are probably gonna whine for being ‘baited’ again.
Well the anime is honoring Ash's history and tradition, it's only right the anime fans do as well by honoring what we do best :p

Ash Ketchum!

Pokemon Trainer
Overall, I'd give the episode a 6/10.

-Pikachu displaying personality like in the OS
-Reserves being used (already more engaging than all of Journeys)
-Ash feeling like a veteran trainer (confident, experienced, daring)

-Underwhelming plot

The Latias ending is interesting. Will it be their transport across the remaining episodes?
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Bittersweet Satisfaction
Honestly the only really good thing about this ep is seeing how liberal ash uses his pokemons, which also happens to be the reserves.

Actually made him feel more like a veteran trainer, rather than how he often just stands around in JN so goh can showcase his dime a dozen mons. Also like how we see a camp scene with a lot of pokemon out after what feels like ages.

OP and ED sucks visually. ED had zero effort, while OP had less effort than YT AMVs. It’s clear they’re really banking on gen 1 nostalgia here.