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The Wind of Beginnings! The Eon Path!! (1226)


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This was a good way to kick start the series with Ash helping out a Latias from Team Rocket who attempts to capture it.

While it's a plot that we've seen before, the character interactions are the highlight of this one with Ash and Pikachu's charming moments (yes, Magikarps biting his ass included) like the start of the episode which was super cute and we even get to see Buizel, Donphan, Noivern and Sceptile help out too.


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It did kinda feel like there was more to the Latias stuff than what was shown. I mean surely a bonk from TR wasn't enough to do that much damage


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That wasn't very good. You can tell Tomiyasu is back.

ED had zero effort

...dude, it's the first OS ending. They're presumably going to use thematically fitting old ending themes the way Side Stories did.


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It kinda felt....underwhelming?
I felt like I got exactly what they told me I'd get, like usual. It's the first ep, there were no returning companions, we knew it was mostly Ash, pikachu, and TR messing around in the woods. Feels like I got what was on the label


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I mean even if the Latias is recurring, it's unlikely to be caught (if at all) till episode 6 atleast. You have 5 episodes to do what exactly? Feels extremely pointless. The nostalgia callbacks feel more desperation then genuine tbh.

Agree with the criticism of the OP as well. Felt like a last minute plastered AMV. This is why I originally felt a new OP with references to the past like Heaven's Falling Down V2 would've been better than another Mezase.

How is it that both this and the AU Ash episode are both solo Ash episodes yet the latter was far more enjoyable? Only enjoyable moment was obviously seeing the older Pokémon.


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The episode was okay but underwhelming. Both the OP and ED were disappointing for being literal copy-paste AMVs with no 'remix' or original new flair to it, outside the OP having a few new scenes at the very end. The episodes itself was a standard rescue plotline, with nice* little bait elements sprinkled in. The only real positive was Ash's characterization, disposition as a trainer and the reserves being showcased smoothly.
I would be laughing if it turns by sheer coincidence that it is indeed the same Latias from M05 and that bonk on the head from Team Rocket caused her to lose her memories of Ash.
I mean... this is close to Cope-a-Cabana territory.
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The OP felt weird. They should have just used the original OP as it is, and used different previous OPs for each episode. But AG lives so... yay!?

The episode was okayish. Reallyenjoyed the initial parts of it. The latias part felt a bit... strange? It seems like there is much more to it...but i woudnt be suprised if they didnt really pick up this plotline either. Overall decent start.

Excited for Misty next week!


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I really enjoyed this episode! My favorite part of when Ash is interacting with all his Pokémon. Meowth just showing up all of a sudden was funny. And the scenes with Professor Oak and Delia was cute.

I just wished the TRio had better things to do than stalk Ash and try to steal his Pikachu. They are such a waste of good animation.


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Mediocre start.

I tried to keep my expectations low, but at the very least I thought they'd do something cool with the opening and the ending sequence. But I guess it's cheaper and easier for them to just reuse the original one, slap some existing footage on top of it, and call it a day.

The episode itself was a run-of-the-mill Pokemon episode with no new insights or developments for Ash. Ash encounters someone in trouble, in this case Latias, and helps them out. Latias seems to dislike humans, but lo and behold, Ash's selfless behavior makes Latias think "maybe humans aren't all bad" which causes Latias to secretly follow Ash around, maybe to see whether Ash is truly such a good person. I'm not sure if they're gonna have Latias follow Ash around for the entire duration of this mini-series, but I wouldn't mind either way. On the one hand, Latias following Ash would make this episode meaningful in some way, but on the other hand I don't have much interest in Ash catching more Pokemon.

The best part of the episode was Ash sending out a bunch of his old Pokemon to take care of Team Rocket, it was cool seeing them again. It seems he'll be swapping between reserves in every episode (judging by the next episode preview), so it'll be nice to see them in action again.


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That wasn't very good. You can tell Tomiyasu is back.
Lmao, savage.
...dude, it's the first OS ending. They're presumably going to use thematically fitting old ending themes the way Side Stories did.
No i get that. I meant i was expecting at least some slight modernization of it or adding a few clips to it. Like the OP was already disappointing since it was just badly edited together clips, so i was expecting they’d do some effort to do at least something similar to the ED. But seeing that they pit zero effort and just took it wholesale was actually suprising.