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The wonders of MS Paint


Unify To Thrive
I drew may's head on MS paint and edited it a little on ******* to get the attention off of the glittery menace that is JPG!! I bearly found out how to change it to png and its not as simple as my old computer... Well here is the link to may.

And that's not all. I also drew a gliscor on MS paint which i'm quite proud of... I know i can improve though so i"m asking for comments and critz please... And here is the link to gliscor... Yes they're both signed weavile606...

So C&C please

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That Gliscor is amazing~
I don't see how you could improve on it. Great shading, great colors. It's great <3
I would have gone for a more original (Dynamic) pose though. Still, it's very well drawn & colored.

You're style really shows in the 'May' drawing. Again, I don't see much problems but I do think that her eyelashes are kinda too thick, although it's not a big worry. And if you notice the shading on the face seems kinda...Strange & inconsistent. Also, her nose could be made to look a little more feminine (by making it smaller).

But overall, great drawings & style ^^
Keep it up~


I like how you drew May's head. Of course I had to agree with KetchupO that her nose should have been smaller.


Unify To Thrive
Thanks guys and yeah i've always had problems when it comes down to the people('s heads) that i draw... I'm not good at the eyes, noses, and maybe even the mouth sometimes. But that's why i'm practicing. I appreciate the critz AND comments so thanks. People can request but one at a time because im a little busy so i might not be able to get to it... Just to let people know.