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The Worst Part of Your Day?

I heard a couple of the "popular" people in my class talking about one of them giving someone else a bj and we're only in year 7. I think I have lost most of my faith in humanity. -_-
Also there was a cockroach on its back in the entrance to the kitchen that kept squirming and didn't move all day. I've stayed away from the kitchen all day.


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When we got home from running some errands out of town, I started feeling nauseous, tired, and I almost vomited. I am feeling a bit better now, but I really do not want to be ill, especially the day before Thanksgiving. I hope I feel better tomorrow… :(
Came to work hearing my "superior" can't talk to me about how I talk to him. Sohe instead jumped our chain of command and complained about me. ..

I feel like I'm in middle school again.

Pansy :]

I'm officially failing precalculus by 2%

Man, I ruined my school's desk with ink and I'm gonna get it from the vice principal.

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my worst part of the day is when i realise that the day is over and i forgot to touch my stupid books even for once! And then promise to touch it tommorow and postpone it again.


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When I found out that Paul Walker from Fast and Furious died :(.....da feelz....

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Someone jumped in front of a train today. I haven't seen it but a lot of people got a trauma today. And I'm late home now. But I'm worried for the ones who saw everything happen.
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Probably looking for work and/or going to Job Centre to sign on. Can barely find anything around that'll keep me afloat and trying to explain this to the Job Centre doesn't usually end well. = /

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I ****ing flunked my permit test, so now everyone's a bit upset with me--especially since I passed the test before (barely), so I had a permit for a year, but I didn't go get it renewed. And I studied, too, but they throw trick questions at you and because it's all on ****ing computers now, you can't go back to change answers.

I swear, I was born in the wrong century, but I probably wouldn't have been able to fit into that century mentally either. I'm basically stuck in century limbo.


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Someone jumped in front of a train today. I haven't seen it but a lot of people got a trauma today. And I'm late home now. But I'm worried for the ones who saw everything happen.

Maaan... Good for you that you haven't seen it. I remember I watched a guy being hit by a car. And really, it was horrible. I couldn't forget it for at least 2 weeks. It's horrible! You keep thinking about it and all. Specially at night.

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The worst part of my day is going to work....

Actually, my jobs not all that bad, I got today off. I was burnt out and tired so i'm glad I was able to rest up today, and then back to work I go tomorrow...I worked on Thanksgiving as well, it was madness...

The one thing I honestly can't stand about my job however is all the drama, and high school crap that goes on around there. Some of my co workers need to grow up..
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Everything about today is the worst part of my day.

Have a nice day? Why say that? Okay, twice in year, or even more, we may have "those days", but the whole day can't really be bad. There's something in that day that either make it wore or happy. Just don't worry so much!


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Bad Days...

I don't really like discussing it, but I recently had a fall out with my ex best friend. We used to fight in primary but in the first year of high school we did everything together. She has not many friends (Shes adopted too) and she gets picked on a lot. She knew my medical problems, family problems - we shared ALL our secrets together. However, about four weeks ago, we had a fallout. This wasn't a silly little argument though. She was spreading rumours about me, which no one believed by the way. I don't want to say what them rumours are because there awful :( Anyway that week I didn't speak a word to her and she kept shouting at me because I didn't even look at her. One day she came straight of the bus... and... Oh Im sorry I cant say! She did something and blamed it on me and ever since we just kept arguing and arguing. Im sick of it too be honest. Considering im not her friend, the worst part of my day today is seeing her upset because this girl threated to smack her... I may hate her but I still love her (as a friend lol). You may say "Well make up then" but that seems impossible now.

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Yesterday afternoon we saw a beautiful parrot that was killed by a stray cat on our front lawn. It must've happened early in the morning because we didn't hear any noise and when we left the house we saw feathers and the bird's body. :(


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Gah, I've been sick, but this morning at 3 AM was the worst.