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The Worst Part of Your Day?

The worst part of my day is that I got annoyed with a stupid person and he never stopped being stupid.

there is nothing you can do to help with that...
the worst part of my day wasn't actually that bad as the "worst" part of my day was not having any more books to read...
It always happens when you have long days in summer though.


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I hate retail. Customer comes in, obviously trying to scam the store by returning items she probably stole. Can't do anything about it because "CUSTOMER SERVICE!"


Crimson Dragon
i got around to go to that sodoku puzzle book ive had for nearly a year (212 puzzles and 8 variation on the game.) i often make hand drawn grids for ones i mess up often.

i cant believe this actually happened to me but i cant believe i got 2 different solutions to a sodoku puzzle. i started with same starting grid (however i missed adding 1 number to the 2nd page) and got a different solution to the entire puzzle listed in the book with the other starting numbers properly transcribed. in the end it produced a valid solution that had 24 different numbers from just leaving out 1 single number from the original puzzle start point. it annoyed the hell out of me to somehow wander out to this other valid solution.
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Worst part of my day is finding out that my university messed up with the summer classes inscription process. The staff at student services is so stupid in my school. It's the same in most of the schools in my country, really. I had to spend five hours at school just to sign up, because, apparently they wanted to get it done in one day so that they could have more vacation time before summer classes started. Imagine 2000 students trying to sign up in one day. As if we didn't have other stuff to do. They get paid to this stuff, but they do it horribly. Today and tomorrow were the days that we had to pay tuition and we don't have confirmation of our classes yet. Now I have to relinquish another day's worth of work and payment. Unbelievable.


Today I found out that I'm going to have to do my end of year German oral with a banging headache and a cold so bad it impedes on my ability to speak.
Thanks immune system


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A wasp in my room has been slain. My half-hour long vigil has come to an end.

Mega Altaria

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Well, having to wake up early today, it wasn't even sunrise yet and it was 6:30 in a winter day since it's the Southern Hemisphere.
Having an ongoing flare-up of GERD (reflux) has qualified as the worst part of my day going on 2 weeks now.


The Abysswalker
Today's been okay. Though one day I fell asleep behind the wheel of my car, crashed it, got thrown out of my parents house (subsequently after being called f*ggot and homo multitudes of times) and almost got clipped by a mack truck - all in the same day. It was fantastic.


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There is a move that I haven't watched, that we are watching now in D. THE CLASS WON'T JUST UP BECAUSE OF THE STUPID GAME ADAI.GO OR WHATEVER. Personal views.

Mega Altaria

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Waking up to have a blocked nose. It took some hard work to blow all the mucus out and get ready.

Pigeon Mitch

Eraser Rain
Having dishes to clean. I love that our dishwasher doesn't work. Oh, and I wake up thinking today is another day that I haven't played Animal Crossing.
I have 2 days of college left and I have 2 video assignments that are due today and Premiere Pro doesn't want to start up.
I also have to write a statement for English class and I need to finish an exam for Arithmetics class so I can start with the final Arithmetic exam of this year.
And I have to make a yearbook for Graphic design class, which isn't as hard as I thought so I'm almost done with that.
Still need to design a few logo's and edit 2 other videos for Audiovisual class.

Okay I should probably get off Serebii now and continue with my homework.

I remember when I thought that middle school was hard.
And in a few years I would probably look back at this post and laugh because I thought that the first year of community college was hard lol


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Waking up -_- I am not a morning person buuuut I have to be at work by 8am so I don't have a choice. I have to eat breakfast at work because my stomach is way too unsettled. I gag brushing my teeth ugh morninggggs. D:

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
This is probably the only bad thing that'll happen today, and honestly I had a "Huh!" moment when I was told about it, but my brother had a doctor's appointment today, and as it turns out he has scoliosis--mild, but he's still growing, so we might have to do a little something about it. When Mom told me, she was showing me how they did the physical procedure, and then she said, "Huh, you have it, too." Since I'm not growing anymore and it's mild anyway, I was all like, "Uh, okay", and that was it. I guess it does explain a few things I've noticed over the years (although I figured it's because I'm not flexible to begin with), but it never bothered me enough to get it looked at I'm bad like that lol. Guess I could always go in for a proper procedure if I feel the need to, though it's not like it hurts or hinders me from doing anything.
I have to look for a new internship, I was so close to being hired that I forgot to look for a back-up company.


your wish is my strong recommendation
I feel like I broke my toe. Yesterday, I kicked a wall (Wooden and hollow, but still) hard while walking back from the bathroom in the morning and bruised my toe really bad. And it also hurt to walk on it/move it. Today.... the painful throbbing stopped.