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The Worst Part of Your Day?


Philosopher Knight

Mega Altaria

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Well, hearing news of the passing of Iwata. Being around some of the best times of Nintendo, including the GBA, DS and the Wii, it's so sad we'll miss him. R.I.P. Iwata-san, 1959-2015.
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I am also quite disheartened by the passing of Mr. Iwata. He was a brilliant man, and was so involved with the public, and his contribution to Pokemon Gold/Silver made those two games into the fan favourites they're hailed as today.


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1. The train isn't going to where I planned
2. I broke my Ipod
3. Rage-induced sleep

Skylander Sylveon

Top Coordinator
1. I woke up to a burning eyeball. >:I
2. I wanted to download Card Wars but no reception ;(
3. Iwata died. RIP guy who did that 'diwectly tao YAO' hand sign and it was so cool.

Today hasn't been too smelly though!

Archangel Azazel

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Well a friend and I went to the park to watch and feed ducks because for once it was actually nice to go out. We didn't do the duck thing because we heard a meowing. He thought it was some kid screaming and I thought it was a cat. We went to look around and found a kitty stuck on top of the tree. I went to bring my car to see if he could reach, but nop. We tried almost everything when he decided to throw small branches and twigs to make it come down. It came down but ran into the dry bushes. we looked for a while.

It meowed then stopped and began again. We went to the bushes and found a box and a can of cat food. We knew then someone had left the cat there to die. I was actually pissed. They left a tiny kitten to die and a freaking adoption center was freaking nearby to be dropped off but no; this heartless person decided to just let it get eaten by a snake or coyote.

Later on it was pretty late and dark. we had to use his phones flashlight. We had found three snakes and four tarantulas in our way that we decided to get out of the bushes and just looked from a bit away. By then the kitten started meowing again and my friend knew that this cry was from pain. We used my cars headlights for light since his phone died and we saw the kitten was near where it was left earlier.

This time my friend decided to go in to try and get it and noticd that the kitten simply laid down staring at him and opening and closing its eyes. I guess a snake had gotten it because my friend tried to get it and as he got nearer he noticed a big snake slithering towards him. We decided to run to the car. The kitten walked further away. We didnt know what to do and decided to check back tomorrow.

The kitten still meowed, but when we decided to leave, its when it just stopped. I don't even want to think the worst but I can't :c
I was almost halfway done with a video that I was editing when I suddenly noticed that I accidentally removed a lot of edited stuff from my timeline and now I have to go through the entire recording again to re-cut the video.



They call me the one who loves cats.
Being told I am an awful community member on another forum by pointing out a mistake. I didn't even do anything wrong.

Now I feel like being helpful is bad.


Yesterday I drank an energy drink and got super hyped up and jittery. Since I'm overweight I'm always worried about diabetes. One of the symptoms of low blow sugar is twitchyness and energy. I spent an entire hour thinking I had diabetes because I was hopped up on caffeine.

Razor Xtreme

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Trying to get more muscular and lean/ripped, but today I had 3 slices of pizza. >_> I was doing so well the past month. but I plan to not eat the rest of the day to make up for it.
Afternoon at around 4 and 5. I just couldn't keep myself awake at that time. I would feel extra tired, and there's really no way for me to work at that time.


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When you're on another forum having a civil discussion with five people, then another user comes in and just announces that what you're having is a 'non discussion' that is not worth discussing - once you ask him why he thinks this and why is he being so unruly - he puts you in your place and tells you to 'think what your post entails before you try to disparage me' with a winky face at the end. Then, once you call him out on that - everyone takes his side. Everyone takes the side of a self righteous arrogant guy like him - why?