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The Worst Part of Your Day?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by MidnightFennekin, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Deadeye

    Deadeye H(a)unting...

    Knowing that I need money but not knowing what I'm gonna do for a job to earn it, as my attention span can be very short doing anything I'm not interested in. Most of my interests either don't pay or are unattainable for a person such as myself. What makes it even worse, I've been trying to explore my options for the whole damn summer and I find myself unable to relax due to not making any progress.
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  2. Deadeye

    Deadeye H(a)unting...

    This may be most childish thing to get frustrated about but having another moment to remind about constant bad luck in RNG based stuff, while another person is constantly getting good strokes of luck. In this situation I don't think there's any way the other person could manipulate RNG to their favor and even while I don't believe in higher force nonsense, sometimes these situations do make me feel as if I'm cursed. It's no fun to lose all the time just because luck determines more than a good plan. When is it my turn to shine?
  3. Deadeye

    Deadeye H(a)unting...

    Been struggling with headache which makes my mood bad which only feeds headache.
  4. Kevin24

    Kevin24 Event Collector

    being such a useless piece of trash like myself
  5. KrayzieBuddha

    KrayzieBuddha 英雄豪傑

    A lot of stupid drivers on the road almost everyday and getting hot over here since I live on the valley.
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  6. xEryChan

    xEryChan Tsundere Mage Staff Member Moderator

    Spending hours at the vet yesterday afternoon when my cat had a seizure. He’s fine now and seems to be doing okay but that was so scary, he just started convulsing out of nowhere and I got so freaked out.
  7. Frozocrone

    Frozocrone Miraculous!

    Had a bad few days in the office and it's made me feel like I'm useless and contribute nothing
  8. KrayzieBuddha

    KrayzieBuddha 英雄豪傑

    Dumb ass neighbor rear-end my car.
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  9. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    So I saw a dying pigeon near a couple of benches. It was attacked by another pigeon and I guess it just lost a fight. It looked like its neck was getting crushed and it was strangling on itself but at least it was still breathing.
  10. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush Well-Known Member

    Woke up this morning in the worst mood ever anyone who is a girl can understand why. It is also a mess outside, it is pouring outside.

    What a wonderful way to start the weekend. :/
  11. oarfish

    oarfish #1 Lanturn Owner

    Well...This past Thursday was rather unfortunate. One notable thing that could be considered positive. The rest mainly negative.

    Friend's birthday. Texted friend and received response. Yay.

    Others (Including bad sections):

    Job fair in a city about two hours away. I prepared myself well, including professional haircut and shave (yes, this cost money). I wore my nice suit, brought a nice-looking folder, and had twenty resumes ready. What happened? I was not really expecting anything highly positive here, but I was expecting at least professionalism from the company / government representatives who took the time and effort to have a booth there.
    Now some of the booth workers were at least nice and professional. A few did take copies of my resume and gave me information themselves. Even though some of these people were not looking for employees of my level of experience (many of them were looking for jobs for which I was overqualified) or specific degree, these people were still nice when I talked with them. Several of the booth workers were not even a bit nice though. For example, I visited three different booths in the section for the state government agencies. All the people there were notably unhelpful (or even quite rude). Some of them pretty much wanted me NOT to talk with them, even before I had a chance to tell them about my level of experience (definitely before I could even say I had my resume with me).
    Seriously...Why would they go to this event and act like that...(Yes, I understand it may have been the specific people at the booths, but their representation of their companies -- or government agencies -- was terrible.)
    I am going to move on to the next thing now...

    While I was waiting for my ride from that job fair, I saw I received an email reply from a potential employer.
    About two weeks before that, this person called me to try arranging a job interview. The person was unavailable the following week, but I would get another call after that. I spent a lot of time preparing for the next phone call, as did my family. I took particular care to make sure I knew who this person was (both the name and position in the company -- it turns out this was the company's CEO) so I would be able to have a clear discussion during the next phone call. I actually did not know what the position was I would be interviewing for, but I did spend time on the company's website.
    My family and I agreed that I would send an email to this person a few days into that following workweek. I sent the email, and I made sure to be professional and courteous in it. This was the day before I received the reply.
    What did the reply say though? It told me the following: 1. The position that I was being considered for had been filled (sure, that happens, but keep reading) -- 2. The implication was that it was filled at least days earlier 3. This person (again, the company's CEO) never informed me at all about this (actually, did not even contact me at all between that first phone call and that email reply). 4. The person did say the company may contact me later this year, but at least two months from now (not to mention the glaring typo in the date given --luckily it was the year, not the month or day -- the year "2108").
    I was fully expecting to receive that second phone call, and most likely have a discussion to arrange an interview. My family was as well. …Yep. More unprofessionalism.

    I also heard earlier today that my grandfather's pet cat died that Thursday. (Yes, I read the posts on this thread above this...why are so many cats dying / having health issues lately?)

    So, in addition to the irritating unprofessionalism I received from such people, my family spent around $75 on my professional haircut and shave, money for gas to drive two hours each way to a different city, and any medical costs that may have been needed for my grandfather's veterinarian. The results? A few possible contacts with the companies that were actually nice to me at the job fair, a large loss of money, and a dead cat that now has my grandfather living alone for the first time in probably over half a century (including the first time living alone since his wife died). ….Why....

    EDIT: I somehow forgot something that is both highly irritating and highly noticeable that came back that Thursday. Given what it is, I thought I would have remembered to mention it.
    ….Advertisements suddenly reappeared on SPPF for me. I have no idea how or why, nor am I aware of any changes to this site / the forums lately. The ads went away for me over six months ago (well before the forum upgrade back in March). I do not know why they left for me back then, but for some reason, they came back on Thursday.
    So, once again, I have a large bar for advertising that (along with most ads I see around the internet now) usually has some sort of distracting moving images / videos that often repeat or go on for a lengthy amount of time. Of course this advertising bar is directly above the main forums area, so I (again, like the last time I had ads here) must scroll a notable distance down the page just to get to the highest subsection.
    ****1. I do not see how this is anyone's fault in particular, especially not anyone connected with this site (just making that clear) -- It seems as if it may be something with my computer (such as settings or whatever)
    ****2. Compared to the other things that happened that Thursday, this is less significant. (But still...why)
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2018
  12. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    My legs still haven't fully woken up
  13. Judge Mandolore Shepard

    Judge Mandolore Shepard Spectre Agent

    My worst part of today occurred between 1 and 2 AM Pacific Time. My body decided that was the perfect time to go vomit.
  14. Storm the Lycanroc

    Storm the Lycanroc Unova Bound

    Just a bad day at work since nothing seemed to go correctly. Every customer I talked to just didn't want anything to do with me.
  15. satopi

    satopi SM Ash is best Ash! All hail Champion Ash!

    Working in the early mornings for a week straight is making me depressed. I dread coming into work despite feeling much better as soon as I start getting busy. My body still hasn't gotten used to waking up at 4 a.m. everyday. I know being employed after months of being unemployed was the greatest thing to happen and I shouldn't be complaining but I romanticized the benefits I thought I'd be lucky to have turns out to be not what I originally thought would actually happen. I thought just by being good at my job, being flexible with my schedule, and having a way to/from work is all that I needed but now, I realized how it feels like to adjust my body to sleeping when there's light out and waking up when it's dark out. Even when I get 7-8 hours of sleep, I still feel sluggish and tired. And when I am off work, I sigh over the limited amount of hours I get before I have to make myself sleep. Tomorrow's my last day to work with my coworker before I'm left to work alone... I'm alone at home and I'm alone at work, I really want to work with someone. I feel ashamed of my feelings this early on. I knew I didn't like mornings but I thought it wasn't a big deal. I can't wait until Monday and Wednesday comes, my only days off. I'm gonna keep it until I find something better. This whole experience made me realize that I should strive to what I'm worth rather than what I'm used to that isn't worth it.
  16. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    Google Chrome starting to screw up on my laptop. Because of that I can only display the forum in basic HTML there and I had to use other Internet browsers to display the forum properly and to even post. I couldn’t even post in the basic HTML format.
  17. Prfctcellrulz

    Prfctcellrulz Shiny Pokémon Hunter

    Finding out where Worlds will be next year and now I’m sad because of the timing of it.
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  18. Solfatara

    Solfatara Forest-Dweller

    I seemed to make a lot of mistakes at work today. Most days I feel like I'm doing well, but I forgot some vital things and I'm now beating myself up about it. I know nobody can be perfect and remember everything all the time - but somehow I have a harder time excusing myself for it than I have excusing others. Hope tomorrow will go better.
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  19. Deadeye

    Deadeye H(a)unting...

    Been feeling constant lack of energy due to being stuck at adults daily grind so I could afford basic living. They say you're free when you grow up? Tauros's poo!
  20. Sceptile Master

    Sceptile Master Survivor of the Great Avatar Depression

    I actually got a job, but now I'm only working 3 1/2 hours a week. It really doesn't even make it seems worth it, I was about to threaten at least 4 any day I'm working or to quit. But my mother thinks some people will quit soon and then I'll have more hours, but at the same time she agrees with me, so... well, I guess I'll stick with it. But I don't think it's worth it at all at this rate, for so little, on both ends.

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