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The Worst Thing about your Favourite Generation, and the Best Thing about your Least Favourite

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Minedreigon, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Minedreigon

    Minedreigon We are the Swarm

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  2. JAKnighton

    JAKnighton Cartoonist

    Worst thing about Generation II (my favourite):

    It is very difficult to access certain Pokemon to use in your team, due to multiple factors such as Johto Pokemon being very rare (and some unobtainable until post-game), evolution stones being very hard to come across, happiness evolution takes way too long to work, and the introduction of trade item evolutions.

    Best thing about Generation VI (my least favourite):

    They really got online functionalities right with this generation. The PSS is a fantastic interface and wonder trading is a lot of fun. It got even better in ORAS with the Super Secret Bases.
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  3. Zhydra

    Zhydra Master of Chaos!

    OH BOY this is a tough one since I don't have a generation I dislike. (Games maybe... but not a generation as a whole.)

    Worst thing about Generation III (My favorite.)

    Team Aqua and Team Magma in their debut games. They were barely different from each other and I appreciate Emerald and the remakes for going the effort into making them different from each other.
    Also the physical/ special attack split wasn't around during this generation, so certain pokemon I liked just plain sucked. (Looking at you Sharpedo and Crawdaunt!)

    Best thing about Generation VI (My least favorite.)

    Trainer customization in X/Y (Least favorite game period.), mega evolution and OR/AS (It hits the nostalgia points for me.)
  4. Kirby Dragons

    Kirby Dragons Well-Known Member

    Worst thing about Gen 4: It was a tad too slow mainly during battling.
    Best thing about Gen 6: Megas were an interesting addition.
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  5. M.P.

    M.P. Ghastly Gamer

    Best thing about Gen VI: Trainer customization and Megas (though the latter was executed poorly, imo). Oh, and some of the Pokemon designs were really great (Tyrantrum, for example).

    Worst thing about Gen V: Dream World, and some Pokemon evolve way too late.
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  6. AgentKallus

    AgentKallus That cool dude

    Worst thing about gen 4 would be the extremely limited regional pokedex in diamond and pearl, with only 2 fire type lines and only 3 electric type lines.

    Best thing about gen 5 would be The plot, gym battles, pwt and seasons. (There's actually a lot I like about gen 5, it's only my least favourite cause I like all the other gens more not because I dislike it.)
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  7. DLeck6211

    DLeck6211 I dunno

    worst thing about Gen 4: Most of the new Pokemon in that generation was only available after you get the National Dex in Diamond and Pearl, The Sinnoh Elite Four's pokemon doesn't change when you face them again like in other gens (Especially in Diamond and Pearl), and how you're only allowed to battle gym leaders in HGSS on certain days at certain times.

    Best thing about Gen 1: It's more personal than gameplay related but the memories I had with Red, Blue, and Yellow.
  8. shoz999

    shoz999 ... Don't laugh.

    Worst thing about Gen V - That is a tough one actually. Gen V are almost the perfect Pokemon games... however if I'd had to choose one I guess that's Gen V's post-game. Feels more closer to that of a Post-episode, like Rainbow Rocket, than that of a continous one like the Battle Tree.

    Best thing about Gen 1 - Good spinoffs, like Pokemon Stadium and the Pokemon Adventures manga adaptation is such a fun and lively take on the black and white 8-bit generation. The game itself, can't really think much of good qualities since it's just that experimental.
  9. Darthlord7

    Darthlord7 Optimistic Airhead

    Worst thing about GenV: Pokemon Musicals and Dream World.

    Best thing about GenI: Pokemon Stadium... cannot think of something else positive besides being the beginning of the franchise.
  10. Ignition

    Ignition Stop neglecting my sad bois GameFreak.

    I'm getting famous uwu

    Con against my favorite (4): so damn slow. The lag actually gives me headaches

    Pro for my least favorite (2): Uh, it introduced Baby Pokémon (I love them unlike most of the fandom)/breeding & held items
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  11. janejane6178

    janejane6178 XY over SM (ew) ANYDAY!!!! <3 (Anything actually)

    Omg I love baby Pokemon too <3
    And I also disliked musicals. and that plaza thing
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  12. AuroraBeam

    AuroraBeam Well-Known Member

    Worst thing about gen 3 to me was the weird roundabout ways of getting certain pokemon. Sorry you want Johto pokemon? Play through these gamecube games and trade over with GC/GBA link cable. You need sapphire, ruby, firered, leafgreen, and both gamecube games plus the right equipment to get every nonevent pokemon. This is a tall order for someone with little funds/friends to get.

    I have literally played less than 5 hours on any gen 7 game, but out of my limited experience, the actually list of new pokemon is a nice batch and I'm stuck with indecision over what to use on both my Moon & my Ultramoon teams...
  13. Takoto

    Takoto Prince of Ampora

    My favourite Generation is 2, and honestly as much as I adore it it has a lot of very stand-out flaws, like the absolute lack of difficulty aside from Red; but as many have said in this thread, the biggest let down is the distribution of Pokémon throughout the regions, and also the fact they didn't adjust it much in Crystal - granted, they moved Sneasel from exclusively Mt. Silver and Route 28 to the much earlier Icy Cave, but I would love to playthrough Gen2 games using a Houndour, a Slugma, or Murkrow. I definitely understand wanting to keep some surprises for Kanto - but putting so many Johto Pokémon - including ones that evolve - only in Kanto was a really bad move.

    I think my least favourite Generation is 6, but it has a lot of good points. I think my favourite is some of the music in XY and ORAS is really, really nice. The general aesthetic of the games is great, though I do find XY a little unpolished, it had real potential - but even so, some of the areas are just lovely, like Laverre City. They stepped it up a lot and made ORAS extremely colourful and rich in little details a lot of places, which was great.
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  14. Nockturne

    Nockturne Well-Known Member

    The worst thing about Gen 2 is to be the weird level scaling, but I agree with the people complaining about Pokemon distribution.

    The best thing about Gen 5 is the introduction of reusable TMs, total game changer
  15. Prof. SALTY

    Prof. SALTY The Scruffy Professor

    Worst part of gen 4 is definitely the slowness. It was super sluggish to do even simple things such as save or run.

    Best part of gen 5... Hmm... Unova had a sleek modern feel that i really loved. The generation as a whole was very clean visually. and Victini was super cute.
  16. GarchompTheAssassin

    GarchompTheAssassin Water starter fan

    Worst thing about gen 4 - slowness of the HP bar, excessive amount of HMs needed in Sinnoh (would prefer not to have to keep Bibarel in my party til the E4)

    Best thing about gen 7 - ride pokemon are handy
  17. Scammel

    Scammel Well-Known Member

    The worst thing about Gen II is that it has Gen II battle mechanics.

    The best thing about Gen IV is that it has Gen IV battle mechanics.
  18. Xuxuba

    Xuxuba Well-Known Member

    Worst part of gen 2: the plot. It really fell flat, even for a pokemon game.

    Best part of gen 7: the totem pokemon. We needed some kind of new challenge and i think the totem pokemon served this purpose really well.
  19. Auraninja

    Auraninja I'm ready to Smash

    Worst thing about Gen III- The water routes weren't that excessive, but they didn't offer that many Pokemon to choose from, apart from underwater.
    Also, batteries suck.

    Best thing about Gen I- The game was a pioneer game, and I love the two plot twists (Giovanni is 8th gym leader, your rival became champion).
  20. Dragalge

    Dragalge Very Eyecatchy

    Gen V: The excessive amount of Team Plasma in some parts like Chargestone Cave in BW1. For Gen IV, the slowness of DP and many many thing about HGSS.

    Gen II: The Japanese aesthetic was pretty awesome. I'm a sucker for that kind of thing and the music really blended well with it.
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