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The WWE Fan Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by klducks, Dec 4, 2004.

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  1. klducks

    klducks Constipation= Fetish

    This is the WWE Fan Club. This is the club for people who are fans of the WWE. Here we discuss latest news, super stars, PPVs, shows, etc...

    To join, just say you want to join. No requirements are needed to join.

    Some other misc. stuff you can say when you join is your favorite wrestler, your favorite move, your favorite match/event, etc...

    Note: you can talk about other wrestling companies as well (TNA, etc)

    Bashing of wrestlers and companies is allowed (Watch out Cena Fans)
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2006
  2. Waterlight

    Waterlight Oceanic Legend

    I'll join cos i love WWE lol. Did Jasmine approve this?
  3. klducks

    klducks Constipation= Fetish

    yes she did, i pmed her yesterday
  4. Waterlight

    Waterlight Oceanic Legend

    jus checking. A bit random but My favourite wrestling move is the Moonsault
  5. Roy Mustang

    Roy Mustang Guest

    I'll join because WWE is cool.
  6. sebas1o1

    sebas1o1 Guest

    WWE rocks, i'll join, my favorite wrestlers are eddie guerrero and rey mysterio, my favorite movesare frog splash and 619, and my favorite kind of matches are cage and over-the-top battle royal matches
  7. SuperGroudon

    SuperGroudon Guest

    I would like to join

    My favorite moves

    Three Amigos vertical suplexes
    The 619
    Frog Splash and Five star frog splash
    Walls of Jericho

    My favorite matches
    Battle royal

    Who do you think will win/retain the WWE championship at Armageddon?
  8. Roy Mustang

    Roy Mustang Guest

    Heh ok to start a discussion what aree the top 5 finishing moves of all time and the worst Finisher of all time.

    Top 5:
    1. Canadian Destroyer (Petey Willams)
    2. Shooting Star Press (Kidman Raven's Flock Version in WCW)
    3. Lodon Calling (Paul London)
    4. Styles Clash (A.J Styles)
    5. RKO (Randy Orton)

    Worst Finisher of all time:
    FU (John Cena)
  9. Double-Edge

    Double-Edge Rising Trainer

    i join, wwe rules, but TNA will be bigger one day

    i see a few marks already, always interesting to see what they say

    favourite wrestlers (not just WWE)

    Steven Richards
    AJ Styles
    AL Snow
    Mick Foley
    Jason Cross
    Billy Kidman
    Perry Saturn
    Dean Malenko
    Eddie Guerrero
    Chris Jericho
    Chris Beniot
    Shelton Benjamin
    Tommy Dreamer
    Matt Hardy

    and many more

    favourite matches

    Undertaker vs. Michaels - HIAC @ Bad Blood 97
    Undertaker vs. Foley - HIAC @ King Of The Ring 98
    Shane 'O' vs. Angle - Street Fight @ King Of The Ring 01
    Edge/Christian vs. Hardy Boyz - Ladder Match @ Unforgiven 99
    Raven vs. AJ Style - Ladder Match for Number One Contendership
  10. SparkMark1

    SparkMark1 Guest

    I'll join.

    My favorite wrestler is Kurt Angle. Heck, he has my favorite theme song too.
    I am not the biggest Triple H fan, but I think the Pedigree finisher is great. I think the Unprettier is pretty (no pun intended) cool too!
  11. .TraX.

    .TraX. Bad and Nationwide

    I'll join this, wrestling is cool.

    The best finishing move in my view is the Pumphandle Drop (Road Dogg did it alot in WCW).

    My 5 favourite Current Wrestlers
    Petey Williams
    Rey Mysterio
    Chris Benoit

    I wish Raven wasn't stuck feuding boring people in NWA (Bar Sabu he's been in really crap feuds) seriously he cuts an awesome promo, he wrestles well, he's not retiring yet, he's over as hell, why isn't he getting the KoW job instead of Macho Man Ringrust Randy Savage who hasn't done a match in about 4 years - yeah I know Raven's a heel but he can do a this is for me, not you kind of thing well.

    Match of this year.. I think Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack at Backlash with no holds barred, what do you guys think?
  12. Chris Benoit Is 4Real

    Chris Benoit Is 4Real A Wrestling God

    can i join please?

    my fav guys are:
    stone cold

    and moves are rko, stunner, crossface, frogsplash, overdrive, sharpshooter, figurefour, and the tombstone piledriver
  13. klducks

    klducks Constipation= Fetish

    wow alot of ppl joined over night =D

    anyways imo the strongest finisher is the powerbomb or last ride

    the weakest has to be the FU or the RKO as the RKO is just a modified bull dog
  14. navel_fluff

    navel_fluff Stone Trainer

    I'll join. As many of you know my favourite wrestler is Val Venis, I also like chilly willy from ECW and that guy who was on tough enough and lied about his age, don't know his name though. Do any of you know the names of Edge and Christians themes and who sings them? They are both amazing.
    I hope Edge wins the title soon. WWE is going to be on uk tv live next year, whoopee!
  15. cartwright

    cartwright Marsh Trainer

    I'm joining!

    I'll join because I like WWE....why not?
    Favourite Wrestlers=Ric Flair,Kurt Angle,Undertaker,Rhyno,RVD,Booker T,Chris Benoit,HBK,Eugene,Regal,Eddie Guerrero,Kidman and I think JBL is a great Heel, people are just fed up with him being champ!
    Favourite moves=Stone Cold Stunner,Angle Slam,Multiple German suplexs',Shooting Star press and five-star Frogsplash!
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2004
  16. klducks

    klducks Constipation= Fetish

    christians new theme song title is "just close your eyes" i dont know who sings it though...
  17. Roy Mustang

    Roy Mustang Guest

    Ummmm are we allowed to talk TNA? because tonight at Turning Point they made multiple skits about Vince and HHH which were hilarious.
  18. klducks

    klducks Constipation= Fetish


    i meant to name the club "the wrestling fan club" but the "WWE fan club" sounded better imo
  19. Roy Mustang

    Roy Mustang Guest

    Oh then tonight's Turning Point was ok then became awesome in one match.

    Their main event was AMW vs. XXX in Six Sides of Steel. It was mayhem as they did the Tower of Doom a sick move where they were all doing different moves to each other at the same time. But the sickest thing their was Elix "Primetime" Skipper doing a hurricarana from the 15 foot high cage. He almost fell but held on and finished the move. The cage match ranks in the top cage matches I have ever seen.

    Oh and the Macho Man beat Jeff Jarett with the weakest punch ever.
  20. SparkMark1

    SparkMark1 Guest

    I think the sitdown powerbomb (especially the way Albert...A train did it) to be one of the coolest looking finishers.
    The worst finisher...The Worm. Heck, I don't even know if this is a finisher because I have never seen Scotty 2 Hotty pin anyone after hitting it.
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