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The WWE Fan Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by klducks, Dec 4, 2004.

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  1. woot21

    woot21 super noob

    *slaps head* Duh! Thanks. Again, they could be considered good or average, again just like Eugene the gimmick hurts them. They are athletic, but man I really hate the gimmick, the gimmick sort of just ruins the entire group. Glad that it looks like they are gonna break up soon.
  2. HWarrior


  3. Y2Gray

    Y2Gray Well-Known Member

    It was the Protobomb, which was a spin-out Powerbomb.

    About Mysterio and Chavo, it wasn't a "Loser Leaves SmackDown!" match, but Mysterio is likely to take some time off now, as he needed knee surgery anyway, and has done since before Mania this year.
  4. Pamizard

    Pamizard Queen of Charizards!

    Man I can't wait for next Smackdown. Seeing Two Wrestlers i totally like, Batista and Cena, go against king BOoker and Big Show. I'm so excited for DX making fun of Edge and Orton again on Raw
  5. On an edition of Five Questions, Cena changes the name of it(I'm still calling it the Protobomb--sounds cooler, and refers to his previous stint in OVW).
  6. Y2Gray

    Y2Gray Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I don't watch Five Questions, but didn't he change it to Killswitch or something like that?
  7. woot21

    woot21 super noob

    Yes I know, he changed it to Protoplex, at least that's what the announcers call it. So what else besides Throwback, Protobomb/plex, F-U, and 5 Knuckle Shuffle was one of his five moves of death? This is something that is just bugging me recently.

    I enjoyed Smackdown last night. LOL at the JBL having no idea who the Backstreet Boys were. I was definitly surprised at the outcome of the "I Quit" match, really expected Chavo to lose and go back to Raw. Glad to see Taker make his second non-pay-per-view appearence in a week (last week raw season premiere).
  8. Pamizard

    Pamizard Queen of Charizards!

    JBL did not know. WHAT AN IDIOT

    Anybody remeber Gangrel?
  9. ground tamer

    ground tamer Hahahahahaha

    Kinda...i really didn't like him.
  10. Huh? There was a question about Cena having any more signature moves(not in a bad light), and he mentions the Protobomb. But he refers to it instead as the Dirty Sanchez, which is most likely some sort of Red Sox reference I don't know. I may love baseball, but I don't watch it on TV.:(
  11. The Ultmate One

    The Ultmate One The Mysteric One

    I love the Undertaker, DX and I hope they both rule RAW and Smackdown

    Long Live the kings!!!!!
  12. For those that ordered BfG tonight, here's a tiny spoiler for one of the entrants for Nash's battle royal...

    [spoil]Zach Gowen. Yes, the one legged kid(I like him, though...). He may have been in TNA before, but I smell an Outsider rat...>_>[/spoil]

    EDIT: Eric keeps his job(Yay!), LAX steals the Tag gold from AJ and Daniels(maldigalo...), Sabin gets the X Title(aw, I was liking Senshi as the champ...), and Stinger captures the NWA Title with a little help from our Olympic Hero.:D Congrats to the new champions(okay, maybe not LAX)...and congrats to Angle since his wife apparantly gave birth between yesterday and now.^_^
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2006
  13. Cloud Strife

    Cloud Strife JElliot

    Wait, they are making Angle a good guy, how does that make sense.
  14. Actually, he knocked out the ref when there was about to be a tie, then let the match continue. And ignore the Joe/Angle face/heel thing. Joe switches sides at a moments notice, so this is nothing new, nya.
  15. Pamizard

    Pamizard Queen of Charizards!

    I might not be able to watch Raw or Smackdown for the next few weeks due to my TV being taking away. Can you guys show spoilers of what happened for me. I'd appreciate it
  16. latino heat

    latino heat Mexican pride

    Why don't you try going to WWE.com
    Also like my sig :D
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2006
  17. klducks

    klducks Constipation= Fetish

    The first 2 pics are awesome.

    Im not a fan of the second pic. It reminds me of the Rey Chavo fued around eddy, which sickens me.
  18. Unless you guys can top me, most amusing part of the night was easily Faarooq's appearance. I forgot he'd become a road agent after he got fired.XD

    ...Of course, I missed the DX segment...-_-;
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2006
  19. Metagross

    Metagross Well-Known Member

    try wwe.com watch the clips.
  20. woot21

    woot21 super noob

    Cena actually did something good last night, he made me laugh saying King Booker has offically lost his place as a black man. Favorite quote of the night though had to be king saying "Edge maybe rated-R, but Lita's rated-E for everybody, I don't know what that means Cena just told me it." LOL. Another good quote, Triple H calling Edge and Orton "the most dynamic duo since Siegfried and Roy".
    The end really didn't surprise me that much. Figured Bischoff would either count three or give Orton a weapon to end the match.
    WTF's with no mention of the tag-team match on Smackdown! this week?
    Seems Cryme Tyme is getting a push, right now, and most likely will be getting a Title Match sometimte soon, probally after Cyber Sunday.
    Speaking of Cyber Sunday, Flair goes for tag-team gold Wooooo!
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