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The WWE Fan Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by klducks, Dec 4, 2004.

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  1. woot21

    woot21 super noob

    Most likely true, though they might, might, have Cena win if the World Heavyweight title is on the line, and have him go to Smackdown and give Batista a title shot, and job to him. Or they might merge Smackdown and Raw rosters back together, and unify the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles. (<pipe dream)
  2. Yeah, because RVD's title win over Cena-chan was such a fluke...jk.:p

    That's what I think too--whoever's title is on the line will retain it, plain and simple, nya.
  3. mastersky303

    mastersky303 The Unstoppable

    hey can i join, i watch wrestling.
  4. Ashkihyena

    Ashkihyena Well-Known Member

    Mama no, Khali in ECW!! *Shoots self* >.>;;; Lets see, I think they're getting rid of the extreme matches, and now this, way to go Vince, way to go.
  5. latino heat

    latino heat Mexican pride

    You gotta be kidding me please teel me your kidding!!! :( :mad:
  6. Ashkihyena

    Ashkihyena Well-Known Member

    I wish that I was, but unfortunly, I'm not, Shannon Moore was in the ring, and who comes out, Divari, and who else comes out. >.>;;; Khali, BOOOO!!!! Shinnagins, I call Shinnagins!
  7. Cloud Strife

    Cloud Strife JElliot

    They were going to have Kane end it at XX, but Glen Jacobs said no, just like Jacobs has REPEATEDLY turned down another World Title run, saying that it is time to let the younger people carry the company. I am sure for a double retirement match, Glen would not object to his character ending Taker's streak. I also don't think he would be agianst winning the WHC from KB after SS since he is retiring.

    Whoever's Title is on the line will win, pretty simple there.
  8. Pamizard

    Pamizard Queen of Charizards!

    Wait Khali"s In Ecw. Is That Really True???
  9. charizardfan

    charizardfan Well-Known Member

    I saw that, I nearly cried...seriously...
  10. Pamizard

    Pamizard Queen of Charizards!

    So Khali is in ECW. YES THATS WHAT I LIKE. No more Dummy
  11. Y2Gray

    Y2Gray Well-Known Member

    At least he's doing something of a bodyguard for Daivari role now, instead of being an active worker. WWE realised that he truly sucks in the ring.
  12. Metagross

    Metagross Well-Known Member

    are you kidding Khali in ECW,sadly it looks like it's the end of the road for Taker and Kane.
    Edit:Sky Sports will air Cyber Sunday and December to Disember in the U.K.
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2006
  13. Pamizard

    Pamizard Queen of Charizards!

    Hey they should make Undertaker go to Raw and go against John Cena, OR they should make him go for the World Heavy Weight Championship again. You know your right, it would have been better if Khali was on Raw instead. They should make him go against Umaga
  14. Metagross

    Metagross Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately Taker will never win a title again,his career is coming to an end,he only works part time,he will retire soon to be with his family,by the way he was my all time favourite wrestler since debuting at 1990 Survivor Series,his lord of darkness character was the best,he competed in the first ever Inferno match,Mankind in a Hell in a Cell match and Buried Alive,casket,Boiler room Brawl,all these gimmick matches were down to his character,there will never be another Undertaker.
  15. Really? You mean Davari's the one wrestling now? AWESOMENESS ON A STICK~!~!:D
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2006
  16. Pamizard

    Pamizard Queen of Charizards!

    HOLY CRAP IS THAT TRUE!!! THEY SAID KHALI STUNK. HA HA HA. Well imaging they siad Orton really stunk

    GUYS Seriously, I can't help sayimg bad stuuf about Orton. Its plaguing my mind
  17. Ashkihyena

    Ashkihyena Well-Known Member

    This coming from someone who said it was a good thing that Khali was in ECW, when its not, and yeah, luckly, only Divari wrestled, though of course, when it was over, Khali still got a move in.

    They really need to fire the guy, he sucks, let Divari wrestle, alone for crying out loud.
  18. Pamizard

    Pamizard Queen of Charizards!

    YOu know I agree with you (even though you're a Randy Orton Fan)
  19. ground tamer

    ground tamer Hahahahahaha

    Lets start a new topic...

    Who do u guys think will be in the December is Dismember Exyreme Elimination chamber match?
  20. Y2Gray

    Y2Gray Well-Known Member

    My guesses are RVD, Big Show, Sabu (already announced), CM Punk, Sandman and Test.
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