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The WWE Fan Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by klducks, Dec 4, 2004.

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  1. Night_Walker

    Night_Walker Well-Known Member

    Heh, sounds right.

    Wow I'm surprised I picked that well, thought I'd get a couple wrong.

    Although... seriously WWE - let Orton beat Cena cleanly!
    Wonder who the 'fan' was.
  2. ground tamer

    ground tamer Hahahahahaha

    I believe I know of the fan. Hopefully creative did this right, and will reveal my prediction tomorrow night. Hopefully this guy is Awesome...

    I'm just glad that they actually let Orton beat Supergorillaman. I was dissapointed with DX winning, but we all knew that they weren't going to lose.
  3. Night_Walker

    Night_Walker Well-Known Member

    Heh, well yeah, that's a good guess. I hope it is, and I hope a reborn program between them will be more even then last time.

    Yeah that's true, although I don't think Orton has ever won a one on one match cleanly against Cena (he's got himself DQed, had Legacy interfere, tonight got DQed and won thanks to interference).

    I'd have preferred to see The Legacy take home a win over DX, but after the attack on DX this last week it would have been a big curve ball.
  4. ground tamer

    ground tamer Hahahahahaha

    Well my prediction for who the mystery fan was, isn't true. It was an educated guess, and I was quite worng. The fan actually has connections to a legacy...

    I just watched the Hardy/Punk TLC match, and my lord did they take a beating. Jeff's swanton bomb off of a ladder about twice the height of the ring was insane. The last "fall" he took off the ladder at the end sounded bad, almost similiar to when Punk Superplex'd Hardy from the top rope onto the ladder.

    Undertaker returned, in a well written manner. I liked the surprised look on Punk's face when he looked down to not find Hardy, who he had been standing over. Nice way to bring Taker back into the mix, as he got a huge pop from the crowd.
  5. woot21

    woot21 super noob

    So what was your guess on who the fan was ground tamer?

    BTW I love how refs ignore who the legal man in a match is for the finish. Such as Vince pinning Randy, when Rhodes was still the legal man.

    woot21 out dawgs
  6. ground tamer

    ground tamer Hahahahahaha

    Well I thought that it could have been The Miz, since he is awesome and what-not. I don't mind them bringing Brett Dibiase into the mix though.

    I guess, since the match was under no dq rules, there was no real reason for a legal man? I was confused by the outcome also, what with a gorilla running rampede towards the end.
  7. Night_Walker

    Night_Walker Well-Known Member

    In the words of Daffy Duck: "I demand to know who wrote this script!"

    Honestly, why does Cena deserve a rematch? He lost the match, that's all there is to it. He wasn't the champion and thus doesn't have a rematch clause... And then to go and add that stipulation for the I Quit match... Seriously, unless you guys wanna surprise us, just give Cena the damn belt now and stop cheapening Orton's title run.

    And the Jeff Hardy thing... No, that was just stupid. It would have made so much more sense, given the storyline so far, to have Punk assault Jeff after winning the TLC match, get chokeslammed by the Undertaker to end the PPV, and simply say on Smackdown! that Jeff was so badly injured by Punk that his doctors won't clear him to compete again for a while.... Gets him off air without putting another lose on his record, is in keeping with Punk's pious self righteous character and gets us into the Punk vs Taker storyline faster.

    Well say hello to the Ziggler IC title-run; Rey has failed the wellness program for the first time, and so I'd look to there being a title match on this coming week's Smackdown! where Ziggler will finally win the belt. Unless they wanna throw a curve-ball and have a multi-man match, with former US champs involved and have say Shelton Benjamin win it (Smackdown! does need a little talent boost).
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2009
  8. ground tamer

    ground tamer Hahahahahaha

    As much as I would like to agree with this, there is nobody else as of right now who I would want in the title picture. Raw hasn't built any of the younger talent up to main event status yet, which leaves us with the option of either Cena, Triple H, or Shawn Michaels as the top contender. HBK was brought back to television by Trips and Legacy, so that leaves Cena as a default.

    This story line, which I correctly called would happen, is a great way to further Punk's heel status. Not only did he beat Jeff in a match that he helped create, but he also sent Jeff "out" of the WWE. It leaves us with no lingering questions about Hardy possible making a run-in to allow Taker to win the title from Punk, or to come back and cost Punk a match. It was a good way to close the door on Hardy, and further open the heel door for Punk.

    I would much rather have a multi-man match between Smackdown! superstars then have another brand's star come over and win the belt. I'm going to predict, that if they go with the multi-man match, that Finlay will walk out the new IC champion. This would then keep the title match on for Breaking Point, with Finlay vs. Dolph Ziggler, where they could then fued over the belt until Mysterio comes back.

    Or, better yet, give the belt to either Matt Hardy or John Morrison. I'd actually rather Matt gain the belt over Morrison, since I feel as though Morrison should stay in the main event picture instead of being brought down to the mid-card level again.
  9. Night_Walker

    Night_Walker Well-Known Member

    There's plenty of young talent ready to be the main event with the man who has been holding up RAW for the last 2-3 years (The Legend Killer) - MVP, Jack Swagger (seriously a face "All American American" come on), Shelton Benjamin (he has the physical and mic skills), John Morrison, Matt Hardy.
    Okay maybe they're not established main-eventers but they could do it, but the company refuses to risk it - so we get stuck AGAIN with Cena as champion!

    I dunno, I understand what you're saying and why it was done but it just doesn't feel right for me - given how Punk was trying to eliminate Jeff by just about beating him into a pulp, and tried to break Matt's neck on Smackdown! last week.

    Well Morrison got it, and it looks like the Breaking Point IC match is off, still I thinkthey missed a chance to get Shelton over to Smackdown - keeping Morrison and Matt at the edge of the main-event, ready to be in #1 contender matches with Punk to see who gets to fight Taker for the belt...
    Well let's face it, Undertaker has never tapped out - if the match stays a submission match I can't see them having Punk make Taker tap. Besides I think the Edge like nature of Punk right now, craving the spotlight and the belt only to keep losing it, works really well.

    Here are my Breaking Point Predictions;

    'I Quit' match for the WWE Championship; 'The Legend Killer' Randy Orton (c) vs John Cena.
    Additional Stipulation; If anyone interferes on Randy Orton's behalf he will lose the WWE Championship.
    As sad as it is the Age of Orton will end on Sunday, even with the added stipulation I cannot envisage Orton leaving with what is rightfully his... Once again the gorilla will be forced on us...

    Submission match for the World Heavyweight Championship; CM Punk (c) vs 'The Phenom' the Undertaker.
    As much as momentum counts for typically I think Taker will leave with the World title given that Taker has never tapped out (so to have Punk make him tap would be putting him over in a HUGE way).

    Submission match for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship; 'The Instant Classic' Christian (c) vs William Regal.
    Hard to tell, as I'm not really watching ECW much. But hesitantly I'd back Christian winning with a Sharpshooter.

    Unified World Tag-Team Championship match; 'Y2J' Chris Jericho & The Big Show (c) vs Montel Vontavious Porter & 'The World's Strongest Man' Mark Henry.
    Why isn't this some form of submission match?
    Anyway, I think Show and Jericho will retain the titles to work the programme a little longer (as working with them will be good for MVP and the rapidly lightening Mark Henry).

    Submissions Count Anywhere Match; D-Generation X ('The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels & 'The Game' Triple H) vs Legacy (Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibaise Jr).
    While it's not as clear as prior to Summerslam I think this'll be another DX win, which I think stinks cause repeatedly losing to DX doesn't do that much for putting Cody & Ted over.

    'The Great' Khali vs Kane in a Singapore Cane match.
    Once again why isn't this a submission match of some kind?
    I must confess as glad as I was happy to see Kane back on TV I almost wish he wasn't cause this feud just hasn't clicked in the way it could have. Er anyway, it's a hard one to call but I'll go with Kane.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2009
  10. ground tamer

    ground tamer Hahahahahaha

    Last edited: Sep 11, 2009
  11. Night_Walker

    Night_Walker Well-Known Member

    *sighs* Well when you live on the edge you sometimes crash and burn, although one would have hoped Jeff had learnt from previous mistakes.

    Having looked again at RAW I have to say that was one impressive promo by Cody Rhodes, maybe we should call him 'The American Career'?
  12. ground tamer

    ground tamer Hahahahahaha

    No. None of these men are seriously ready to step up into the limelight of the WWE and grasp that bronze ring. None of them. Since moving to RAW, neither MVP or Swagger have given us a reason to consider them as "main event material". Every time MVP takes a step in the right direction, he then moves three steps back. Swagger hasn't done much of anything on RAW since his debut on the show.

    Shelton Benjamin is by far one of the best physical beings in the ring. No question about it. He lacks to much mic skills to be taken seriously, thus why he is back on ECW. Once he can prove to creative that he can "talk the talk", he'll move to another show.

    Both Matt Hardy and John Morrison need to stay on Smackdown!. They've been shaped into "main event" contenders and should remain there. Morrison winning the IC title, however, was a great thing for him. He was left without a storyline. He wasn't fueding with anyone, and wasn't in the main event picture. So he took the IC belt when Rey was suspended, and he and Dolph Ziggler will have a decent fued over it sometime soon.

    What bothers me most about this Jeff thing, is how soon it was after he leaves the company. Two weeks, and he is busted for drugs. Not just any drugs mind you, Steroids and Cocaine. It goes to show how immature he is, and how he needs to be watched like 24/7. Yea, he's Jeff Hardy, the Charismatic Enigma, the Rainbow Warrior who lives his life like a rock star.

    Problem is, Rock Stars die from this crap...
  13. Night_Walker

    Night_Walker Well-Known Member

    Is it Swagger's fault that he isn't being used that much?
    He can talk, is a seriously capable wrestler (both in terms of technical abilities and power) and has held a world title (okay the WWE treat the ECW title like mud but it's still recognised as a World title).

    MVP likewise is an awesome talker, and very capable in the ring (that feud with Benoit made him as good as he has become). What's holding him back in my opinion, now that he's no longer in the doghouse for stupid comments, is that the writers aren't doing that much with him.
    And let's face it for months and months he was hanging around the main-event on Smackdown, never won the belt but was good enough to be up there with Batista, Taker, Edge, Jeff.

    I've never felt Shelton lacks the skills with the mic, he can tell a story with the mic (especially ever since he started the "Gold Standard" gimmick). It's just like creative aren't sure how to work him into the main-event and just give up.
    Which is a crying shame because Shelton could be so HUGE that it's not funny.

    Also I think the talking thing is huge over-rated, look at Chris Benoit; he was hugely over with the crowd, and a tremendously talented wrestler he could have held a belt for ages but cause he wasn't much of a talker creative overlooked him.
    Worst comes to worst get said superstar someone to do their talking for them.

    Yeah maybe, but you see what I'm getting at with these two; they're main-events waiting for a chance and place to happen but are being wasted in the mid-card.

    That's certainly true. Sadly there's not much we can do except hope he won't go that way :(
  14. ground tamer

    ground tamer Hahahahahaha

    Well now we have our answer. Damn creative. They reuse the whole screwjob scenerio in Montreal, now bring Batista over to Smackdown!. Seriously? WHAT THE ****?!?!

    Not only does this quickly rip the show from CM Punk and Undertaker, it now makes both Morrison and Hardy back to being mid card guys. Horrible move.

    In other news, Jeff Hardy could face up to 14 years in jail if found guilty of all charges. Way to go rock star...
  15. woot21

    woot21 super noob

    So instead of going with the Straightedge Champion with the Superstar viewed as the punisher of sins, or something close to that, we get the Animal against Punk. Oh, and Cena has the title back. Creative sure is doing a great job.

    As for Jeff Hardy... What has it been? Two weeks? He's out from supervision for two weeks and he's already ****ed up his life? Impressive.

    woot21 out dawgs
  16. Night_Walker

    Night_Walker Well-Known Member

    Hell in the Cell...

    "the Phenom" and "the Legend Killer" regain the championships that are rightfully theirs :)

    Kingson and Morrison keep their belts... ok seriously, what is wrong with having Kofi lose the US title to Swagger or Miz, and moving him to the mainevent cause Orton needs someone new to feud with.

    McIntyre beats R-Truth in his in-ring debut, good good... only I've got no idea what the heck the feud is supposed to be about.

    Show and Jericho keep the Unified Tag Team titles... sure, fine, whatever. Only shouldn't the ref DQ Show anytime he uses a closed fist?

    Mickie keeps the women's title, cool, good for her - but another division that needs a bit of attention to make the matches entertaining for more then just the actual women in them.

    Legacy vs DX... okay seriously if this is the end of the feud then it hasn't done it's job - to put Cody and Ted over as the future of the WWE cause DX has won 2 matches to Legacy's 1. Legacy should have picked up at least two wins against DX after losing the "DX reunites (what again?!) match" and then lost Hell in a Cell to close the feud so that DX gets to keep their 'dignity' as established main-eventers but Legacy gets a pair of big wins to enhance their credibility as the future.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2009
  17. Night_Walker

    Night_Walker Well-Known Member

    *Sighs* Sunday everything is put right with the WWE title, Monday the Orton fans' celebrations of the belt's return to its rightful owner and the better wrestler are brought to a crashing halt with the virtual announcement of the end of Randy's 6th title run and the knowledge that while Cena's champion Orton can't get the belt back...

    Why is the name of everything that's good and holy in the wrestling industry does creative HAVE to have Cena as champion?!
  18. woot21

    woot21 super noob

    There is some speculation that since Smackdown!'s contract is ending soon that they will move Cena to Smackdown! to create more ratings. Plus Kofi lost the US title, so I doubt he'll just float aimlessly in the mid-card. So don't think they are handing the title back to Cena just yet.

    woot21 out dawgs
  19. Night_Walker

    Night_Walker Well-Known Member

    I'd like to believe that but Cena has run over so many main-eventers to keep the title (JBL, Jericho, Angle, Edge, Triple H, etc).

    And the last time Cena faced a match with the same stipulations (Cena vs Edge, TLC, Unforgiven) Cena won it.And the stipulations are slightly more against Cena then Orton - Orton loses he doesn't get a rematch or (presumably) a title match again while Cena's champ, Cena loses he doesn't get a rematch and has to leave RAW.

    So until/unless I hear "Here is your winner, and STILL WWE champion Randy Orton!" at Bragging Rights I'm going to go under the relatively safe assumption creative plans to feed the Legend Killer to Cena one last time to prove Cena is the best.
    Which sucks cause Orton has been the man holding RAW up for a lot of the last 3-4 years (when the bigger names were down with injuries).
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2009
  20. the jman

    the jman Ak47 I choose you!

    I would like to join.

    I LOVE ray mystyrio, that little mexican dude kicks some serious ***..
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