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The Wynaut Ep Rewrite - One Shot (Contestshipping)


The Queen
XD Yeah, the Wynaut Ep, or more formally, Wynaut's Mirage Island, completely rewritten to make Contestshippers squeal. XP Rated PG and started as a Contestship thread topic, in celebration for the Wynaut ep dub release coming in February (how ironic X3), I present to you the Wynaut Ep Rewrite - without the Wynauts! (somewhat).
***Be forwarned as some parts of the original are completely cut, as well as some speaking cues which aren't addressed. Though I tried to make it follow the sequence of events in the original, that's all it does. Mind you, I watched the episode IN JAPANESE as I wrote thism while having no knowledge of the language at all. -_-;;;;
Also note, I named the old dude Toshi, meaning "mirror image" in Japanese. I don't know what his real name is...and quite frankly if you tell me, I'm not gonna change it. XP
Okay, that's about it:
Rewrite the Wynaut Ep!

It was a bright and sunny afternoon as Ash found himself standing atop a great rock formation on a secluded island beach. The waves crashed against the shore as the sun beams hit everything in their path. He let out loud yell, almost challenging the waves. They crashed upon his rock just as he finished.

“Hey, Ash, what are you doing?” Brock called out from behind him.

Brock, Max, and May sat quietly on the beach, watching Ash. Ash turned around to see his friend, and gave a wide grin.

“Just psyching myself out for the up coming Hoenn league!” he shouted, excited.

The gang smiled, back.

“Hey, May, are you ready for your tournament? The Grand Festival?” Max asked his sister.

The girl smiled warmly at her brother, “Of course! I can’t believe it! Just one more ribbon and then I get to participate in the Grand Festival! Eeee! I’m so excited!”

Her voice got higher with each passing word. Max and Brock enjoyed their friends’ excitement. The Grand Festival and the Hoenn League were the two big events they all had been waiting for, and finally, they were right around the corner.
Ash turned back to the sea, Pikachu on his shoulder, just as determined as its trainer.

“You ready, Pikachu? We’re gonna kick some butt,” Ash murmured to the electric mouse.

Something off to his right caught his eye on the far off cliff. He looked to see it was Drew, striding on a similar cliff as his, with his Masquerain hovering right behind him.

“Drew?” May murmured.

She hadn’t expected to see him anywhere outside a contest hall, let alone on an island such as this one. Coincidently, neither did anyone else.

“Huh? Drew? What’s he doing here?” Max asked to no one in particular.

Drew stood, appearing to be oblivious of their presence. A wave began to form off shore, and then transformed itself into a large swell that came tumbling toward Drew and Masquerain with great force.

Brock yelled out, “Hey! Watch out!”

Drew paid no attention to the warning however.

Then, in the blink of an eye, he yelled out, “Masquerain! Silver Wind!”

At that moment, the bug obeyed its owner, and shot a steady tube of silvery wind that tore through the wave and stopped it in its tracks. The wave then settled down, almost now in command of Drew as well, and sprinkled water droplets all around as sparkly confetti. The four travelers sat silent, with their mouths gaping in astonishment.

“Hey! Drew!” Ash ran up to the green haired boy, just as excited as if he were running up to a good old friend.

Drew walked down from his post and over to the group as they joined Ash.

“That was a pretty awesome attack,” Ash remarked.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Drew told them, “I’m just getting ready for the Grand Festival.”

“Really? Me too!” May chimed in, excited to hear that both she and Drew were going to be in the same competition.

“Really, May?” Drew starts, “How many ribbons do you have now?”

May puts on a cheery smile, as she almost bursts with excitement to show Drew how well she’d done without him around. Maybe now, she thought, he’d be the one impressed. Unfortunately for May, her plans never go the way she wants them to.
She unzipped her back pack and pulled out her ribbon case. As quickly as she could, she opened it up to reveal four pretty ribbons; one from Fallarbor, one from Verdanturf, one from Lilycove, and one from Izabe.

“Ta-da!” May shouted happily as she showed them off to her rival.

He only smirked and closed his eyes, as if disappointed in her, yet enjoying it all the same.

“Always one step behind, huh, May?” Drew began.

“Huh?” May was almost heartbroken.

Her plan had fallen flat.

“Here, look,” he said to her as he whipped out his own ribbon case.

The silver case sparkled as he opened it to show off his five ribbons. May’s face fell flat, astonished he already had the five ribbons he needed to get into the festival.

“Ya know, the Grand Festival is only a month and a half away,” he began to pin her, “Any coordinator who doesn’t already have five ribbons isn’t considered to be all that great.”

May’s face turned red as she was embarrassed about her current rank. She then hid her green ribbon case behind her, disappointed in herself, but not showing it.

“Well, I still have one more to go,” May said, trying to make it sound like it wasn’t that much of a deal.

“If you can still make it,” Drew sneered.

“I so can!” May shouted in his face, “And I’ll prove it to you, Drew!”

“Really? Then how about a Pokemon battle?” Drew challenged.

May got right up into his face, “You’re on!”

In an instant, May and Drew were face to face in a Pokemon battle. Beautifly hovered over May’s head, as did Masquerain to Drew on the opposite side. Ash stood off to the side, playing referee as Brock and Max sat on a dark, brown log on the beach.

“Go!” Ash shouted to start the battle.

“Let’s go Beautifly! Use Silver Wind!” May called out to her butterfly.

Beautifly put on its game face, and flapped its wings hard. A Silver Wind emerged from those wings, toward Masquerain.

Drew wasn’t too concerned as he said to his Pokemon, “Stop that Silver Wind.”

Masquerain did as it was told, and flew up through the eye of the Silver Wind tornado Beautifly had created, and snapped it in two like a weak twig. Max and Brock sitting on the side lines looked up at Masquerain as it let out a pleasured, little cry.

“Wow, that’s powerful,” Brock commented.

“Get in there, May!” Max cried out to his sister, who hadn’t made a move.

Drew wasn’t about to wait for May, though.

He shouted, “Masquerain! Use your own Silver Wind!”

Masquerain let out its own, tubular Silver Wind at Beautifly.

“Dodge it!” May called out.

Beautifly avoided the Silver Wind as it flew right above it. When the attack was over, Beautifly sunk down in the air, showing it hadn’t been hit.

“Good job, May,” Brock commented from the side lines.

Just as the next round was about to begin, a giant, mechanical Magikarp popped up from the sea and landed on shore.

“Prepare for trouble!” came Team Rocket’s motto in Jessie’s voice.

She, Meowth and James emerged from atop the Magikarp’s head.

“And make it double!” James chimed in.

“Ha! That’s right!” Meowth ended it.

The group stopped what they were doing to focus on the trio. All were confused and surprised.

“Team Rocket!” Ash shouted out their identity.

The three dropped back into their sub, cheerfully, as if they would win this time.

“To protect the world from devastation!” Jessie sang happily as plopped back into her control seat.

“To unite all peoples within our nation!” James chimed along.

“And suck up Pikachu with all our might!” Meowth sang along, as he pushed a button in front of him.

Suddenly, the Magikarp sub began to suck in air, causing everyone to hold onto something to refrain from being sucked in. Unfortunately for Pikachu, it was too light in weight, and was sucked into the vacuum. Beautifly and Masquerain were sucked up as well.

“Beautifly!” May called out.

“Masquerain!” Drew shouted.

Eventually, the vacuum was too powerful, and everyone was sucked into the sub. They flew through the air, Ash first, then Drew and May, and finally Brock and Max.

“What? This can’t be!” Jessie shouted, horrified.

The wall of the in-sub pen began to burst. Its sides ripped open and it crashed into Jessie’s face. Everyone was all over the floor, trying their best to recover from the trauma. Pikachu sat atop the wall that had caved in, now making contact with Jessie’s face. James was squished in between Jessie, Meowth, and May, as Beautifly sat in between Jessie and James. Meowth was right behind James on the peddler of the sub, under May. Brock sat with his face to the ground and his bottom straight up in the air where Masquerain had landed. Max was behind them. Ash sat on his head, up side down, with Drew next to him in the opposite position. Just when it couldn’t get any more crowded, Wobbuffet popped out of its Pokeball to shout its name.

“Ah!” Max shouted, startled, and ran backwards away from the blue blob.

He flailed backward, and bumped into a button on the wall of the sub.

“That can’t be good,” Max murmured.

Meowth shrieked, “Dat’s tuh activate da jets for our get away!”

From outside, the Magikarp bounced and about faced. It released two jets, on either side of its back side. Blue light bursted out of them and forced the sub back into the water. As it sped along, the Team Rocket trio did its best to halt the speeding sub with no prevail.

“Return Beautifly!” “Return Masquerain!” May and Drew said at the same time as they held up their Pokeballs and returned their bug Pokemon who were hovering in the sub cavity.

“We can’t stop!” Jessie shrieked.

The sub continued to speed along, with no hope of stopping. It began to get rough as the sub hit a whirlpool. Unable to take much more pressure, the sub exploded and everyone went flying. In the distance, they landed upon an isolated island, blanketed by mist and unknown to the world.

The members of Team Rocket grumbled as they awoke from their fall.

“Ah! Another failed plan,” Jessie complained.

She was lying on top of James who was on Meowth. James picked his head up.

“At least we lived again,” James said freshly.

“Wait, something’s missing!” Jessie cried as she got up frantically.

“What is it?” Meowth asked as the trio separated.

“Wo-buffet!” James said as an imitation of the annoying Pokemon.

His face had transformed to even look like said Pokemon. Jessie’s eyes became watery.

“My poor Wobbuffet! Out on this deserted island,” she said as she began to put her face in her hands, “It’s so useless it could never defend itself.”

She regained control of herself rather quickly though.

“Alright, let’s go find it!” she ordered with a fist in the air.

“But where are we to start, Jess?” James asked.

“Wo-buffet!” Meowth impersonated.

“Alright, we got through that, and Team Rocket’s gone,” Ash said to the group.

Only he, Brock, Max, and Pikachu were present, with no sign of May or Drew.

“Yeah, but two people are missing,” Brock pointed out.

“Yeah, I’m guessing May is with Drew,” Max said.

“Pika,” Pikachu added.

Ash formulated a plan.

“Ok, then we have to go look for them. This way,” he said.

The group ran into the forest as fast as they could. They all hoped they’d find their friends soon.

Meanwhile, May and Drew loitered on a misty shore. The waves were rough, and the sky had been swallowed by fog. Whirlpools whirled right off shore. May sat on a large boulder while Drew stood next to her, just beyond the incoming waves.

“I guess the others are on this island, too,” Drew said as pieces of the Magikarp sub bobbed in the water.

“Do you think we’ll find them?” May asked.

“Possibly,” he said, “If there aren’t any nearby islands they could have landed on.”

“Oh, I hope we find them,” May said in a drifting voice.

They both looked up as they noticed something in the distance speeding towards them. It was a blue and white motorboat, piloted by an old man with straggly, gray hair. He wore baggy, brown capris, with a baggy, green, long sleeved shirt with an orange cape wrapped around his neck. He had a few whiskers to the sides of his face.

“Ahoy!” he shouted to them.

He docked his boat next to a boulder right off shore and came up the beach to greet them.

“Hello, there, I saw you were stranded on the Mirage Island,” he said to them.

“The Mirage Island?” May asked.

She had never heard of such a place.

“Yes, it’s called that because it’s surrounded by whirlpools and a thick fog,” he explained to her.

Drew perked up with the news in an excited manner.

“Really? We’re on Mirage Island? Ha, no way,” he commented.

“What are you so happy about?” May asked.

“Mirage Island is the only place the rare Liechi berry grows,” Drew explained to her, as if she knew what he was talking about.

May was still clueless.

“The Liechi berry?” she asked.

“It makes the best PokeBlocks,” Drew explained further, “but I wouldn’t expect someone with only four ribbons to know about it.”

“Hey! Ribbons have nothing to do with it!” May shouted in his face.

Drew peaked an eyebrow, making it evident he knew she was wrong, yet again. May’s fists were balled up.

“Sure it does,” he said, “Why do you think you only have four ribbons?”

May’s face blew up and she muttered, “Because I haven’t gotten to the other contest yet?”

The old man guffawed at his young company’s bickering.

“I see you two are both Pokemon coordinators,” the old man said, “Just like I was.”

“Really? You were a Pokemon coordinator?” May asked, interested.

She leaned in to hear his output.

“Yes, but that was a very long time ago,” he said, “The name’s Toshi.”

“That’s so amazing, my name’s May,” May said, excited.

“And I’m Drew,” Drew said, introducing himself.

“Nice to meet you both. I’ll help you navigate through the forest,” he said to them, “It’s awfully thick and dangerous.”

Meanwhile, Ash, Brock, Max, and Pikachu walked along a dirt path through the forest. The lush green plants were repetitive, as each bit of the forest looked the same. Tall trees blocked out some light from above. Below on the ground, Brock groaned as he watched his compass go haywire. It was spinning in all different directions, making it useless.

“Ah, this compass isn’t working at all,” Brock told the group.

They heard Swellow caw off in the distance as it came toward them.

“Swellow,” Ash called to it, “Did you find May?”

“Swell,” Swellow said, meaning no.

“This could take some time,” Brock said, “The forest is thick and we don’t know how big this island is.”

Max’s head sunk at that news. He was worried about his sister.

“What if we never find her?” Max asked quietly, morbidly.

“Don’t say that Max,” Ash said, trying to cheer up his youngest companion, “We’ll find her. She’s probably with Drew.”

“We should probably try another tactic at finding them,” Brock suggested.

“Right,” Ash agreed, “Come out, Corphish!”

“Come on out, Mudkip,” Brock called.

They both threw their Pokeballs to the ground to reveal their Pokemon.

“Cor Cor!” Corphish cried.

“Mudkip Mud!” Mudkip said happily.

“We need you guy’s help,” Ash told the two water types, “May is missing. See if you can sense where she is.”

Mudkip and Corphish nodded in agreement, and split up for the job. Corphish looked around near some dark green bushes. Mudkip went ahead on the path and sniffed the ground. At that very moment, they both got a lock and they pointed further down the path; Corphish with its claw; Mudkip with its fin.

Meanwhile, Toshi led May and Drew through the forest. It was thick where they were, and the trees blocked out sunlight. Bushes lined their path. May walked alongside Drew behind Toshi, with her hands up to her face making a small screen in front of her left eye.

“Welcome back to May’s expedition! Here we see May, lost on Mirage Island with her rival, now on a quest to find her friends.” May said to no one in particular, with no other purpose than to amuse herself.

Unexpected, Drew was also amused, as he found it incredibly cute.

“May, you’re not a reporter,” he told her flatly.

“We are currently being led through the thickening forest by non other than Mr. Toshi, the forest ranger!” May continued, ignoring Drew’s remark.

“I’m not the forest ranger,” Toshi told them, “Though I do spend a lot of time here.”

May’s hand rubbed her chin in thought. She then spread a smile across her face.

“Well, then you’re a very nice person,” she said, “Maybe they should make you an official ranger.”

“Heh,” Toshi giggled, amused by the idea, “Yes, that would be nice.”

He looked up to the canopy above, dreamily.

“Surprised they haven’t done it already,” he stated.

“Wobbuffet!” the members of Team Rocket called out to their blue companion.

Jessie ran ahead of them.

“Wobbuffet!” she called, tears forming at the corners of her eyes, “Wobbuffet!”

She then snapped out of it and put her hands to her hips.

“Where is that blob, anyway?” she asked sternly, becoming annoyed.

“Wy, wy!” cried a little blue Pokemon.

“What was that?” asked James.

Suddenly, a small Wynaut bounced right behind the bushes. Jessie and James got excited, thinking it was Wobbuffet and they scurried after it. Meowth stayed behind with a confused look on his face.

“I hope dose two realize dat’s a Wynaut, not Wobbuffet,” he muttered.

Meanwhile, May, Drew, and Toshi had come to a river with a fast current. The water darted past, as if it had an important event it had to get to. Large boulders sitting in its way were slapped by the rapid current. The three looked down at the river as it sliced through the canyon.

“Mr. Toshi, how did you first find Mirage Island?” May asked.

“Yeah, if it’s the Mirage Island, how did you get here?” Drew asked with the same curiosity.

Toshi was delighted that they had asked. He turned away from them and looked to the bright, blue sky, trying to recapture the memory.

“When I was younger,” he started, “I was on my motor boat on my way to this island on my search for the Liechi Berry during a grave storm. I had heard that they only grow on one island. Well, during my expedition, a giant wave had risen, and crashed into my boat. I was carried away by the waves, almost drowning. I had washed up on this island’s very shore. The next thing I knew I was in a cave full of the Liechi berries I was looking for,” Toshi finished.

“That’s a great story,” Drew commented.

May added, “What a happy ending!”

Drew then looked away, towards the small canyon. He spotted something and ran towards it.

“Hey, look at this,” he said.

“Drew!” May called, “What are you talking about?”

Drew stopped at the edge of the cliff and pointed down to a twig that hung just below them presenting berries.

“See? It’s the Liechi berry!” Drew told May.

Her face brightened as she realized the rare berries had finally been found.

“This is great,” May said, “Now we just have to get them.”

Toshi called out, “The ground is a little unstable. Be careful!”

Just as his voice reached their ears, the ground beneath Drew’s feet collapsed. May and Drew fell to the river quickly.

“Bellsprout! Use Vine Whip to help!” Toshi called out.

The grass Pokemon instantly sent a thin, light green vine down towards the falling children. It appeared right in front of May’s face and she grabbed it immediately.

“Drew!” May called out to him.

She extended her arm out for him to take. She caught him and for a second, they were saved. Unfortunately, Bellsprout’s vine wasn’t enough, and it slipped right through May’s fingertips. They resumed their fall and landed in the river.
It carried them away quickly. It was hard to keep their heads above water, and every now and then, they’d gulp down river water in an attempt to gasp for air. Toshi ran alongside, powerless to save them.

“Try swimming to the edge,” he suggested, “Quickly before you reach the waterfall!”

The shock of his last word made both May and Drew freeze as they felt the current get stronger. The loud roar of the waterfall ahead struck fear through them both. The current was much too powerful, and neither one of them could do anything but brace themselves for the drop.
A hundred feet or so they fell, into the river below. They were shoved underwater by the great force of the falling water. At the surface, May poked her head up, gasping for breath. Drew floated on the surface, completely knocked out. May swam frantically over to him, extremely concerned.

“Drew!” May shouted, trying to wake him up with no success.

She clutched him tightly close to her, doing her best to keep his head above the water. A small wave crashed into her and dunked them both underwater. May popped up from underneath, still holding onto Drew. She was dunked under again, then came back up as she and Drew were conducted down the river by the strength of the current around a bend.

“If we don’t get out of this soon, we might drown,” May muttered as water splashed up against her.

In the distance, something caught her eye. It was a low tree branch, hanging just in arm’s reach from the river tide. May looked to either side of her for some sort of platform where they’d be able to rest. Fortunately, a small ledge jutted out from the cliff near the branch, where the tree the branch was attached to was located.

“Bulbasaur, help me and use Vine Whip!” May shouted as she threw the Pokeball to the ledge before she got to the branch.

The Pokeball bounced off the ledge and presented Bulbasaur. As Bulbasaur extended its vines toward May and Drew, May latched onto the branch and held on for dear life. Bulbasaur’s vines made their way around Drew’s body. It picked him up and brought him to the ledge and set him down gently. Next was May, as Bulbasaur performed the same rescue mission.
Once May got on the ledge, she returned Bulbasaur and tended to Drew. He was still breathing lightly, as if he had slept through the whole thing, completely oblivious to the fact that both of them were almost killed. May smiled softly as she watched him dream. She was just happy they were both safe.
May looked around for some sort of shelter. She looked up to find a cave, not too far up from where she was. The cliff was worn and not too steep. Little footprints in the mud indicated that some Pokemon came down regularly for a drink through that route.

Ash, Brock, Max, and Pikachu stood at the bottom of the waterfall looking around anxiously for their lost friends.

“May!” Ash called out.

“Where are you?” Max shouted.

“Hey, Drew!” Brock yelled, but there was no answer to any of their yelps.

Max’s head tilted down, worrisome.

“They’re not here,” he said silently.

Ash listened, feeling bad for the poor little kid.

“Hey!” Toshi yelled from the cliff side.

The group turned to face him. He was climbing a rope down the waterfall. After he had successfully gotten down, Toshi told the group all about May and Drew and what happened to them.

“What?” Ash shrieked, “They fell down the waterfall?”

“Really?” Max shrieked as well.

Toshi’s face was shrouded in shadow. He looked down in shame. His fists were to his side, trembling.

“Yes,” he said, “I couldn’t save them.”

“They most likely survived it, though,” Brock said, “They must have been carried by the river downstream.”

They all looked further down the river, knowing they’d have to follow it to find May and Drew.

It was getting late quickly. The sky was painted a blend of orange, yellow, pink, and purple as the sun descended through the sky to meet the earth. Shadowed vegetation hid the horizon behind it. Inside a cave close by the rushing waters of the river, May sat by Drew’s side as he continued to sleep.

“Drew,” she murmured, fearing his condition was worse than it appeared.

He seemed so peaceful, though. His face was completely relaxed, and it seemed as though he was simply faking it.

“You know I could have let you drown,” she said, trying to be tough in front of herself, “but I didn’t.”

She looked back at him. There was no witty comment, no teasing, no response.

“And I think you would have done the same for me,” she thought about it.

She thought about the last time they had been in a contest together. She realized how long ago it was. All the way back in Rubellow town where all those fans had cluttered around him, anxious just to be near him. And for what? Only after the ribbon had been given to him did she realize how strong he was. During the whole thing she had denied any kind of complement Savannah had bestowed on him, knowing he wasn’t the best thing since sliced bread. Everyone else thought so, though. They loved him and found him to not only be a great coordinator, but something great to look at as well. May’s eyes scanned his body and his face. She looked away instantly, red smeared all over her face. She wasn’t about to agree with them, no matter how right they may be.
She got off that topic in her mind and thought about her contests she entered alone. But she wasn't she always alone? Drew was competition after all, or was he different from them? It was like a school field trip, where you need to have a partner with you at all times. It was lonely when you think you’ll be going about something with your partner, only to find he didn’t show up. And then you’re alone.
Even though May had Kelly the first one she had to go alone in, in Lilycove, she was completely alone in the Izabe contest. All she had was Harley, who ended up being the big bad wolf to her Little Red Riding Hood. Where was her strong hunter to save her from the wolf? He hadn’t been there, and luckily she had gotten through okay by herself, but it wasn’t as great a success. Even though she tried not to let it show, the moment Harley turned into that wolf, she had missed Drew excessively. At least he had never deceived her.
She looked back to Drew, and to her astonishment, he hadn’t awoken from the busy, noisy thoughts in her head. He just slept so calm, wrapped in a dream, like a movie she so desperately wanted to see.
She had missed the teasing, call it crazy. It just made a contest complete, she thought.
Unconsciously, she leaned in. Her face was so close to his, that when he exhaled, she could feel the air brush by her face like a soft blanket. With complete harmony between them, May leaned in closer until finally her lips reached his. She didn’t know why, but she just wanted to know what it was like. A shiver ran into her chest has she felt his soft lips upon hers. As exhilarating as it was, she let go and backed up to her place, red spreading across her face yet again. Drew stirred in his sleep and May’s heart stopped. Did he know? His pretty, emerald eyes opened and focused on May. She smiled, though her heart was pounding as she figured he knew all about what she had just done.

But, to her good fortune, the first thing out of his mouth was, “How long have I been out?”

May sighed, relieved.

“Not long,” she answered, “Only a couple hours.”

“A couple hours? Woah!” Drew shouted.

May giggled.

“Well, how did we get out of the river?” he asked, curious about what had happened since the waterfall.

“Oh,” May started, “I used Bulbasaur to help us out of the water. This cave is right near the river.”

Just outside, the rushing water of the river could be heard and thick beams of sunlight flooded the cave opening. Drew calmed down, with no further questions.

Night had fallen, and the Team Rocket trio lay sprawled out on the ground in the middle of the forest. They all looked extremely whipped out.

“We’ve been looking for Wobbuffet all day,” Jessie complained.

“And not a single trace of it was ever found,” James added.

“Yeah, let’s just lay back and pick up where we left off in the morning,” Meowth suggested as he lied on his stomach in between Jessie and James.

“Wobbuffet!” Wobbuffet called out in the distance.

The trio perked up to the voice. It was coming from their left. They sprung up and leaped toward the voice to try and find it.
Low and behold, Wobbuffet, as well as a large grouping of Wynaut, were enjoying themselves by the river’s cliffs.

“Wobbuffet!” Jessie scolded, “You know we’ve been looking for you all day, right?”

Wobbuffet just saluted to her with a “Wob-buh-fet!”

“Why do I even bother?” Jessie grumbled as she buried part of her face in her hand.

“Hey, Jess, take look at those Pokemon,” James pointed to the Pokemon.

He was talking about the Wynaut. They didn’t seem to notice or care of Team Rocket’s presence.

“Those are rare Wynaut!” Meowth announced, “We can sell some of dem and then give some of 'em to da boss!”

“What would the boss want with a smaller version of Wobbuffet?” James asked, crushing Meowth’s hopes.

Meowth pondered for second and then said, “Tah party!”

“What?” Jessie didn’t think she heard him right.

“Yeah! Tink of da boss, so bored and miserable because o’ his minions always screwin’ up,” Meowth formulated a story as he went on, “Then, he’ll see dese happy Wynaut right in front of ‘em. They’ll take off dat stress by givin’ ‘em da freedom ta party and have a good time! And then he’ll say, “Tanks tuh Meowth n' his pals I feel like a kid again. Promotions to all tree of dem!”

“Oooooooo!” Jessie and James squealed.

“What are we waitin’ for?” Meowth shouted to them.

They sneaked away from the Wynaut, who were still completely oblivious to their fate.

May and Drew sat inside there cave, watching the stars twinkle. Outside, tiny voices could be heard over the river’s waters tumbling. They got louder as they approached. Curiosity striking her, May got up.

“What are those sounds?” she asked as she made her way out of the cave.

Drew followed her. Outside, Wynauts played together, as they moved from one tree to the next, rubbing against them.

“Aw, they are really cute,” May commented.

“Those are Wynaut,” Drew told her.

May flipped open her Pokedex to see what they were in depth.

“Wynaut, the Bright Pokemon,” the Pokedex informed, “Wynaut will gather on moonlit nights by squeezing up against each other. By being squeezed, this Pokemon builds up endurance for high powered counter attacks.”

“Cool,” May commented as the Pokedex finished.

May and Drew watched as the little Wynaut rubbed up against each other, having fun while doing so. Off in the distance, a big, blue balloon the shape of Wobbuffet could be seen looming ever closer to the group of Wynaut. Suddenly, a large vacuum, like the one from that morning, emerged from the balloon and began to suck the Wynaut into a large, orange bag beneath the balloon basket Team Rocket was in.

“Team Rocket!” May yelled out.

“We’re taking dese Wynaut for da boss and some profit!” Meowth shouted to them.

“Eh, figures,” May said as the air around them jolted up into the mouth of the vacuum.

One by one, the Wynaut were consumed by the vacuum, as well as multitudes of Liechi berries. The vacuum engulfed the last Wynaut, and before Team Rocket could shut it off, it sucked up May.

“Huh?” Team Rocket said as they noticed what had happened.

“We sucked up the twerpette,” James said to his comrades.

“Well, let’s get out of here before the reoccurring twerp tries to get us,” Jessie said and propelled the balloon away as it sucked the island dry of Wynaut and Liechi berries.

“May!” Drew called out, letting her know he would follow.

Team Rocket’s balloon soared through the sky at a quickening rate. They flew over a high cliff, where Drew stopped running. There was virtually no way down. He looked frantically for a route that wouldn’t kill him. He saw, to his right, a bunch of boulders that presented a giant’s staircase down. He ran towards it and jumped down each boulder. May would be saved.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket continued their work. More and more Wynaut were being sucked up. Near the balloon on a tree branch, May hung by a thick rope. She her arms were tied down and her hands were tied together, yet she still yelled at the trio of bad guys.

“You’ll never get away with this!” she yelled, but it was no use.

Team Rocket took it upon themselves to let her know she was powerless. Meowth extended toward her, dragging the bottom eye lid of his left eye at her.

“Too late, we already did!” he said nastily.

May’s head sunk. Where was Drew? Was he going to leave her to the wolves again?

“This looks like the end of May’s expedition,” she mumbled sadly.

“May!” she heard Drew’s voice whisper to her.

She looked down and saw him standing there.

“Drew! You came!” May cried joyously.

“What’s this?” Jessie shouted.

They had stopped the vacuum. May turned to them shocked.

“There will be no saving, unless you wanna fight for her,” Jessie continued.

Drew gritted his teeth.

Meanwhile, Toshi and his group of rescuers found the cave May and Drew had stayed in. By the looks of the ground, which was littered with Wynaut tracks and May and Drew’s footprints, they had been there not too long ago.

“Where do you think they went?” Ash asked Toshi.

“Look, all the tracks disappear except this one,” Max pointed out.

“Yeah, but who’s footprints are those?” Ash asked.

They weren’t May’s, he knew for a fact.

“They must be Drew’s,” Brock said, “They continue into the forest that way.”

Brock pointed into the dark forest.

“Looks like he was running,” Max said, as he noticed the footprints were spaced far apart.

They all looked towards the shadowy forest, as the rescue mission continued.

“Go, Seviper!” Jessie called out her black snake.

“Burdrdrdrd!” Seviper cried as it was released from its Pokeball.

“Go Roselia!” Drew called out his flower maiden Pokemon for defense against the snake.

“Rro rree!” Roselia said.

“Seviper! Use Poison Tail!” Jessie cried out.

The snake did as it was told and launched a Poison Tail attack on the rose Pokemon. Roselia jumped out of the way as the attack smashed into the ground.

“Roselia! Use Magical Leaf!” Drew called out.

“Rro!” the rose Pokemon cried out as it pointed its rose hand at Seviper and spewed white, glowing leaves at it.

Seviper was thrown back by the force of the attack.

“Roselia! Use Petal Dance!” Drew called out.

Team Rocket shrieked.

“Wobbuffet, use Counter,” Jessie ordered, shoving Wobbuffet in front of her.

“Wobbuh!” Wobbuffet replied.

With a closer look, Team Rocket discovered that Roselia was not even facing them.

“Hahahahaha! Looks like ya missed ya mark!” Meowth laughed.

Drew flipped his hair and said, “Yeah, okay.”

Roselia’s Petal Dance whipped around a tree trunk and cut up May’s binds, setting her free. May landed next to Drew.

“Thanks, Drew,” May thanked him.

“Ah, we’re losing it!” Jessie shouted from the balloon, “Seviper, use Poison Tail!”

Seviper quickly approached, head first at them. Just then, a jolt of electricity lit up the forest and hit Seviper, throwing it back at Team Rocket once more.

“What was that?” James asked, fearing the worst.

“May!” her friends called to her as they ran to her rescue, Toshi right behind them.

“Guys!” May called back, happy to see them.

“Team Rocket, you’re not getting away this time,” Ash shouted to them.

“Oh yeah? Go, Dustox!” Jessie yelled.

“Come on out, Cacnea!” James called out his cactus Pokemon.

Dustox emerged, and floated elegantly in the sky, awaiting its direction. Cacnea, on the other hand, grabbed James and hugged him tight.

“Not me! Them! Get them!” James called out.

Dustox let out a Poison Sting. With all the commotion, it was time to drag another Pokemon into the fight.

“Masquerain, use Silver Wind!” Drew threw his Pokeball.

Masquerain emerged as it flew up and used its tubular Silver Wind, which knocked the Poison quills down, making them useless.

“Cacnea! Pin Missile!” James called out.

Cacnea launched the attack, which looked very much like Dustox’s Poison Sting.

“Psybeam, Dustox!” Jessie called to her moth Pokemon.

May released Beautifly from its Pokeball as the two attacks came ever closer. The Psybeam fazed into the Poison Sting, making them reactive.

“Beautifly!” May called to her butterfly.

“Masquerain!” Drew shouted to his water fly.

“Use Silver Wind now!” they both shouted in unison.

The bugs worked together to formulate a combined Silver Wind tornado. The two attacks fizzled the on coming attacks and knocked Team Rocket’s stash of Wynaut to the ground. The little blue Pokemon bounced out of the compartment. The combined Silver Wind twirled Team Rocket around and then sent them flying into oblivion.

“We’re blasting off again!” they cried as they sailed away faster than a shooting star.

As the sun emerged from the horizon, May happily shouted for their victory.

“Yes! We won!” she roared with excitement.

The Wynauts jumped up and down with happiness. The Pokemon were safe and the Liechi berries, though stripped off their branches, were not in the evil clutches of Team Rocket.

“Hm, those two make an excellent team,” Toshi muttered to himself.

After getting everything together, Toshi offered the youngsters a ride off Mirage Island. As they sped towards the neighboring island, May told her friends all about what happened. Well, almost everything, that is.

“Thank you so much again for saving all of the Wynaut and the Liechi berries,” Toshi said happily.

“No problem,” Drew said.

“Glad we could help,” May said with a soft smile.

“And so, as thanks, I present to you, both, this,” Toshi said as he handed May a basket full of Liechi berries.

“Wow! Thank you!” May exclaimed, “Here Drew, take some.”

“Nah, that’s all right,” Drew said, “You’re the one who needs them the most. Better hurry for that fifth ribbon.”

“Oh, don’t you worry your little head,” May said, winking at him, “Next time you see me, it'll be at the Grand Festival!”

“Yeah, let’s hope, for your sake,” Drew commented.

“May’ll make it in,” Max said.

“Yep, there’s still one contest in Pacifidlog,” Brock said.

“Then let’s get on our way to Pacifidlog for May’s final ribbon!” Ash said.

“Thanks you guys,” May said, cheery.

As the motor boat sped through the calming waters of the ocean, May made a decision in her head to remain the only one who knew the whole story of what happened on Mirage Island. Who knows? Perhaps someday, she’d tell Drew.
^^ And that's it. ...February get here already! XO
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That was totally awesome, Ama. It would have been so cute if that could happen, as I reading it, I could almost see it happening. Haruka giving Shuu a kiss was very brilliant, again that was awesome.
now this is how the Wynaut epi should be like...... brilliant and fabulous Encyclopika.
the kiss = too fabulous
I felt like I was watching the Wynaut epi again but some edits were added :D
Liked the whole thing. Hated nothing.

Mimori Kiryu

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Encyclopika......I <3 you....

This is definately how the Wynaut Episode should be! The kiss was fantastic! I've never seen the episode before but I saw all of this in my head like an episode~ Awesome!!! I loved it all and would change NOTHING!!!

10/10 my friend =D


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Dearie me...this is stunningly amazingly fantasticly wonderfully done! I saw some romance potential parts, but I am more than satisfied. A couple of places had weird description or less, like when Seviper used Poison Tail.

You rock. 8D


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Very interesting version indeed, Ama. I must say it was a good way to give May and Drew's relationship a good boost.


OMG! This's so romantic and kawaii!
The kiss is so sweet! :D
I like this re-written version better than the original one in some way..:p
Your writing skill continue to impress me..You're very talented, Ama..^^
Yea, I can't wait to watch the English version of the Wynaut episode soon too...*is excited*


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*takes WindyNight's banner and paste it for the title page* This should be a book. =D

Or at least the way the Wynaut epie should be. ^^

*hugs* ZOMG~ You did a TERRIFIC job on this one-shot! I was practically drooling over the hints you added lol.

Funny how when May kissed Drew, I thought of Cinderella. o_O; Yah, I'm weird.

Overall 10/10. ^__^ *gives 5 stars also* All perfect. =)


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That was so cool! May kissed Drew *squeals* so cute! You should write a rewrite of the Grande Festival eppies that would be so cool as well.


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XD What a small world. xsweet peax asked that I do that online. I said no...the GF was satisfyingly shippy enough. ^_-


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XD yeah, I have to admit, the GF was indeed shippy..but who knows, it wouldn't hurt to be SHIPPIER! Heh, but too much could make one gag so I guess it was a good thing that Ama said 'no' ^^.

Anyway, that was awesome Ama! Just what I wanted. It had the perfect amount of shippiness. I was thinking that you would have made it so fluffy but you didn't.

I just LOVE the little kiss that May secretely gave. And it's only for her to know. It's too bad Drew doesn't know though. I was thinking this was gonna happen at the end.....


"'As the motor boat sped through the calming waters of the ocean, May made a decision in her head to remain the only one who knew the whole story of what happened on Mirage Island. Who knows? Perhaps someday, she’d tell Drew.' Or maybe she doesn't need to...

While the group looked at the Mirage Island for the last time, Drew stared up at the blue sky with a soft smile on his face as he touched his lips affectionately...

Heh, XD yeah... Anyway, this was great. It really should have been the Wynaut episode.
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