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The XBLA Castle Crashers Thread


The Sandstorm Slayer
Castle Crashers
Players: 1-4. One Console or through XBOX Live.

Modes of Play:

"Castle Crashers"-Story Mode. Castle Crashers plays alot like your typical arcade beat'em up, with an RPG twist. This twist being you can level up characters, giving them access to new spells and combos, as well as unlocking many new characters to play through the story with. Use "Classic RPG" items such as bows, potions, and bombs. Each character in the game is assigned and designed after a certain "Element" of magic, with each "Element" having its advantages and disadvantages. Find and use over 30 weapons throughout your journey! And after a weapon is found you simply visit your local Blacksmith and you can access it at any time! And one play through is never enough for the true "Level-grinding" enthusiast, with "INSANE MODE" available after completing the game with any character.

"Arena"-- Duke it out with up to 4 people on one console or over Xbox Live with games like Death Match which are all available in Ranked and Unranked "Player" Matches. Level up your characters in story mode and battle it out!

"All You Can Quaff"--- Have a button mash fest with up to 4 people on a console or over Xbox Live. Pretty simple. No depth.


This Topic is to discuss this game, and anything pertaining to it. Find people to battle, adventure with, and help out here as well.

If you want to play with someone simply put up a post saying which type of game mode and your XBL name, ask for a PM if anyone is interested as to not clog up the thread , and edit your post when and if you find someone. All posting rules for the forums apply.

>>>If your request is for an adventuring partner or for help if youre stuck, please specify.

>>>If its an arena match and you are only willing to battle people that are on your level, say so.



I will fill this area in if this thread becomes popular enough.


The Sandstorm Slayer
BTW... anyone whose interested... im always down for an arena match!
XBL: STUD420420