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The Xiaolin Showdown Club

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Misty's Kyogre

This club has been approved by Strider.

Welcome to the Xiaolin Showdown Club. I, Misty's Kyogre (Aka Kyogre2005), will be your host. You are now free to move about the country.


Misty's Kyogre [Dashi]

Frozen Inferno
baton of winds

Claiming Boss:


Magi of all
Octillery [Octi]
Dark Mew 486
baton of winds
Silver Ryu
Red-Eyes Rider
aocom v2
Cool Trainer Terry

To join, PM me or a co-owner.

Claiming info is further down the thread at Zikachu's post.

Home improvement never ends.

And if you would like tp be a Co-owner, just ask! I'm only taking two at max though.
If you would like to be one, please be active. While I am gone you will have authority over the major part of the club.
Xiaolin Showdown. More for your dollar.
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You're cool.
Nincompoops! You have to PM her to join! READ THE FREAKING POST SHE MADE. And I do believe she hasn't been on lately, but I sent a PM and are waiting patiently DO THE SAME!

Misty's Kyogre

I'm a him. Ehehehehehe... But Octillery, you're in.

Wind Waker

Now that's Effulgent
topic: favourite showdown looks
even though all the episodes up to the E+RUksha episode have aired in OZ may favourite is the kimiko versus sabeeny look, the water geysers were cool
go wind


You're cool.
I like Omi's look at the end of the 2nd season, you know, when he turns evil.

Wasn't that because of the Yinyang Yoyo? Soory, I havn't watched Showdown in a while.. I always sleep through it

BTW, you can choose ANY SGW, even if it says what it does right in the thread!

So you get one free? Cool! Uhh... I have a tough decision x.x TO THE THINKMOBLIE!

I'm a him. Ehehehehehe... But Octillery, you're in.
IM SO SORRY! X.x I feel like crap now.
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Misty's Kyogre

I like the first showdown... I like all the first stuff...

Wind Waker

Now that's Effulgent
favourite SGW
orb of tornami sword of the storm star hanabi, longhi kite wings of tinab, reversing mirror, seprents tail i sapphire dragon and the mantis flip coin, ultimante favourite though the SOTS
(sworsd of the storm again!) and every flying one too
favourite episodes them all!
but the two funniest go to the flacon's eye and sapphire dragon eps, may i quote
"BIG NOISE!!!!!!!!!" "weehehehe hi omi"
and when dojo breathes the ultimante fire breath and it just bursts through the other dragons
quote from the ST ep the xiaolins score against the heyllins Wuya: "defense, defesne!
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I Claim Kimiko!! HA!!! Back off! Clay sucks! Raimundo is cool!

Favorite Episode... Dont know...

SGW: Reversing mirror, Eye of Dashi, Longi Kite, Wings on Tanabi, Sword of the storm, Third Arm Sash, Tangle Web Comb, Orb of Tornami, Lunar Locket, Heart of Jong, Mantis Flip Coin, Silver Mataray, Two Ton Tunic, Fist Of tebigong, Serpants Tail, Sapphire Dragon, Shroud Of shadows, Helmet Of Jong.

I cant remember any others off the top of my Head. Post More amd I can update the list....

Misty's Kyogre

Octillery, that was for something I was planning to do... Sorry.
Salamence123, please PM me to sign up.

Fav SGW...
Reversing Mirror, Ring of Nine Dragons, Shard of Lightning, Orb of Tornami, Star of Hanabi, Sword of the Storm, Ruby of Ramses, Sphere of Yun.

Here's every SGW so far:
First two seasons.

Mantis Flip Coin - a coin that can allows you to do jumps & flips
Two Ton Tunic - a tunic that can turn into a heavy metalic shield that deflects anything that hits it
Eye of Dashi - a pendant that shoots lightning, also generates unlimited power for machines (Used with Raimundo's Wind element)
Fist of Tebigong - metal gauntlet that can crack the earth(Used with Clay's Earth element)
Third Arm Sash - a waist sash that functions as a third arm(Used with Clay's Earth element)
Monkey Staff - staff that turns user into a monkey being also gives appearance, agility & balance
Jetbootsu - boots that allow wearer to defy gravity
Tangle Web Comb - a comb that shoots out strings from the teeth and binds the target, requires absolute focus or strings binds the holder
Golden Tiger Claws - a golden claw that allows user to teleport anywhere
Changing Chopsticks - chopsticks that shrink the user to the size of a grain of rice
Sword of the Storm - sword that controls the wind and makes tornados, when combined with the Eye of Dashi the holder will be unstoppable(Used with Raimundo's Wind element)
Shroud of Shadows - invisibility cloak
Helmet of Jong - a helmet allows the wearer to see what is behind him or her
Ring of the Nine Dragons - a ring that can split the wearer into up to nine beings (the more beings, the less intelligent the people are)
Falcon's Eye - a eye allows the wearer to see through objects, spot fast moving ones, or see in the dark
Sapphire Dragon - a dragon that can turn the opponent into sapphire... and every other living being in the process, very dangerous
Serpent's Tail - miniature dragon's tail that lets the user travel through solid objects.
Orb of Tornami - a crystal ball that has a small mouth that can release an entire flood worth of water, or shoot ice if you are a Xiaolin Apprentice(Used with Omi's Water/Ice elements)
Star of Hanabi - a brooch that shoots fire(Used with Kimiko's Fire element)
Lotus Twister - flower that elongate's the user's limbs
Longi Kite - a kite allows the wearer to soar in the sky
Tongue of Saiping - tongue that allows the user to talk with animals.
Sun Chi Lantern - lantern can combine other people's chi to make the user stronger and to use their abilities
Heart of Jong - heart that can bring inanimate objects to life
Reversing Mirror - a hand mirror that reverses the power of any other Shen Gong Wu, for example, using the Changing Chopsticks in combination with the Reversing Mirror cause the target to grow instead of shrink. Also can be used to reflect attacks
Shard of Lightning - Allows the user to freeze time, move at the speed of light for the length of a flash of lightning
Silver Manta Ray - a fast jet/submarine
Crystal Glasses - can allow the wearer to see into the future
Wushu Helmet - helmet that can deflect anything that hits it
Wings of Tinabi - wings that allow the user to fly & leave a rainbow trail
Glove of Jisaku - a glove that allows you to magnet shen-gong-wu
Tunnel Armadillo - a metalic armadillo that digs tunnels
Juju Flytrap - a flowery plant that shoots bees
Silk Spinner - a gun that shoots sticky spiderwebs (like Spiderman)
Sands of Time - hourglass that allows users to travel back and forth in time
Sweet Baby among us- a gold baby statue that attacks enemies with magic diapers
Ruby of Ramses - ruby that lets users move things telekinetically
Thorn of Thunderbolt - a dagger that shoots thunderbolts
Mind Reader Conch - a conch that allows listener to read minds of those around them
Shadow of Fear - falcon statue allows the user to enter another person's dreams and bring to life that person's worst fear
Crouching Cougar - a jungle exploration vechicle
Lasso Boa-Boa - a lasso used to trap enemies
Monsoon Sandals - sandals that can strech the wearer's legs over vast distances
Mosiac Scale - a puzzle box used to give Sabeeny power when combined with the Monarch Wings
Monarch Wings - a butterfly Shen Gong Wu used to give Sabeeny power when combined with The Mosiac Scale
Lunar Locket - a necklace that allows user to control the phases of the moon
Emperor Scorpion - a scorpion bracelet that allows the user to control Mala Mala Jong.
Sphere of Yun - allows to release a fog to trap the enemy, and take his or her possesions
Gills of Hamachi - allows the wearer to breathe underwater
Black Beetle - makes the wearer resistent to heat
Zing-Zom Bone - an item that turns others into mindless zombies under the command of the bone's holder
Fountain of Hui - provides user with unlimited, although random, knowledge
Eagle Scope - an eagle-shaped binocular, it acts just like the average telescpoe, but when paired with the Fountain of Hui, the user can solve the mysteries of the universe, and possibly to get rid of evil forever.
Moonstone Locust - a small hoop that releases a swarm of stone locusts that can be used to defeat the Heylin Plant
Wushan Geyser - A helmet that allows the wearer to erase its enemy's memory.
Shen-gong-Roo - A giant ground exploration vehicle that takes the user wherever they want like a kangaroo
Woozy Shooter - A gun that shoots out a purple mist that causes the enemy to act goofy
Manchurian Muska - Turns the user into a fly and gives them an increased craving for sugar
Golden Finger - a glove that makes your opponent unable to move for a few seconds
Hidoku Mouse - Allows a user to undo a previous mistake that he or she has made
Yin Yo-Yo - Creates a portal to the Yin-Yang world that will cause the user to leave their good chi if not used with the Yang Yo-Yo
Yang Yo-Yo - Creates a portal to the Yin-Yang world that will cause the user to leave their evil chi if not used with the Yin Yo-Yo

Disclaimer: I didn't make this myself, I got it from an online encyclopedia.

See this and more at my Xiaolin Showdown Forum. (clicky)


Cascade Trainer
My fav episode is probably...the one with the Basketball Showdown.

Fav SGW: Golden Tiger Claws, Thorn of Thunderbolt, Silk Spinner, Ju-ju Fly Trap, Longi Kite, Tangle Web Comb and Third-Arm Sash.

Wind Waker

Now that's Effulgent
forgot about thron of the thunder bolt and ruby of ramses, if we are claiming stuff, i take either ramindo 1st prefernce, or jack, dojo, sapphire dragon
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Cascade Trainer
We're claiming stuff? I claim Omi and the Golden Tiger Claws!

Wind Waker

Now that's Effulgent
It is good to know that in the new episodes we see more shen gon wu used to make it more intersting, PS i think i share a (real life) name with somewhere here, let me see, may edit about that later!


i wonder what the golden tiger claws would do if someone used the reversing mirror
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