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The Yojen region


I stay noided
I think people were scared off by my long wall of text last time so I'll keep this thread concise.

This is the Yojen region that I developed years ago (numbered reference map here). It's based off the Mediterranean area of Europe (15 is a volcano, 13 is based off Spain, lots of islands). 1 is the starting town. 10 and 8 are on cliffs, 8 overlooking a desert. 14's island is a ridge. There's more, if you really want to know.


I stay noided
-16 is the Elite 4
-There's a cave on the way to 13
-The Safari Zone is on the side-area below 6, on a terraced cliff.
-17 is the battle frontier.
-You pass through a quarry to get to 3.
-Rock smash is required for the quarry and is obtained at 2.
-5 has a dark type gym and is always mysteriously shrouded in darkness.
-Before you get Surf, there's a ferry east of 4 to take you to 5.
-The island on this route is similar to Mirage Island but is always visible.
-Lots of diving zones on the way to 16.
-The lake west of 9 houses the underground lair of the villain team.
-11 and 12 are seaside counterparts.
-10 is your general edge-of-the-earth town, sorta like Anville but more important.
-8 is the highest point on the map.
-Aaaaand that's about it.


not bad
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...what? Tons of people make Fakemon. They're fake. So long as he doesn't sel them for profit, he should be good.