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TheAwesome128's 5th Gen Shop!


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Reedeming my Pokepoints

Hi, we never ended up completing the trade for me to redeem my pokepoints a while back. I was wondering if you were free sometime today or tomorrow to trade. I still wanted to redeem my 40 pokepoints for your flawless larvesta, flawless darumaka, flawless archen, and flawless bagon. Please PM me so we can set up a time when we can trade.


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theawesome128 said:
current/future events:
please don't pm about trades! Please!!!!

I'll be gone form 7/22/11-8/22/10 sorry!


please note: I may be on, but i cannot trade, i cannot connect to wfc....

argh! No one reads!
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Johto champ
Dude i would love to have your flawless shroomish, modest togepi and charmander

I have to offer: flawless shiny ev'd adamnt scrafty to offer, i think its the jap event one
flawless adamant gyrados ev'd
flawless adamant rampardos ev'd
flawless adamant metagross


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@RedJemFlash90 flawless adamant metagross sounds good ;)

@lurnizoo i don't think i have a shiny whismur/ralts, what are you offering?

@Geekycat what else you you have?

Bump ;)


Johto champ
ok, that for togepi sound good?Or can i get 3-5 shinies according to your ratio? the metagross is shiny btw i can trade now if youd like
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Lelouch Lamperouge
I need that Nidoran lonely nidoran female. check my shop for what you want in return


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@redJemFlash you can choose whatever you want. And what Togepi?

@Nephos what nidorian female?

Please say like shiny [pokemon] or DW [pokemon] or whatever.


Johto champ
my flawless shiny adsmant metagross for your

UT lvl 1. shiny modest togepi
UT lvl 1 shiny modest charmander
and your adamant flawless lvl 1 shiny shroomish


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I can get you a shiny Flawless Jolly Flygon. In return I want this:
UT Lvl: 100 Hardy TRU Arceus ( FLAWLESS, REDIS)


Epic Trainer
Interested in your Shiny, UT, Lvl. 1, Modest Squirtle and Shiny, UT, Lvl. 1, Modest Togepi

Offering Shiny, UT, Lvl. 1, Adamant Larvitar (Flawless)
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The Nightmare Begins
FC: 0261 1014 3848
Number(1-10): 4
Pokemon for giveaway: Movie Victini
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Pokepoints Redemption

Hello. I see that you're back to replying to people's posts and offers on your trade thread so I assume you are back and able to trade. I'd still like to redeem my pokepoints if possible. Please PM about when you are free to trade. I should be free and able to trade for the next several days.

Total PokePoints(before spending): 40
Pokemon I Wish To Purchase: UT Lvl: 1 Jolly Draumaka (Knows: Endure, Focus Punch, Sleep Talk, And Yawn, FLAWLESS!), UT Lvl: 1 Adamant Bagon (FLAWLESS, Knows Dragon Dance and Hydro Pump, REDIS), UT Lvl: 25 Jolly Archen (FLAWLESS, REDIS), AND UT Lvl: 1 Timid Larvesta (REDIS/u])
Total PokePoints (after spending): 0