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TheAwesome128's 5th Gen Shop!

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by TheAwesome128, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. pagongster55

    pagongster55 New Member

    Ready to trade now

    I am back in town and I should be able to trade you to get my pokepoints redeemed when you are available. Again here's what I want. Note that if possible I'd like to get that adamant flawless shroomish instead of the archen that I previously requested. I hope that isn't a problem. Please PM me when you are available to trade.

    Total PokePoints(before spending): 40
    Pokemon I Wish To Purchase: UT Lvl: 1 Jolly Draumaka (Knows: Endure, Focus Punch, Sleep Talk, And Yawn, FLAWLESS!), UT Lvl: 1 Adamant Bagon (FLAWLESS, Knows Dragon Dance and Hydro Pump, REDIS), UT Lvl: 1 Timid Larvesta (REDIS/u]), and UT Lvl: 1 Adamant Shroomish (FLAWLESS, Knows Absorb and Seed Bomb, REDIS)
    Total PokePoints (after spending): 0
  2. Colonello1

    Colonello1 New Member

    Do you trade items too?
  3. Shiny Resh

    Shiny Resh Flare

    Do you have Pokécheck? If so, can you so show me your OT MAT flawless Trapinch's page?
    I am very interested in that :D
  4. Dillosaur

    Dillosaur Member

    anyone got an axew shiny male brave moldbreaker w nightslash and Able to be named

    Tyraxe .....anyone whos willing vm me
  5. MaxTheAzn

    MaxTheAzn I'm Asian soo.....

    CMT me for latios and trapinch
  6. Sasaii

    Sasaii :3

    Hai TheAwesome128!
    Please CMT for the following:

    Pokemon are worth 5 PokePoints:

    UT Lvl: 1 Modest Togepi (Knows Fire Blast)

    Pokemon are worth 20 PokePoints:

    UT Lvl: 5 Timid Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi
  7. cburns11

    cburns11 New Member

    FC: 1334 8912 7645
    Number(1-10): 7
  8. -Unicorno-

    -Unicorno- Think Magical!

    I'd be willing to trade you a JPN flawless shiny ditto for your flawless timid larvesta if you were to clone the ditto for me.
  9. Br4veh34rt

    Br4veh34rt Member

    looking for dw abra caterpie natu

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