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TheAwesome128's 5th Gen Shop!


New Member
Ready to trade now

I am back in town and I should be able to trade you to get my pokepoints redeemed when you are available. Again here's what I want. Note that if possible I'd like to get that adamant flawless shroomish instead of the archen that I previously requested. I hope that isn't a problem. Please PM me when you are available to trade.

Total PokePoints(before spending): 40
Pokemon I Wish To Purchase: UT Lvl: 1 Jolly Draumaka (Knows: Endure, Focus Punch, Sleep Talk, And Yawn, FLAWLESS!), UT Lvl: 1 Adamant Bagon (FLAWLESS, Knows Dragon Dance and Hydro Pump, REDIS), UT Lvl: 1 Timid Larvesta (REDIS/u]), and UT Lvl: 1 Adamant Shroomish (FLAWLESS, Knows Absorb and Seed Bomb, REDIS)
Total PokePoints (after spending): 0


anyone got an axew shiny male brave moldbreaker w nightslash and Able to be named

Tyraxe .....anyone whos willing vm me
Hai TheAwesome128!
Please CMT for the following:

Pokemon are worth 5 PokePoints:

UT Lvl: 1 Modest Togepi (Knows Fire Blast)

Pokemon are worth 20 PokePoints:

UT Lvl: 5 Timid Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi


Think Magical!
I'd be willing to trade you a JPN flawless shiny ditto for your flawless timid larvesta if you were to clone the ditto for me.
looking for dw abra caterpie natu