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Their love is eternal


*Misty is writing a letter to ash*It says"Thinking about you wherever I go your always on my mind.I`ll be waiting for you."Tracey:Hi Misty whos the letter for?*looking very confused**Misty blushes*Misty:someone special.Tracey:anyways Ash called his mom hes coming for a visit today.Misty:Yay!Go tell everyone! Tracey:Okey dokey!*everyone is waiting for him Ash sneaks behind Misty hugs her*Ash:Hi Misty!Misty:Ash hi *gives him the letter*Here its a present!Close your eyes I wanna take you somewhere special.*they arrived at sunset near a river*Misty:read the letter.*Ash reads the letter*Misty:All of it is true I come here everyday waiting.Ash:For who?Misty:You its always been you.When I met May I ways jealous I tried looking beautiful but she looked better.You spend more time with her we both know it.You`d pick her over me thats why I left then came back different.It turns out you always loved me.Our love is eternal.Ash:Your right.*Their lips got closer and they kissed*End of chapter1*I helped my friend make a Ash&Misty music video called Misty or May?Hope you enjoyed this and the music video