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Theme team ideas for White 2

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So I restarted my White 2 since I transferred all the old pokemons to X; I'm choosing Snivy.

What kind of theme team I can make with Snivy's line it? I know some people have made 'regal' and 'serpentine' team. So far, I thought of Serpentine and Regal theme, but I see other people have done those before. A friend gave an idea of of an Assassin team but I'm not sure...

There's a matter of Roxie if I choose to make the first 3 theme I mentioned since I would need Magnemite if I ever hope to beat her :p


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.....yeah, what Nulava said.

Closing this one, feel free to make a new thread once you have at least 3 Pokemon with some form of moveset, like what the rules says :)
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