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[Theory] Were Z and Delta Emerald planned for Gen 6?

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Sorry for the delayed answer again. I've been too busy recently. You can even see in my recent activity that I barely posted much on Serebii at all.

Anyway, I have been thinking recently, if an anniversary collection comes next year, is it possible that we get Pokémon Z? With Kingdom Hearts, the secret ending of Birth by Sleep Final Mix teased a BBS sequel, explicitly writing "Birth by Sleep -Volume Two-" on the screen (video). Then, the game got cancelled, repurposed into KH3's prologue, and then finally split from KH3 during development into a small game as part of the KH2.8 collection. I wonder if it's possible for the same thing to happen with Pokémon with Z materializing in a collection.

I would believe the Battle Bond was meant as an anime-only substitute for Mega Evolution if they hadn’t turned right back around and suspiciously had Ash-Greninja assets ready to awkwardly place in Alola, a region where Greninja means nothing and where Mega Evolution means very little.

I can’t think of anything that would suggest that they adapted an anime-only mechanic back into the games exclusively for a region where neither the Pokémon nor the mechanic has any real significance. The history of the core titles features the barest minimum of adaptation exclusively from the anime back to the games and I have difficulty believing they created a model, stats, and a game mechanic - all things that require valuable development resources - exclusively to advertise anime episodes that were no longer current by the time Sun and Moon were released.
I originally planned to answer with something that can be summed up to "muh Pikachu in a cap", but since then I found out that Ash-Greninja being created for the anime was confirmed in an interview.

*Yajima wanted to make the bond between Satoshi and Gekkouga a major part of the story, but felt it would be difficult to do so if it had to remain a Gekkouga, so he went to Game Freak, and they came up with the idea of a synchro transformation. It was put in Sun/Moon afterwards, but was created during this discussion between anime staff and GF.
You may have to ask Dephender for a link to the interview, because the original doesn't have it.

I never got that impression from the Ultimate Weapon while I was playing X and Y. While it is capable of both mass destruction and reviving the dead, it never seemed like it was either one or the other depending on the version.
It's not. The Ultimate Weapon has both abilities at the same in both games, and that doesn't make sense when it's being powered by only Xerneas or only Yveltal. That's why I don't think the plan was to pull an USUM with XY.


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delta emerald now I wished it happened imagine 2d and 3d graphics options with battle frontier emerald is one of the best pokemon games I was a teen when it came out who knows it might come to switch one of the best games I've played since frlg and pokemon diamond oras was crap


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Pokemon Z was absolutely planned but cancelled. Much to the harming of the franchise.

But we aren't getting another Kalos game until the remakes.


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Gen 6 is the most robbed Generation.
I'll be on my deathbed and I'll still be mad about no Z. Unless a miracle happens and Gen 10 brings about an excellent Kalos remake (it won't) I'll die mad about how shafted Kalos was.


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Let's not bump up super old threads. This one was bumped after not being posted in for 1 year. Thanks.
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